Home theaters are becoming almost mandatory in modern family home designs. Our generation loves it’s media, and we want a room in our home that gives television, gaming and movies the sound and picture quality they deserve, along with a comfortable place to view them with family or friends.

Media rooms, or home theater rooms, are fun to plan, because they work well in areas that are generally more complicated to work with, such as windowless basements. Any room without windows makes for the ultimate home theater room. Depending on how many people you expect to use your home theater/media room, take into consideration the ideal space needed between the closest are to the screen and the screen itself. If you have a projector, you’ll want to make sure people aren’t seated too close, and you also want to make sure you have enough wall space!

Creating a home theater space doesn’t have to break the bank, but I wanted to put these unbelievable home theater designs all in one post so that I could have quick access to them to inspire me! Take a look at these crazy amazing home theater, or media room, designs!



amazing death star wars home theater room design

amazing home theater room




Leather Theatre Chair

leather theatre chair

Get ready for a home theatre revolution! Introducing home-theater seating that is so affordable, so classy, and so comfortable that it will forever change the way you look at building a home theater. This black Leather Theatre Chair reclines to any position. It has oft overlooked features such as an oversized cupholder! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Leather Cinema Seat Recliners

leather cinema seat recliners

Get ready for movie watching comfort at it’s finest. The recliner seat backs and cushions provide a smooth expanse of great support and you can select either a straight or curved configuration. These super comfy home theater recliners also come with generously sized cup holders with a beveled rim. These kind of home theater seats come in so many colors that you don’t have to worry about them matching whatever exixting decor you might have.

buy puma theater recliner

The white Puma Individual Home Theater Recliner is crafted with top grain leather, a solid hardwood frame for durability and supreme comfort, the white leather Puma Recliner is a great piece of furniture. Awesome styling comprised of careful seams, high quality imported leather and a look that is both contemporary to European modern. The Puma Individual Home Theater Recliner is an intriguing and luxurious recliner.

buy palermo theater lounger

Design a home theater and watch movies at home in comfort and style with the Palermo Leather Lounger Collection. This leather lounger collection’s frames are built from kiln dried hardwood, and supported with multi-layered heavy duty spring supports. The rolled arms give a decidedly traditional feel that will add sophistication to your home theater room. The Palermo Leather Home Theater Lounger is available in a huge selection of leather colors, to adapt to any room stye.

buy video game chair

Sitting in the Sub-Sonic Bone Rattler Video Game Chair, every crash and explosion will rattle through your entire body due to the Sub-Sonic BoneRattler 2.1 Speaker System. One sub-woofer is located in the the seat and two speakers are located in the back rest for superior surround sound. The speakers have been specifically placed to provide sharp, clear sound and amazing definition. Games and movies will sound like you’re in the front row of the theater!

buy wings home theater recliner

An elegant and sophisticated shape makes Wings Individual Home Theater Recliner a unique theater chair. Made with top grain leather, a solid hardwood frame for great durability, and comfort that blows away the competition, the Wings Recliner is a handsome component for your home theater. Excellent styling comprised of delicate seams, high quality imported leather and a fabulous look gives Wings a bold and versatile appearance. Its cupholders and reclining ability bring at-home movie viewing to a whole other level.