Examples of Cool Office Wall Art

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Life in a dull drab cubicle at work is certainly very boring. A boring cubicle leads to less efficient work day. Even a dull work space in a home office could benefit from some cool work space wall art. Envision your wall in the work space. Think of it as a bare canvas. Let your imagination go wild.

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Cool Office Decor And Design Ideas 6

Office space can be a prison or paradise depending on how you look at it. It is a place you see 5 days a week, for hours on end. If it is not aesthetically pleasing, your mental state may suffer the consequences. Here are a few cool office décor ideas to lighten things up:

Cool Office Decor And Design Ideas 17

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simple home office design ideas

Whether they’re simple and elegant or classic, beautifully designed offices can set a mood that will ensure you’re able to get work done while providing a feeling that’s your own. Although office design is always a matter of taste, there are a few things you can keep in mind that will ensure that yours is not only wonderful looking but also functionally adequate.

cute open home office design ideas


Caretta Workspace, a new furniture manufacturer based in Columbus, Ohio, has recently revealed a line of office furnishings that take interior design and architecture to a whole new level. They are using their talents to create beautiful living and office spaces which are also functional office environments.

Caretta furniture uses amazing hand-crafted hardwoods and is produced according to strict eco-friendly guidelines with LEED Green initiatives. By making the array of computer wires and cables disappear, Caretta Workspace contemporary desks, tables and accessories transform the elegance of solid hardwood furnishings into an uncluttered productivity tool tailored to offices where “clutter control” is especially critical to maintaining a professional environment.”

Caretta embraces environmental sustainability from production to installation, with strict manufacturing processes that minimize scrap material. All wood is sourced from a supplier that uses Best Management Practices for sustainable forestry. Caretta uses eco-friendly materials such as low VOC formaldehyde-free finishes, powder-coated metal, RoHS compliant lead-free solder, and high efficiency LED lighting. Additionally, with every desk sold, Caretta Workspace makes a donation to the “Save the Sea Turtle Fund” at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Kartell Spoon Chair

kartell spoon chair

The Kartell Spoon Chair works on a lot of different levels. It’s serves a function, it’s ultra comfortable, and it looks great. These are important qualities for any office environment, and this chair easily meets all of these requirements. The chair is a breeze to use. It’s moves nicely and easily adjusts to various table heights. The Kartell Spoon Chair provides superior comfort for long days, and truly adds a lot style to any environment it’s in. The combination of angles and curves make this chair a real standout and it’s quality will serve you well for many years to come.

Quarter Round Bookcase

quarter round bookcase

Available in dramatic Cherry, Mahogany and Golden Cherry, this Quarter Round Bookcase and desk system offers a sophisticated, elegant appearance for business or home office. Feeling right at home in either a contemporary or traditional setting, offering refinement and quality typically found at two to three times the price.

Bamboo Office Set

bamboo office set

This eco-friendly office set includes 1 desk and 1 bookcase for your home office or small commercial office. The set features Bamboo and solid hardwood construction, and natural bamboo finishes. Pieces in this bamboo Office Set have an eco-friendly water-based stain and sleek contemporary styling.

think leather work chair

You really have to sit in this chair to believe it. This is the chair with a brain and a conscience.™ Think® is a chair smart enough to understand how you sit, and adjust itself intuitively. It’s thoughtful enough to measure, and minimize, its lifelong impact on the environment. Designed by an engineer, a designer and a pair of environmentalists, the Think Leather Work Chair has the clean, sophisticated aesthetic the designer hoped for, the technological “intuitiveness” the engineer desired and the complete sustainability the environmentalists sought. The Think® chair is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our deep understanding of people who sit, and how they sit throughout the day. Think® has raised the bar for all chairs that follow in its wheels.

Modu-licious Office Set

modu-licious office set

Another great office set idea. This set offers your choice of the original Modu-licious Power Desk or the smaller Deskette, a file cabinet, and two storage units. Mix and match the Modu-licious Office Set and make drawers and doors your canvas. Like the rest of the Modu-licious collection, this Office Set features a minimalist aesthetic with maximum storage, and customizable colours and finishes.

Herman Miller Sense Office Set

herman miller sense office set

We love that furniture like this is available in a set. Herman Miller is synonymous with unique craftsmanship and high design. The Herman Miller Sense Office Set features products that are both brilliantly simple and highly adjustable to your needs. This office ensemble offers everything you need to create a workspace that’s as stylish as it is functional. Included is the Sense Desk and Media Cabinet offering ample space for work and storage, and the Mirra Chair provides intuitive, ergonomic support. Also included is the C2 Climate Control, which gives you control over your area’s temperature.