Bamboo and Rice Paper Shoji Screen


The panel frames on this room divider screen are made from strong and lightweight, kiln dried bamboo pole. Fiber reinforced pressed pulp rice paper allows diffused light into your space, while all the while making sure you have total privacy. The bamboo room divider has stitched matchstick cross pieces which gives it a more handcrafted look. The screens are all hinged together with split bamboo loops, giving this Asian dividing screen a rustic modern look.

Bamboo Leaf Room Divider

Bamboo Leaf Room Divider

This delicately woven room divider screen will look amazing in your home. It features a careful balance of two different types of hand woven panels that will enhance any space with a tropical or Asian feel. These bamboo screens are imported directly from Southeast Asia, and the strong frame is made of Philippine Mahogany finished in an antique rosewood. The alternating shades are made of woven bamboo sheets and abacca rope. The divider boasts lacquered brass two way hinges, so you can bend the panels in either direction. \

Tall Bamboo Leaf Room Divider

Tall Bamboo Leaf Room Divider

Are you looking for a bamboo room divider for your Japanese themed room? There are many different styles, also known as shoji screens, that boast a strong and durable bamboo construction. Shoji screens feature a nice balance of two different types of hand woven panels that will add a rich texture to any home space. These kinds of room dividers are put together with lacquered brass two way hinges so that you can bend the panels in either direction, depending on the needs of the room. The design of the panels allow the screen to stand upright freely while completely straight, not bent.

Bamboo Tree Shoji Screen


The skills used to make these Bamboo Tree Shoji Screens include hand-painting, hand-rubbed lacquering, and hand-tooling. We are proud to support them in their quest to keep their age-old techniques alive for future generations. Many of the artists are hired out of semi-retirement to work from home training the next generation to become master craftsmen. These masters are highly respected in their craft of making these Bamboo Tree Shoji Screens and their culture which have survived through many Chinese dynasties and continue to produce valuable and desirable shoji screen room dividers for your home.

Bohemian Room Divider

bohemian room divider

This Bohemian Room Divider features a hip Bohemian silver theme which allures the senses and creates a sense of wonder. The Bohemian Room Divider has a beautiful vintage vine pattern decorated on it and its look definitely brings out the Bohemian in all of us. Made of Solid Birch wood and hand painted, this charming Bohemian Room Divider will breathe new energy into any room of your home.

Japanese Shoji Portable Divider Screen


A high end shoji screen, beautifully crafted from premium quality kiln dried Spruce, classic Japanese style joinery, with stitched split bamboo popsicle stick slats, with 1/16″ spacing, allows some light, but provides complete privacy, double hinged, so panels can be bent in either direction. You can choose from 4 finishes – Black, Honey, Natural, and Cherry Rosewood and from 3 panel, 4 panel, 5 panel, or 6 panel sizes.

Eco Friendly Wood Privacy Screen

eco friendly wood privacy screen

This Eco Friendly Wood Privacy Screen has a ton of Green features like it’s made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, Eco-friendly varnish and 100% carbon-offset production. Maybe you need a Privacy Screen when you need to block out noise or distractions, or maybe you just need to hide a mess. Whatever the case, this Eco Friendly Wood Privacy Screen can do both!

Quality wooden blinds can transform the look and feel of a room.

Inhabit Graphic Fabric Panels

inhabit graphic fabric panels

Made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester, the Inhabit Graphic Fabric Panels are for use directly on your walls or to create soft barriers within large spaces. Natural light flows through during the day while delivering privacy and appearing opaque in the evening. Available in over 40 different designs, they are all handprinted and handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly inks with no chemical waste or disposal generated. All paper waste from this process takes on new life as shredded packing material. Product is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle.

Tall Cork Board Shoji Screen Room Divider


The Tall Cork Board Shoji Screen Room Divider offers you a great way to incorporate privacy and function into your work or living space. The frame is crafted from durable, beautifully finished Scandinavian Spruce and the panels are made of cork board. The Tall Cork Board Shoji Screen Room Divider (which is six feet tall) is excellent for the office as a cubicle or privacy screen, or for a kid’s room.

Decorative Walnut Room Divider

decorative walnut room divider

Crafted from durable, lightweight Scandinavian Spruce, this Decorative Room Divider brings a touch of mother nature to any room. The shade is made of hard fiber reinforced paper, which provides a diffused light, but also complete privacy. This room divider is featured in a stunning dark walnut color, and the shade is imbedded with leaves in its textured surface. Constructed with lacquered brass two-way hinges means you can bend the panels in the either direction. This stylish room divider will add class to any room.