concrete and steel prefab house

These gorgeous prefabricated homes range from Scandinavian modular nature retreats to urban dwellings designed to keep costs low and keep sustainability at the forefront. These homes are designed for easy installation and are meant to lower construction costs and the time spent on building them. Because of the high demand for beautiful design, pre-fab houses are becoming modern art in their aesthetic. Prefabricated modular homes look incredible filled with simple, minimalist modern furniture.

Once built, prefab housing can be taken from one location to another and they are ideal for people looking to buy/build on a tighter budget. Prefab houses aren’t a new thing. They’ve been around for decades, but because they are naturally more sustainable in construction, they are growing more popular with eco-minded home buyers.

concrete and steel prefab house



duplex prefab houses

gorgeous prefab house grass


FlatPak House


We are so in love with these houses. The design immediately strikes us of more modern architecture, giving it flavor you only normally see on establishments such as coventry hotels. When I first saw the images of the homes that FlatPak makes, I had a vision of an entire community of eco-minded folks living together, Flatpak units side by side. Needless to say, we want one of these right this second. The FlatPak is a system of pre-fabricated components designed to yield unique solutions to your unique needs and site. Your FlatPak house is the result of the decisions you make with your personal FlatPak designer. Once you’ve completed the process, the company produces drawings and documents for permits, production, and assembly. then the whole package comes to you, ready to assemble. Eco-heaven!