Hotel Collection Duvet Cover

hotel collection duvet cover

I always seem to lust after the comfort and bedding found in nice hotel rooms. They are always ultra comfortable and stylish. And then it hit me. “I can have this at home”. And so can you! This Hotel Collection Duvet Cover will get you started and have you enjoying elegance and comfort found in nice hotels everywhere. Made in India, this Hotel Collection Duvet Cover is made from 100% organic cotton which is softer and gentler on the skin. Bring the hotel experience home with you with this great Hotel Collection Duvet Cover.

Organic Mattress Cover

organic mattress cover

Bed’s are festering grounds for bacteria to grow and prosper. New products like this Organic Mattress Cover are making it easier tackle this problem and have you sleeping without the worry. This Organic Mattress Cover is uniquely designed to protect your mattress and foundation from dangerous exposure to bacteria, mold, and dust mites. The Organic Mattress Cover has threads woven so tightly that allergens cannot penetrate it. The Organic Mattress Cover is easily removable to allow for machine washings.

Natural Rubber Pillow

natural rubber pillow

This Natural Rubber Pillow offers optimal neck support as it is filled with a solid piece of natural rubber. The Natural Rubber Pillow is available in regular and contour shapes, and also comes with a removable organic cotton cover that is handily pre-shrunk and machine-washable. Not only does this amazing pillow provide great support for the head and neck, it’s also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and dust resistant. I don’t know about you, but these are serious selling features for me. You can be rest-assured that this pillow will have you sleeping like never before.

Organic Sateen Sheets

organic sateen sheets

Organic Sateen Sheets. Sounds good to me! Made of organic cotton and boasting a 250 thread count, these soft and silky Organic Sateen Sheets will make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. The Organic Sateen Sheets have a beautiful sheen and feature an elegant stitch-line design that gives them some style and character. The sheets have a modern look to them as well, with 7 inch wide cuffs.The vibrant colors are achieved using certified organic low-impact dyes.

Organic Black Bedding

organic black bedding

Bring an Asian-inspired modern look to your bedroom decor with organic Black Bedding from Natori. Subtle, yet elegant, this bedding set features an all over jacquard weave of tone-on-tone crests, embellished with detailed texturing, ornate appliques, and embroidered details in a striking, classic black. With everything you need to fill your bedroom with style and drama.

Certified Organic Blanket

certified organic blanket

Perfectly light weight, with Certified Organic Cotton, this blanket has a beautiful bias stripe, and yarn-dyed construction. Yarn-dyed construction ensures quality in every piece, and over all colour. This is a perfect warm weather blanket, as it is very light weight. Soft enough for babies and children.

Organic Throw Blanket

organic throw blanket

The Organic Throw Blanket from Casablanca collection is a fabulous lightweight blanket. Find wonderful satin fabric on the front and plush velour on the back. Will be ideal in a nursery or child’s bedroom. You’ll be happy knowing that it’s made from 100% organic cotton grown without pesticides or chemicals and it’s been dyed and printed with non-toxic, fiber reactive, water based pigments and dyes.

Organic Latex Foam Mattress Topper


Turn your old mattress into a more comfortable mattress with this two inch organic latex foam topper. This topper provides an ideal sleeping surface your body begins to mold itself to your shape. Weight is then distributed evenly along the surface, relieving pressure and helping you to sleep more soundly without tossing and turning. The economical latex foam topper adds the comfort to your existing mattress. Whether you want to add extra softness to your new bed, or add an extra layer of comfort to an older bed, organic latex foam toppers will provide a superior sleeping surface.

Choose a mattress topper that conforms to your body’s curves for a better and more comfortable sleep.

Natural Sleep Organic Mattress

eco purity mattress

The Eco-Purity Organic Mattress by Natural Sleep is an 8” organic mattress with two layers of natural latex. The comfort layer will give you pressure relief, while the bottom layer provides excellent support. The Eco-Purity is an environmentally friendly choice, made from the milk sap of the rubber tree which is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and naturally dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. The 1” 100% Organic Cotton Cover adapts to your body to moderate temperature so you can sleep more soundly. Genuine, hypoallergenic latex provides a comfortable sleeping surface with contouring support and pressure relief.

Bamboo Chenille Throw

bamboo chenille throw

Bamboo, known for its sustainable quality and natural softness, is woven with cotton to make this incredibly soft and luxurious chenille-textured throw. Woven with cotton and lush chenille in a herringbone weave, Pottery Barb carries this Bamboo Cotton Chenille Throw as part of their new eco-friendly products line.