If you have a beautiful bike that you love and need for transportation, then you know how much it would mess up your life if your bike was stolen. City dwellers have had to keep their bikes in storage if they don’t have enough space in their apartments or condos, and often enough, bikes can be just as easily stolen or damaged in common use storage areas as well. The best solution is to keep your bike in your home, and to find a rack that not only makes great use of space, but also looks pretty cool, too.

We’ve hunted down some really great bike racks for this article and image gallery, so take a look and see if you can find a solution to your bicycle storage problems!








Since I started collecting wine, it has been more important to me to find a really great way to store my wine, while at the same time displaying the collection I’m proud of! Most of the wine racks out there fit a very specific design idea, which is fine, because for the most part, these wine racks do the job perfectly without taking up too much space.

That said, for this post, I wanted to find the most interesting wine rack designs and build a collection of images to inspire me for future design projects, and for one day, my own collection. There are lots of great ideas here, and many of them use reclaimed materials, so not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are eco-friendly as well!

One of my favorite ideas here is the “wine wall” which is a beautiful way of displaying wine as well as making great use of space in your kitchen.


cool and creative wine rack

cool simple wine rack




industrial pipes wine rack

leaning wine rack

brass rolling cool bar cart

Maybe they were always cool, but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever REALLY wanted a bar cart. Maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Mad Men. In any case, as soon as I decided I wanted a bar cart in my home, I started the online search for the perfect one.

Why bother with one of these seemingly frivolous pieces of furniture? Well, bar carts keep your glassware and your drink making materials on hand and super accessible when you’re entertaining your guests. You can often roll them from one room to the next, from dining rooms to kitchen or living room, and you can use them to serve up snacks as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect bar cart (or bar trolley as they are sometimes called) make sure it will fit in with your existing decor. An all chrome and black leather tray bar cart might look strange in your country style kitchen. Also make sure that the compartments on it are tall enough to hold your collection – if you are a wine drinker, you’ll need it to be fairly tall.

Have a look at this collection of pictures of bar carts that run the gamut of style and usability! Cheers!

brass rolling cool bar cart

brushed metal and mirrored rolling bar cart

cool metal and black laquer bar cart

cool vintage brass bar cart

cool vintage rolling bar cart

cool-wood and metal bar-cart

Storage Solutions: Barnwood Blanket Chests

barnwood blanket chest

I am always looking for storage solutions in the bedroom – because I live in an older house, and closet space is limited. Many people I hear from live in small-ish apartments or condos, and this is one of the most common questions/problems I hear about. Where to put all your extra stuff!? Extra stuff certainly takes up lots of room – whether it be extra linens for the guest room, extra towels for the bathroom, seasonal clothing, or kids toys!

As well as serving as a functional piece of furniture, I also require my storage solutions to be aesthetically pleasing – so in my rustic modern home – I use a lot of blanket chests. The name can fool you though, because these chests are great for so much more than just blankets.

I have friends who use these beautiful barn wood blanket chests in the kids room or nursery to store everything – toys, stuffed animals, crib bedding, baby blankets – you name it! And the chests look absolutely beautiful, so your design needs can be met.

In the bedroom of my house, the built-in storage is barely enough for one person’s clothes, let alone two people – so a gorgeous blanket chest at the foot of the bed serves many purposes – a good sturdy one can even serve as a bench to sit on on those lazy mornings when standing to put on your socks seems like too much of a chore. In the chest I store an extra duvet comforter, and a half dozen of my favorite winter sweaters, which normally take up so much of my limited closet space.

So for an easy and affordable (as well as amazingly rustic-looking) storage answer to your space problem, be sure to look for these amazing blanket chests.

Eco Friendly Black Storage Cube

Eco Friendly Black Storage Cube

IF you are looking for a sleek and modern storage solution, this eco friendly Storage cube is the ideal solution for all of your home storage needs. These storage cubes can hold anything from toys, DVDs or books.

The cube can be used as a light, portable extra seat, or it could be just one of many, a first building block for your own customized furniture and storage system. Best of all its made from sustainable recycled materials.

Blu Dot Wonder Wall Set

blu dot wonder wall set

We’re loving this organized shelving system from Blu Dot. The Wonder Wall Set from Blu Dot offers stylish options that can be customized for your storage needs. The shelves, which are sold as sets of two, are designed to be wall mounted and highlight your library and tchotchkes. Two cabinets, in drop-down door or 2 drawer style, can hold anything from clothes to cutlery, to stacks of CDs and DVDs. Just remember that organization can be the difference between clutter and a collection!

Custom Stackable Storage Set

custom stackable storage set

If you’re looking for a solution to all of your storage problems, then this Custom Stackable Storage Set might be the answer. With three modules to choose from, you can create the perfect combination to suit your individual needs. The Custom Stackable Storage Set has three different modules that have different features and different looks. Modules are available with drawers, a door, or with a simple open face. The Custom Stackable Storage Set can used in the bathroom, living room, bedroom – it can go just about anywhere!

Stackable Storage Cabinet

stackable storage cabinet

If you want to create your own custom storage solution, look no further than this stackable storage unit. You can stack these versatile storage cubes in a variety of different ways and create endless storage options. Design yourself an entertainment wall, bathroom storage compartments for towels and accessories, and handy kitchen area, or a dorm room storage center. The options are endless and you can mix and match the Stackable Storage Cabinet to suit your needs!

Walnut Bench with Storage

walnut bench with storage

This great little storage bench will perfectly accent an entry way, and provide you with a convenient way to store some extra things. Perfect for storing shoe polish or dog walking items, this Walnut Bench with Storage has two large doors that open to reveal a large storage space. The Walnut Bench with Storage is a tightly designed piece that won’t take up a lot of room, but will help organize your entry way. Finished in Walnut, this piece will fit easily in traditional or contemporary decors.

Cardboardesign Ecologic Box

cardboardesign ecologic box

Extremely durable and strong, this new ecologic line of furniture is both extremely functional and eco-friendly. Fashioned using double and triple wall fluted recycled cardboard, the concept is behind double and triple wall fluted cardboard that maximizes the strength of the area it spans. The design of the Cardboardesign Ecologic Box is meant to withstand immense force and extreme pliability. Great for storing anything you can think of.