wood burning granite fire pit for home

There’s nothing more relaxing than gathering around a fire with friends or family on a cooled-down summer evening. For most, those kinds of nights are reserved for camping weekends or cottage getaways. But there are ways to create that warm and comforting environment right in your own backyard.

There are options for you as well, depending on what your local bylaws will allow on private property. For example, you can choose a wood burning pit, if you want the most authentic fire experience. These are often built with heat-absorbing custom cut granite, which looks beautiful in a landscaped back yard area. They also come in large bowl shapes, which can look amazing in the middle of a space surrounded by Adirondack chairs.

If you decide to go with a gas-burning firepit, you can take your pick from a wide range of styles, from elegant fire bowls to tables with a built-in pit, and you can choose natural gas or propane burners. For this kind, you can fill the pit with elegant lava rock or an array of clear or coloured river stones or glass stones, depending on your design needs. Many stores carry a huge variety of options if you want to go the glass bead route.

Once again, it’s important to check your local laws to see what you’re permitted to have on your property, so do your due diligence to ensure you’re not breaking the law.

Backyard Japanese Zen Design Ideas

Zen Garden Backyard

Are you looking for a more relaxing backyard design? Try designing a Japanese Zen garden in your backyard to ease your mind, and rid your stress while at home.

Zen gardens are known for their calm essence, and in the hectic world we live in, why not transform your backyard into a stress free paradise! Besides being beautiful, a Zen garden is a rather simple landscape design! A great way to start you design would be to get ahold of some nicely grained sand, and lay it throughout your yard. Next, I would look into purchasing some rakes, and see what kind you like best to create your lined patterns in the sand.

Zen Garden Home Idea

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The Greener Way to Keep Lawns Green


Having a beautiful lawn and being eco-friendly at the same time is possible. Home owners who follow a few simple steps will be able to maintain the beautiful yard they desire with a minimal waste of water.

Collect Rain and Bath Water
Purchase at least one rain barrel. Place the rain barrel under your home’s gutters to collect the water run off from the rain. Fill a watering can to give your yard and plants the drink they need. Utilizing rainwater is the most environmentally friendly means of keeping your lawn and plants well hydrated.

Collect Your Bathing Water
This water will have soap in it which will act as a natural weed killer. Using your water for more than one purpose will help reduce water usage in your yard and home.

Reduce Over Watering
Most people over water their grass because they are unsure of how much water is really necessary. If you have pools of standing water or grass growing in your driveway, you are watering too much. Purchase a water moisture meter, it will provide statistics on how much water is truly needed and how much water you are currently providing to your lawn.
One option is to install an intelligent irrigation system. This type of system will inform you how much water is being provided by Mother Nature and how much water needs to be provided by watering. This irrigation system is programmed to provide the exact amount of water needed to keep your lawn looking lush while preserving our most valuable asset on Earth.

Time Your Watering
Only water in the evening or the cool parts of the day. This allows the water to seep in without being absorbed by the sun. If you water during the heat of the day, a great deal of water is wasted and will evaporate before reaching the lawn and plant roots. Timing the watering will result in less water waste and a lush looking lawn.


The decision to use a gas barbecue versus a charcoal barbeque goes a bit deeper than the issue of taste and convenience. If you are making an effort to live sustainably and reduce your impact on the earth it is important to consider which is the most eco-friendly option.

While both use natural resources to generate heat, in their environmental impact they are not created equal. Charcoal can come from a renewable resource, but most charcoal found in stores contains byproducts such as sawdust, cornstarch and lighter fluid. When burned these emit more carbon monoxide than their gas burning counterpart.

Real charcoal, also known as “lump charcoal,” does not contain additives and is carbon neutral when burnt. Although considering the fact that lump charcoal comes from wood, there is the issue of deforestation to consider. This can be avoided by purchasing lump charcoal that comes from certified sustainably harvested wood. The problem is it is not easily found in stores.

So let’s consider gas. Gas burning grills come from fossil fuels so it is not derived from a natural resource. However, when burned gas grills emit significantly less emissions than typical store bought charcoal. Gas grilling is not entirely clean burning but when compared to charcoal it is clearly the best choice to avoid carbon monoxide emissions, which contribute to air pollution.

In the issue of disposal gas grills come out on top. A propane tank can be traded in and used again and again. While the disposal of lump charcoal has little impact on the environment, the alternative charcoal contains chemicals which are harmful to environment. So if you are aiming to reduce your carbon footprint gas grilling is the better of the two options. Unless, of course, you are careful about the charcoal you choose.

wooden patio furniture

Many types of wooden patio furniture can be left outside all year long. Wooden furniture if properly maintained can provide years of comfort no matter the season. Several varieties of wood are naturally resistance to rot, cracking or splintering caused by exposure to moisture. However, there are things that homeowners can do to enhance any woods natural resistance.

Redwood and cedar are two of the more popular woods used to make wooden patio furniture. Both redwood and cedar are considered renewable because of cedars fast growth and the replanting of redwoods, as the old growth is harvested. Both woods are naturally resistance, but both will provide even more years of service if treated with a water repellent sealer. Woods that are not native to the United States are also used for manufacturing wooden patio furniture. Two of the more common varieties are cambara and ipe or more commonly known as ironwood. Both can be treated with a water repellent.

To maintain the woods natural beauty a clear waterproofing sealant is recommended. The clear sealant protects while still allowing the natural grains and color to show. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how often the water repellent must be applied. The furniture must be clean and dry before applying the sealer. The sealer can be applied with a power sprayer, brush or roller.

Wooden patio furniture can also be painted to make it weather resistant and prolong its life. Furniture painted with a quality exterior paint can be left outside all year around, as well. How often the furniture must be painted depends on the quality of paint and weather conditions. Once the paint begins to peel or fade it is time for a new coat. For best results, the old coat of paint must be removed and a quality primer coat applied before painting the top coat.

Recycled Teak Outdoor Dining Table


Bring eco-friendly style to any outdoor setting with this sleek and stylish rectangular dining table. Super-sturdy and built to last, even in strong winds you won’t have to worry about your table blowing away. All weather, resistant to all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, salt water, sun and ice. The recycled teak table contains UV-inhibited pigment systems that reduces fading. That means that the table top does not absorb moisture and will not rot, splinter or crack. This fabulous deck and patio table is large enough to seat six adults and has an umbrella hole in the middle.

Loll Recycled Adirondack Chair

recycled adirondack chair

The Loll 4-Slat Adirondack is super green and super comfortable too!The thick recycled plastic is tough and solid. The company lets you choose either a clean flat profile or more traditional curves.

The standard seat height is 13.5 inches, which is truly the perfect size for this kind of chair. For easier entry and exit, choose the tall version at 15.5 inches. Add a matching 4-Slat Ottoman and the whole world will smile at you. Loll has made their chair available in seven environmentally friendly colors, so you’ll have no problem finding one that you love.

Siesta Windsor Adirondack Chair


The 100% recycled Poly Adirondack is a totally familiar and classic design that’s ideal for your yard, deck or patio. The Windosr Chair is an ultimate addition to any outdoor seating arrangement. There are a number of eco-friendly options in the Siesta collection, so you can mix and match with other green coffee and end tables, chairs or bistro tables. They offer four kinds of eco-friendly Adirondack chairs – the BayFront Chair or Rocker, the Westport Chair or Rocker, the Windsor Chair or Deck Chair, and the Hampton or Wave Chairs.

Modern Outdoor Stool

modern outdoor stool

Perfectly suited for modern life, the shape and gently flared legs recall classic 19-century designs. Add a dash of lighthearted sophistication to kitchens, bars, game rooms and outdoor settings. This modern outdoor stool is sturdy and durable while displaying a delicate, ethereal appearance. It’s versatile and totally suited for indoor and outdoor use. This stool has been featured in numerous magazines and adds elegance and lively panache to a variety of settings. Made in Italy.

Blomus Hanging Wind Ornaments

blomus hanging wind ornaments

One of my favourite hobbies is decorating my outdoor space so that it is ready for company and the warmer months. I love putting accent touches and outdoor ornaments on my patio, decorating it with style. I recently found these Hanging Wind Ornaments by blomus. Their stainless steel construction and stylish modern design will bring a contemporary style to your yard. With durability in mind, these ornaments were constructed with the finest German craftsmanship. These stainless steel ornaments from Blomus will catch the eye of anyone passing by your house. Plus I’ve found that you can hang them inside or outside!