Naturally, I am a huge fan of anything recycled, re-used, up-cycled and restored, so when I recently came across an amazing recycled wooden pallet table in a friend’s backyard patio, I started to consider the many possibilities that these wooden pallets could provide in terms of furniture and design pieces.

If you are the DIY-minded type, pallet projects are going to be a simple task for you, the only limit will be your imagination! As far as where to get pallets, small garden and hardware stores get regular deliveries on pallets, as do auto shops, lawnmower and tool stores and mom and pop style renovation shops. These businesses will often sell their used pallets for very low prices, and some will even give them away if you offer to take them off their hands!

Desks, chairs, planters, bookshelves, even staircases etc. There are SO many uses for these things, and they can be refinished, painted and sanded down to suit any design aesthetic you might be going for, indoors and out. Check out this collection of images I’ve put together for inspiration!


pallet-office table


recycled wood pallet furniture

Recycled-Pallet-kitchen island




recycling-wood-pallet-bed frame

Rustic Lanterns

Those seeking to provide lighting to their backyard may have fallen in love with the rustic-modern appearance of outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether you’re in search of smaller fixtures that light a patio or walkway on the back of your home, or you’re in search of lamp post-styled fixtures to provide light within the backyard, finding lighting that suits you is important.

For lighting around the back of the home, a lighting fixture styled after a lantern is a very common and popular choice. These types of rustic lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and size. They also range from simplistic design to intricate etched-glass fixtures that provide a wonderful and soft light for back porches, patios and backyards.

Rustic-modern Outside String Lamps

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pizza boxes cant recycle

Recycling is one of the best ways to help sustain and preserve the environment — but be careful. Certain items that seem to obviously be recyclable are in fact not and can taint the rest of the material with which it is bagged. Here is a run down of some of the most common items that are mistakenly thought to be recyclable:

1) Juice Boxes

The cardboard that juice boxes are made of are commonly coated with plastic rendering them inappropriate for the recycling process.

2) Pizza Boxes

That is, used pizza boxes. Although the average pizza box is completely cardboard, it becomes covered in oil and other contaminants when used to hold a pie. These contaminants disrupt the recycling process, which uses heat and water.

3) Styrofoam

It seems like a paper product, but Styrofoam is in fact made of petroleum, which makes it highly flammable and unsafe for recycling.

4) Wet Paper

Not only does fiber in wet paper become shorter, making them less valuable to recycling centers, it also potentially contaminates it. This includes paper napkins and towels, which are typically used to clean food from surfaces.

5) Wire Hangers

Typical recycling centers do not facilitate wire hangers, but the solution to disposing of them responsibly is easy enough. You can simply return them to the dry-cleaners on your next visit. Most dry-cleaning businesses actually request that their customers do so so that they may be reused.

6) Ceramics

Yet another material commonly thrown in the recycling bin but not accepted at processing centers. Try getting creative with your ceramics and give them a second life. As an example, you can use old mugs as a flower pot.

Tip: Processed containers like water bottles have recycling information imprinted on them. Always check to learn about the proper method of disposal.

It’s Christmas Tree Recycling Time!


Yes, I’m afraid it’s that time again. Time to start thinking about packing up all of your wonderful holiday decorations and colorful Christmas tree ornaments. And, if you got a real tree this year, you might be wondering what to do with it! Perhaps you have a larger property, so you can toss it in a chipper or chop it up and use it for mulch or firewood. A standard fir tree can yield more than 13 pounds of firewood.

If you have a pond in the backyard, or if you live on a lakefront, throwing in your tree actually is beneficial as it gives shelter and nutrients to the water creatures. Many towns and communities have drop-off locations near bodies of water for this purpose.

If you are having your tree collected by the city – inquire about what exactly happens to the trees when they are removed. Often the trees are just taken to a landfill and dumped with the rest of the unrecycled trash.

There are, especially around larger cities and towns, companies that will come and pick up your tree for a small fee, and will then properly recycled it.

Recycled Refrigerator Couch

fridge couch1

Ideal for those of you who like a fridge in the living room and love the plush feel of the backseat of an old car, the Fridgecouch is made from recycled refrigerators and car seats, making it the perfect fit into any contemporary eco-friendly home. Designed by Canadian artist and designer Adrian Johnson, the Fridgecouch combines recycling with modern design aesthetics to create a stunning piece of eco-friendly furniture.

“Fridgecouch has become a purpose for me, a chance to bring recycling to people in a way they never imagined. But it’s only the beginning. Design never stops, and where there’s a will there’s always a way,” explains Johnson.

Recycled Vespa Chairs


These awesome looking chairs are totally unique and super eco-innovative. They are made from old model, fossil fuel burning Vespa mini motorcycles. These upscale chairs are made by the reputable Spanish design studio Bel & Bel. We haven’t heard anything about costs of manufacture or pricing OR how to get them but we think its a cool idea on how to reuse old vehicles so we will keep you posted on the details of where and how to get your green hands on these recycled Vespa chairs.

Reclaimed Sailcloth Duffle Bag

reclaimed sailcloth duffle bag

We love the look and idea of these reclaimed sailcloth duffle bags ! This eco-friendly duffle bag in bold, windsurfer sail design is a real eye-catcher. Constructed of reclaimed windsurf sailcloth, this bag will take to you to the gym, shopping and back again. You’ll stand out from the crowd with this spirited duffle; and you’ll be helping by being a part of the solution.

phillippe starck swivel armchair

Designed by Philippe Starck, this version features a swivel base with tension and pneumatic height adjustment, as well as beautifully shaped arms that add to the design. This fancy armchair improves with age, resists rust, resists bacteria, mildew, stains and odor AND is eco-friendly ! The Phillipe Starck swivel armchair uses recycled materials and is itself recyclable. Our advice : go and buy this cool chair.

Recycled Material Kitty Chaise

recycled material kitty chaise

Cat’s are lazy. I know because I have one of the laziest around. And what do lazy cats need to maintain their abundant inactivity? A chaise to lounge on of course! This Recycled Material Kitty Chaise is the perfect solution for lazy cats everywhere. Made of their favorite material, cardboard, the chaise is very sturdy and will give your cat loads of comfort and a surface to scratch the hell out of. So get your sluggish cat off your nice couch and let them ‘laze it up’ on this Recycled Material Kitty Chaise. I bet they never leave.

recycled oak wine barrels bench

Waste not want not. This beautiful bench is made from recently retired oak wine barrel staves. Constructed of pine and oak, this recycled oak wine barrels bench is a perfect accent piece for any room in your house. Perfect for the wine enthusiast or the environmentally conscious, this recycled wine bench is a classic looking bench that’s sure to add some refined beauty and prestige to your decor.