Butcher Block Kitchen Island for small kitchen

A kitchen island is usually considered one of the luxuries that can only be afforded by a huge country-style kitchen in a large house, but in an ever-increasing design and convenience conscious world, designers have created solutions for those of us with smaller kitchens, even apartment sized kitchens where a small kitchen island will give you more space then you could have imagined.

Hardware and furniture stores are perfect for finding ready-made kitchen islands, like wine carts or even a butcher’s cart. Those fit very well into a smaller kitchen area. You can also take the route of re-purposing other kinds of furniture, like a bookshelf, desk, or vintage crates, in order to create your own, ultra unique kitchen island solution.

Obviously, the most important thing to consider is the actual space you have, so be sure to measure everything, including how much space will be between the island you choose and the walls and counters in your kitchen. You need to be able to move around in your kitchen, so choosing something too big will only create more of an inconvenience. Also make sure that the height of the island is very close to the height of your counters.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island for small kitchen

butcher block kitchen island ideas



Modern Rustic Living Room

It may be easier than you imagine to create a decor that is warm, inviting, simplistic and slightly sophisticated using elements from two seemingly opposite decorating styles. Rustic-modern apartment decor ideas involve a combination of complementary colors, textures and design elements.

Earth-tone colors that are often found in rustic decors attractively complement the stainless steel appliances typically used in a modern kitchen. Including a wooden table with a simplistic design featuring defined edges paired with armless chairs or possibly wooden benches would be ideal for a modern apartment.

Industrial Pendant Light

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A Closer Look at Designer Arne Jacobsen

arne jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen, an architect and designer from Denmark, was recognized for his contributions to the architectural Functionalism discipline. In addition, his simple, but very effective chair designs achieved success worldwide.

Jacobsen endured a considerable level of public opposition for his innovative, avant-garde style. However, eventually his talents were acknowledged so that he was commissioned to build one of Copenhagen’s most famous and historic structures, the Stelling House on Gammeltorv. Although the rather modernistic style could be considered restrained by later standards, it became a model of historical building after much protest during the time. In fact, one local newspaper printed a story citing that wrote Jacobsen should be banned from architecture for eternity.

Born on February 11, 1902 to middle-class Jewish parents in Copenhagen, he first aspired to be a painter. However, his father dissuaded him, encouraging architecture as a more secure career. Jacobsen was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Architecture School after a short stint as an apprentice mason. From 1924 to 1927 leading designers and architects, Kaj Gottlob and Kay Fisker served as his instructors.

While at the Academy, he became influenced by Le Corbusier’s L’Esprit Nouveau pavilion’s innovative esthetic. He also discovered Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius’ rationalist architecture in Germany. These designs influenced his early work, such as his art gallery graduation project, for which he won him a gold medal.

After completion of architecture school, Jacobsen began work at Poul Holsoe’s architectural firm. In 1930, he set up an office where he set about designing every detail of the functionalist inspired Rothenborg House.

His design of Århus City Hall with Erik Moller won a competition, however, it was so controversial that it was considered too anti-monumental and modern. As a result, a tower and marble cladding was added, to consist of three volumes. Regardless, it is considered one of his most influential designs.

Before he died on March 24, 1971, he was recognized for his work with the following accolades:

*In 1925, as a student, he won a silver medal for chair design from the Paris Art Deco Exposition.

*His art gallery graduation project at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Architecture School in 1927 won an award.

*In 1929, he won a Danish Architect’s Association award for the “House of the Future,” designed with Flemming Lassen.

*From the Gentofte Municipality, for a seaside resort complex design in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen, he won a competition in 1930.

*In 1931 he and Erik Moller won a competition designing Århus City Hall, considered a controversial structure.

When Arne Jacobsen passed away in 1971 unexpectedly, there were several large projects in process. The projects were completed by Dissing and Weitling and included a revamped town hall for Mainz, Germany, a project for London’s Royal Danish Embassy and one for the Danish National Bank.

Offi Perf Boxes

offi perf boxes

These Offi Perf Boxes are the perfect solution to your storage problem. Finely crafted, these Offi Perf Boxes are stackable and rotate independently with no need for hardware because they are held in place by gravity. How cool is that? Their sleek and simple design make them a superb compliment to your contemporary décor. Whether you use the Offi Perf Boxes as a creative storage solution or as an attractive centerpiece, the perf boxes are sure to elicit attention and appreciation in any fashion.

Offi Angora Pet Lamp

offi angora pet lamp

This charming Offi Angora Pet Lamp will easily become a focal point of any room. Featuring a non-toxic molded plastic construction, this endearing pet lamp is brought to life by a low voltage replaceable bulb and bathes the room in soft light. If you have been searching for a night light for your little one or interested in a neat unique accent piece for yourself, the Offi Angora Pet Lamp is the ideal choice.

atmosphere color changing bowl

I am in love with this. It’s like having seven great bowls in one. This awesome Atmosphere Color Changing Bowl will add a touch of color to your home and provide a soothing atmosphere. The Atmosphere Color Changing Bowl has an innovative design that allows you to control and define the color of the light to your liking or you can be easy breezy and put it on random. With seven different combinations of light, you can find the color to perfectly match your mood. Feel free to put candy, fruits or food in this great bowl, because it cleans easily in the dishwasher.

Simple Shoes Biodegradable Footwear

simple shoes biodegradable footwear

Simple shoes have taken a great step towards creating products that do less harm on the planet. With great foresight, they have created a line of biodegradable shoes that will break down to dirt in a landfill in 20 years. In addition to caring about the future of our earth, these shoes are made from sustainable materials including hemp uppers, recycled car tire bottoms, organic cotton linings, recycled plastic bottles and foot beds, and water based glues. Hopefully we will see more manufacturers take a similar approach.

The 2010 shoe line of Simple Shoes will include their first collection of biodegradable footwear. The outsoles and midsoles break down to dirt in a landfill in 20 years.

Plus they are made from sustainable materials including hemp uppers, recycled car tire bottoms, organic cotton linings, recycled plastic bottles and foot beds, and water based glues.

Simple Shoes developed EcoPure which is a pellet mixture containing tiny microbes. These microbes begin to eat away at the compounds that hold the materials together until what is left is dirt. It is Ecopure that is added to the midsoles and outsoles…

Wall Clock

wall clock

I have a thing for old looking clocks and I love grandfather clocks. While this isn’t quite a grandfather clock, I’d say it’s a distant cousin. This beautiful wall clock features an arched bonnet and lower door moulding. It’s gold tones accent the door glass and a stunning polished brass pendulum keeps time in style. The wall clock is also finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers and it plays Westminster or Ave Maria chimes. Total volume control and automatic nighttime chime shutoff mode will keep everyone happy and have you adoring this gorgeous clock for years to come.

LED Chandelier

led chandelier

What an innovative idea. The classic, timeless chandelier is updated in this LED Chandelier from designer Chris Collicott. Chris Collicott has a varied background in graphic, interior and decorative design, and has been featured in many design books and magazines. Many of Chris’s designs are collectors items and collected by universities and museums worldwide. The LED Chandelier is also compliant with Energy Star requirements.

Pure Professional Leather Upholstery Care

pure professional leather upholstery care

If you have leather furniture, you know that you’ll want to keep it looking brand new. You can do that with Pure Leather care products. Pure offers the finest leather care products available for home use. They safely clean, condition and protect any leather. Previously used by professional technicians and manufacturers, the strength of Pure products allows you to effectively clean and treat stains on your leather furniture, just as professionals would!