Sleepypod Pet Carrier

sleepypod pet carrier

The award winning Sleepypod allows pets to travel safely in the pampered comfort of their own bed. The SleepyPod is more than a bed, it’s a lifestyle. It’s your pet’s personal space and much more. The real beauty of the Sleepypod is its versatility. It has a fantastic padded carry handle, a mesh top for superior ventilation, and best of all the top zips off to reveal your pets sleeping space. Other features include an optional warming layer and mesh bed. Simply put- SleepyPod is awesome!

Snoozer Stow & Go Pet Car Seat

snoozer stow go pet car seat

The Snoozer Stow & Go Pet Car Seat is a versatile product that serves many great functions. Firstly, the Snoozer Stow & Go Pet Car Seat provides a comfortable place for your pet to sit while in the car. Secondly, it is a much safer way for your pet to ride because the car seat secures to the back seat with the seat belt. Thirdly, with your little pet tucked away in this seat, the amount of fur that spreads around your car is greatly diminished. I don’t know about you, but that alone makes this a worthwhile purchase. And in addition to all those great features, the Snoozer Stow & Go Pet Car Seat also converts into a bed, so you can have a comfy place for your pet to sleep wherever you go.

Cedar Dog House

cedar dog house

If you love your dog as much as I do, a great home like this Cedar Dog House would certainly be one way to show it. The Cedar Dog House has plenty of room to accommodate dogs of almost all sizes and it features weather barrier doors and a gable window to let in a lot of light. A plexiglass window slides open or closed to increase or decrease air circulation. Hinges on the roof allow for simple cleaning, which you canine friend will surely appreciate. The Cedar Dog House is a beautiful and charming little house that your dog will cherish and love to spend time in.

Designer Litter Box Enclosure

designer litter box enclosure

Litterboxes are pretty much the worst thing about owning cats. They usually look terrible, and I don’t have to mention the issue of dealing with its contents. When I saw this Designer Litter Box Enclosure I thought it was such a smart idea. This is a perfect way to keep your litter box concealed as it looks like a regular piece of furniture. The Designer Litter Box Enclosure is made with high-quality wood pieces and even has built-in storage for your litter accessories. Simply put this is a great product that prevents you from having to compromise on the look of your living space. Owning cats is no longer a drag!

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Cat Scratcher

eco friendly cardboard cat scratcher

This Eco-Friendly Cardboard Cat Scratcher is a must-have if you want to prevent your feline friend from ruining your favorite couch. Made from recycled cardboard, this durable and rigid Eco-Friendly Cardboard Cat Scratcher will last a very long time. The contours and texture will have your cat lounging and scratching all day long. This attractive cat scratcher won’t compromise your living space either, as it’s small and comes in three beautiful colors.

Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher

eco friendly cat scratcher

I’ve had a few couches and chairs ruined by my cat so I know the value of a good cat scratcher. This Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher is great because its design promotes varied scratching and rubbing positions, it’s eco-friendly, and the natural scratching surface helps keep your cats claws happy. Having a few different scratchers around the house is a great way to cut down on scratched furniture. This Eco-Friendly Cat Scratcher also comes with a bag of organic catnip.

SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box

smartcat peek and play toy box

This is purrfect for indoor cats. The SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box stimulates indoor-only cats to keep them mentally and physically fit. The Peek-and-Play toy box is designed to build on your cat’s instinct by partially hiding some of your cat’s favorite toys, and believe me, your cat will go nuts trying to fish them out. Peek-and-Play is especially great for those times when you have to leave your cat home alone, because this toy will keep your cat occupied for hours. One of the better cat toys around.

Eco-Friendly Dog Bed

eco friendly dog bed

This snugly Eco-Friendly Dog Bed will have your dog asking for more sleep time because they’ll never want to leave. The Eco-Friendly Dog Bed is made of comfy polyester fleece or soft faux suede, with a tough 420 denier nylon packcloth base. The cushion is padded with SmartFill™ and is made from 100% recycled fiber. A great feature of this Eco-Friendly Dog Bed is that both the outer layer and cushion are odor and water resistant. This bed is also a smart buy, because you can replace the outer or inner cushion at any time, and bypass having to throw away and buy a whole new dog bed. Additionally, the bed is designed to be flipped inside-out to further extend its usable life! This is great for environment and for your wallet.

Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Cover

eco friendly dog bed cover

Someone once said that cats are lazy. Check this out: so are dogs. There are so many choices in the dog bed department, it just proves that they are lazy. So how do you pick a bed for your lazy dog? You could start with this one. It’s actually a cover for 2 pillows: constructed of sailcloth (that means it’s been recycled), this eco-friendly dog bed cover fits two king size pillows perfectly!

Recycled Material Kitty Chaise

recycled material kitty chaise

Cat’s are lazy. I know because I have one of the laziest around. And what do lazy cats need to maintain their abundant inactivity? A chaise to lounge on of course! This Recycled Material Kitty Chaise is the perfect solution for lazy cats everywhere. Made of their favorite material, cardboard, the chaise is very sturdy and will give your cat loads of comfort and a surface to scratch the hell out of. So get your sluggish cat off your nice couch and let them ‘laze it up’ on this Recycled Material Kitty Chaise. I bet they never leave.