Gorgeously Textured Rugs from Stepevi

Cameo-texture rug by-Stepevi

Is there anything more inviting and luxurious than a wonderfully textured rug? Especially a dramatically textured rug that also boasts an array of incredible, vibrant colors? The designers at Stepevi have answered the call for anyone looking for more than just a rug, but a rug that can take over as the central design element in whatever room you choose to put it in.

Demure-texture rug by-Stepevi

Stepevi has an entire series of rugs in a number of different collections. Regardless of what color, pattern or texture you might be looking for, I spent over an hour on their website and found several that I immediately coveted, not just for my living room, but for my bedroom as well.

The company was founded in Istanbul and has boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Dubai and many other design capitals of the world.

Mercer-Vedia-Lines-textured rug by-Stepevi

Mercer-Vedia-texture rug Cage-by-Stepevi

Parquet-textured rug-Stepevi

Terra-Crystal-textured rug by-Stepevi

Terra-texture rug by-Stepevi

Cool Contemporary Rugs For Your Bedroom


When you are decorating your contemporary bedroom, there are many options for rugs that are cool and functional. You can search many stores for the ideas you see her, just find the rug that you like and search for the best prices.

The first option should be pretty obvious but its effectiveness really depends on the type of floor you currently have. Adding an area rug can completely change the look and feel of a contemporary bedroom. If you already have carpet in the bedroom, the area rug may not make as big of an impact but it can still be a good addition. The area rug works more effectively on a hardwood or similar floor but most people do not have that type of flooring in their bedroom.

There are so many unique and gorgeous rugs available these days with patterns and colors that will completely change the look and feel of your bedroom, and I’ve searched the web for examples of the coolest bedroom rugs I could find!








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Care and Cleaning of Persian Rugs

cleaning persian rugs

A Persian rug can make a great addition in any home, instantly creating a dynamic focal point in the room in which it is displayed. When maintained correctly, these rugs can serve a home for many years. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand the ins and outs of keeping the rug immaculately cleaned and cared for, in order to avoid discoloration and damage to the textile. Use the following tips to ensure keep your Persian rug in tip top condition.

Routine Maintenance
Keeping a rug looking great requires routine maintenance. Regularly vacuum the rug to pick up dirt and other debris, making certain to carefully clean both sides. The rug should also be shampooed regularly, with the cleaning intervals based on how heavy the foot traffic is in the room. When choosing a detergent, a mild soap or special rug cleanser will generally work best. Be certain to spot test the product on a small portion of the rug before immersing the entire rug.

Emergency Spot Treatments
Most rugs will encounter a spill as some point, making it essential for homeowners to know how to treat the issue. When a stain is treated immediately, there is a much greater chance that the rug will not be permanently damaged. Any liquid on the rug’s surface should be carefully blotted away before beginning treatment. If the liquid has permeated the rug’s fibers, the rug can be pressed gently to try to lift as much of the spill out of the rug as possible.

White vinegar and water makes a great solution for cleaning the spot and neutralizing the affected area. Some homeowners also add a small amount of detergent to their cleaning solution. The inclusion of vinegar will help to prevent the dyes from running together. If the stain is not lifted with this treatment, it may be necessary to consult a professional rug cleaning company.

If a portion of the rug tears, or the fringe begins to pull away from the body of the rug, it is essential to address the issue as quickly as possible. In most instances, an experienced rug weaver is the best professional to consult. Taking care of the problem before it is allowed to progress further will help minimize the chances of the rug being irreparably damaged.

A Closer Look at Gandia Blasco Rugs

Gandia Blasco Rugs

Suppose you’ve just moved into a new home. You’ve tidied up the place, made it look more than homey, and even went ahead to add more decorations. However, without a suitable rag on your floor, you’ll always get the feeling that something is not right.

Most floors are undeniably pretty, but without a matching rug for your floor, you might not get to see the beauty of the interior of your house. Fortunately, Gandia Blasco rugs will easily sort that out for you. You can get countless Gandia Blasco rugs with different pretty patterns that will make your home look attractive.

Apart from coming with different designs, there are some that come with artistically shaped patterns. For example, the Contemporary Champinones Rug will look like your ordinary rug but with soft, round-shaped protrusions carefully placed on top of it. Not only does it make this particular one look stylish, but it also feels great under your feet.

If you’re more interested in the patterns, they will have a wide variety for you to choose from. You can find just about anything to go with every room in your house. There are many options for those who wish to get rugs that are prefect for their offices. Besides offices, you will also come across nice rugs that go well with any bedroom. Whether for a teenager, or for that three-year-old who loves to play on the floor, you’ll always find the right Gandia Blasco rug.

Well, after knowing what to expect from Gandia Blasco rugs, you might be wondering how much they’ll cost. Just like how other rugs are sold, Gandia Blasco rugs are also sold according to their dimensions. As such, rugs for wide rooms will cost slightly more than those for relatively smaller rooms. Some of them might go for over $2,000 while others go for less than $1,000. The store that you get them from will also affect the price. Some occasionally sell them at high prices while others sell them at affordable prices. Because of this, the Internet should be everyone’s starting point for getting realistic prices for Gandia Blasco rugs.

Eco-Friendly Rugs to Green-ify Your Home

Bamboo rug

I know, I know. Green-ify isn’t a real word. But it so perfectly describes my design aesthetic whenever I choose a new room to decorate in my house! I want to make sure that I am choosing products that are from sustainably harvested materials, are recycled, or reclaimed, or are just second-hand! There are so many pieces out there that look incredible, won’t use up more resources, and won’t leave a giant carbon footprint behind.

I love rugs. I love the way they tie a room together, and the way they can warm a space, both visually and literally! Some of the most gorgeous eco-friendly rugs are made from the most beautiful materials you can imagine – and they are often very affordable.

Bamboo is a material that seems to have no limits in its uses, and of course, is one of the most sustainable resources out there. So quite naturally, bamboo also provides the perfect material for rugs! Bamboo rugs are soft, durable, and not super expensive, so they won’t bust your budget. They come in lots of gorgeous simple earth tones, which are the easiest to fit into your existing decor. Also, they are easier to clean than a lot of other, more texturally complex rugs.

I would also recommend looking into materials like jute when rug shopping. Most rugs made from these organic materials are also made without any chemical processing, so you can feel confident about putting these kinds of rugs into a child’s bedroom or even the nursery.

Black and White Stripe Rug

stripe rug black white

These simply beautiful and elegant black and white striped floor rugs are made by hand, and are offered in this incredible collection of area rugs by Armadillo. Produced using the very highest ethical standards, every area rug is made under the rules of Fair Trade practices, and is crafted from sustainable natural fibers including pure wool, jute, cotton and hemp. All rug purchases benefit local schools in the rug weavers’ own villages.

Budapest Wool Area Rug

budapest wool area rug

Wool is an extremely durable natural fiber, and this wool area rug was made in India with 100% wool. The soft, wool fibers are woven together in a timeless way to allow for the softest braided rug your feet will ever feel. The Budapest Wool Area Rug is an exciting journey through a world of color. Featuring a host of reds, greens, yellows, beiges, and blues, the Wool Braided collection’s Budapest rug is sure to add the spice of originality to your own décor! These rugs are classic and timeless, a worthwhile investment indeed.

Balanced Design Wool Rug

balanced design wool rug

The Balanced Design Wool Rug is a simple rug with a modern twist. Crafted from 100% New Zealand Wool and made in the USA, this cut and loop pile area rug will help liven up a room in addition to helping customers be eco-conscious. The designers of the Balanced Design Wool Rug try to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible, and they try to reduce, reuse, or recycle as much as they can through their line of home decor products.

Twinkle Living Fashion Rug

twinkle living fashion rug

Recently I came across these fashionable rugs from Twinkle Living. They design rugs, throws and pillows that are whimsical, quirky, sophisticated and accessible. This Twinkle Living Fashion Rug is made of 100% New Zealand Wool. Twinkle living designs designs for the contemporary collector who appreciates fashion.

Recycled Rubber Wood Doormat

recycled rubber wood doormat

Working for the likes of Target and Kikkerland, this design duo aims to deliver clean, functional designs. The design lines are clear and the geometry is simple. They believe that design should bring the most of the best to the greatest number of people. The Recycled Rubber Wood Doormat is both quirky and classic at the same time. The recycled rug is made from recycled rubber!