wassup rustic cottage sofa


There’s just something so magical about being at your lakehouse or summer cottage and relaxing on the sofa in front of a big roaring fire in the evening. Designers who help create the most rustic design aesthetics for log homes and hunting lodges will tell you that one of the most important pieces of furniture you can buy to get this look in your cabin or cottage is a sofa.

Picking the perfect sofa or couch for your getaway home is the key to the creation of that feeling of pure country luxury and comfort. There are some very commonly used design components that show up a lot when we start looking at sofas that meet this aesthetic. Rough-hewn logs make up the structure of some of these rustic sofas, as well as dark brown leathers and intricate patterns of wool for materials. Have a look at some of the different styles available, and consider how many people you’ll have as guests, and how easy you want the care and cleaning to be.

The Wassup Sofa

wassup rustic cottage sofa

Rustic flair has found its home in the Wassup Sofa, which features a soft, marbled chenille in dark chocolate brown and is partnered with a distressed microdenier that resembles rough hewn leather.”

Riva Utah Sofa


This modern rustic sofa, created by Riva of Italy, uses reclaimed and recycled timbers from Venetian lagoons to create clean lines with extremely comfortable seating, perfect for the lodge look.

High Country Sofa

high country rustic sofa

This is a great cottage sofa for a very reasonable price. Features mossy forest green chenille and durable leather look micro-suede. We love the authentically country pattern on the couch cushions.

Rustic Outlaw Sofa

distressed leather rustic sofa cottage

Nothing says country luxury like the well-worn comfort and easy elegance of a distressed leather rustic sofa. This sophisticated sofa combines country ease with rich dark brown leather to create the perfect living room centerpiece for your cottage or lakehouse retreat.

Black Forest Berea Hickory Sofa

rustic log sofa cabin cottage

Soft, luxurious sofa pillows resting on beautiful, natural logs makes for the ultimate in cabin or hunting lodge aesthetics for the living room of your recreational home. This log built rustic sofa is made from hickory logs and features plush cushions you can sink into. Made from hickory grown in American forests.

Wilderness Lodge Fixtures Design

Earlier this year, my family and I had the wonderful experience of visiting Disney World in Florida. We stayed at the lovely Wilderness Lodge for a week, and fell in love with their gorgeously rustic design aesthetic. It got me to thinking about the cottage or cabin that I’d like to own one day, and how I’d like to decorate that space to re-create the feel and look of the Wilderness Lodge.

The interior designers responsible for the vibe of this hotel have paid attention to every detail! Everything from the huge totem poles in the breathtaking lobby, to the little things, like the log beds and the Ranger Chip and Dale characters in the bathroom tiles!

The idea behind the design was to emulate the incredible log cabins found in the American West. Everywhere you look, you’ll see timber pillars, and wonderful collections of Native American art and artifacts. In the lobby of the hotel, a bubbling brook leads out into the hotel grounds where it ends in a waterfall. There’s even a Yosemite style geyser that erupts every hour!

When you enter your room, the rustic look continues, with bedding, fixtures and furniture that all boast an old-fashioned, cabin style and look. I started to look around for items that would help me re-create the look of the Wilderness Lodge, and found some great stuff! It’s pretty simple to find companies that are designing furniture and fixtures that look almost exactly like the ones found at Wilderness Lodge – and I even got some great ideas that I didn’t see there, like this awesome canoe bookshelf! I even located the cut metal sconces featuring bears and moose, which were very much like the ones in our room.

I can’t wait to one day create my own cabin getaway, and use the DWL (as they call it in pro Disney speak) to be my design inspiration!

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Modern Rustic Living Room

It may be easier than you imagine to create a decor that is warm, inviting, simplistic and slightly sophisticated using elements from two seemingly opposite decorating styles. Rustic-modern apartment decor ideas involve a combination of complementary colors, textures and design elements.

Earth-tone colors that are often found in rustic decors attractively complement the stainless steel appliances typically used in a modern kitchen. Including a wooden table with a simplistic design featuring defined edges paired with armless chairs or possibly wooden benches would be ideal for a modern apartment.

Industrial Pendant Light

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Rustic Living Room Floor

Who doesn’t love the feeling of freedom and simple pleasure a rustic atmosphere gives? Add efficient lighting and modern comfortable lounging and I’m in the perfect setting. Combining these two atmospheres is what is known as, well, just as you would think it sounds, a rustic-modern theme. Here I’ll quickly examine some rustic-modern living room ideas for design and decor.

One cozy but classic trick is to allow for the appearance of aged material without the dysfunction of it. Wooden materials used in end and coffee tables or book shelves can be stained or painted to look aged or well-used! Selecting decorations like old fashioned games, checkers, or antiques add to the rustic atmosphere. Part of the living rustically is having only what is needed, while modern design combines form and function. Use traditional decorations as coasters, bins, or bookends.

Rustic Modern Living Room

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Rustic Dresser

The word rustic carries with it several connotations. It may evoke thoughts of rich log cabins or a shabby chic country home. Whatever the case, it can be agreed that rustic apartment furniture are pieces with character, items that can almost tell a story all on their own. They’re a great way to add a level of depth and warmth to a living space that can be difficult to achieve with cold, modern tables and chairs.

Rustic Salvaged Wood

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