3 Great Sofa Beds For $300 or Less

cocoa velvet sofabed

At one point in time, having great looking and comfortable furniture on a budget was nothing more than a dream. Nowadays, with so many furniture companies offering sleek, contemporary designs for unbelievably low prices, it is easy to design a room that is welcoming, comfortable, and great to look at; even if you are a slave to a rather tight decorating budget.

One of the biggest misconceptions when budget shopping for furniture is: comfortable and appealing sofa beds are out of bounds. Fortunately, the days of uncomfortable metal futons with lumpy mattresses are over. These three sofa beds are all under $300 from reputable retailers, and can make your inexpensive and in-style guest sleeping dreams come true!

Emma Convertible Sofa Bed

The Emma Convertible Sofa is a modern piece of living room furniture with sleek lines, and a contemporary look. With a black faux leather body and chrome legs, the Emma Sofa looks fabulous in any modern living room.

Low to the ground, with plenty of room for a guest to comfortably sleep, the Emma is a great choice for people seeking a sofa bed for under $300. The Emma Convertible Sofa rings up at $299 from Walmart. Don’t want it shipped to your house? Walmart offers the option to have large items shipped to your local store where you can easily pick them up and bring them home.

Cocoa Velvet Sofa Bed

Prefer your furniture to be upholstered in soothing earth tones? The Cocoa Velvet Sofa Bed is an affordable option that brings elements of style to any living space. This is a relatively small sofa bed that can comfortably sleep one. The Cocoa Velvet Sofa bed has four different reclining positions from upright to completely reclined.

What’s better than the aesthetic appeal of this sofa bed? The price! It can be found on Overstock.com for $235.00 or less. Overstock offers great deals on shipping, with flat rate shipping of $2.95 per item. Even with shipping, this great sofa bed is well under the $300 mark. Great beauty and function have never been so inexpensive!

Thompson Sofa Bed in Stone

For a modern and sophisticated look, the Thompson Sofa Bed is one of a kind. Not only is it great to look at, it is made out of quality materials that offer comfort to any guest that has the pleasure of sleeping on it.

The frame of the Thompson Sofa Bed is made of hardwood with an espresso finish, and the mattress is made of 7” of comfortable, soft foam. Best yet, this beautiful sofa bed upholstered in stone colored, stain resistant fabric is available for $229.00 from Target online. Not sold in stores.

Guest Accommodations On A Budget

There are always options for great sofa beds at unbeatable prices; you just have to know where to look. Always keep an eye out for seasonal sales- you never know what great, contemporary furnishings you can find for a fraction of their regular retail price!

How to Make a Pullout Sofa Bed More Comfortable


A pullout sofa bed normally has a very thin mattress. Because the mattress is so thin, the metal construction of the bed’s support is felt through the mattress and this makes for a very uncomfortable night’s rest. The following methods list the most effective way to make modern or rustic sofa beds more comfortable.

1) Add layers to the mattress before anyone lies on it.
2) Use a liner between the mattress and the springs.
3) Combine both 1) and 2) to offer the most comfortable mattress.

By adding layers of padding to the mattress, it becomes softer and more supportive. Add a layer of textured foam and then an extra thick mattress pad on top of that. The layers of padding will make it impossible to feel any of the inner workings of the mattress mechanics. Add these layers just before putting on clean sheets and offering the bed to guests. The extra thickness may prevent the bed from closing back into the sofa. Remove the extra layers before folding the bed back into the sofa.

The layer of foam may be sufficient to provide the comfort needed if it is at least 5″ thick or more. If the foam is thinner, try adding a heavily quilted mattress pad as well. The extra polyfil in the pad may feel even softer than just adding a foam liner.

The other option is to separate the mattress from the offending metal support. Use a plywood sheet to cover the metal support and then add the mattress on top. It would be difficult to store a plywood sheet big enough for a full-size mattress, so you need to be crafty and construct a folding plywood liner. Make sure you cut the plywood in three equal horizontal pieces held together by two strips of two inch wide heavy weight muslin. Glue each strip on the two edges of plywood panels until you have a folding plywood panel that you can lay on the metal bed support to shield the mattress from the metal support’s digging impressions.

The last solution is to try adding foam, an extra thick mattress pad and a plywood liner. The night’s rest is sure to be comfortable with all these precautions used. No matter which method you utilize, the mattress will offer a much greater improved comfort level.

Bensen Sleeper Sleep Sofa

bensen sleeper sleep sofa

I think everyone should own a sleeper sofa. They are the ultimate in practicality. Visually, the Bensen Sleeper Sleep Sofa has clean lines, balanced proportions, tailored details and a low profile that fits in any environment. The Sleeper is an elegant contemporary sofa that easily converts into a single bed.

Convertible Sofa with Movable Pillows

convertible sofa with movable pillows

Convertible sofa’s really are worth the investment. They are extremely practical and user-friendly. This sofa converts into a chaise lounge or a bed at your discretion. Perfect for a spare room, den or study. This Convertible Sofa with Movable Pillows is easy to operate and comes in a durable 100% microfiber covering and has two movable pillows.

Blu Dot Flat Out Sofa

blu dot flat out sofa

Ideal for a spare room that converts into a study or office, the blu dot flat out sofa quickly converts from snappy upright lounging to laidback horizontal sprawl. Playful contrast cross-stitching, kicky French seams, and a solid stainless steel base add pizzazz to the straightforward yet inviting form. The Blu Dot Flat Out Sofa is on my wish list!

Convertible Futon Sofa

convertible futon sofa

Remember awhile ago when everyone had either a couch or bed futon? Thats because they were so comfortable! And they still are. This Convertible Futon Sofa has a striking blue colour, and includes a futon frame with pad. It’s the right choice for students leaving home and twenty-somethings just starting out. Perfect for the rec-room and playroom too!

eco friendly sofa bed convertible

All of the Fashion Hardwood Sofa-Bed Convertibles offered by Lifestyle Solutions are constructed using plantation hardwoods.
All frames share the same reclining features along with their “Cradle Converter”, a mechanism that allows the futon to be easily changed from sofa to bed from the front. All the Fashion Hardwoods are sofa-height for an upright and comfortable sitting position. This particular Collection of Eco Friendly Sofa-Beds has slatted, mission-style arms and curved legs.

Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed

vancouver convertible sofa bed

Sleek, modish, and chic are all ways to describe the Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed. Rest and relax properly with the latest European styling in sofa beds. The Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed combines modern ingenuity with the highest quality standards. Featuring the intuitive “click-clac” system, the Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed converts in seconds to a full-size sleeper. This convertible sofa will make your home both stylish and comfortable. Optional storage ottoman to complete the look.

Whimsical Full Sofa Bed

whimsical full sofa bed

Add a bit of whimsy to your living space with this Whimsical Full Sofa Bed. It is the ideal piece for adding some excitement to your living room! Available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors, this full sized mattress will complement and complete any living space with additional pieces from the entire collection.

Capitola Casual Convertible Sofa

capitola casual convertible sofa

The Capitola Casual Convertible Sofa features a solid wood frame and heavy steel legs for ultimate stability, and comes with a microsuede cover in Black or Copperis. Perfect for sitting, reclining, or sleeping, quickly end easily change the sofa to a bed and back again with the unique European click – clack mechanism. You will undoubtedly add style, comfort, and durability to your home with the Capitola Casual Convertible Sofa.