Upptacka Ikea Luggage and Carry-On


I can’t actually believe its taken IKEA this long to get in on the luggage game. I mean, no one does fitting lots of things into small places better than them!

The briefcase can be slipped on to the handle of the carry-on bag. It boasts a lockable telescopic handle; so its easy to adjust the length. It glides along on silent-running wheels.
The zipper can be locked with a padlock, and the inside packing straps keep your clothes in place.

Plus it looks fab!

Giraffe Print Luggage Set

giraffe print luggage set

It really is worth it to invest in a proper luggage set, one that will last you for many trips. There are a number of features to look for in a quality luggage set, some of which can be found in this Giraffe Print Luggage Set. It’s constructed of very tough polyester, self-mending zippers, multidirectional castors, and a fully lined interior. Also look for strong durable hardware on your luggage. As a bonus, these luggage sets come in easily identifiable prints like giraffe, zebra and leopard.

Lesportsac Luggage

lesportsac luggage

Never mistake your luggage again with a colourful Lesportsac Luggage piece. Not only trendy and noticeable, but made of tough rip-stop nylon with loads of zipper closures. It’s on wheels, it’s cosmopolitan looking and it’s made by a leading manufacturer of functional and chic handbags. LeSportsac is an American icon sold in countries around the world. With Classic and Designer Collections, designed by trendsetters Stella McCartney, Jonathan Adler, Diane von Furstenberg, tokidoki and Gwen Stefani.

bamboo canvas duffel bag

This Bamboo Canvas Duffel Bag looks like it would be quite roomy and spacious. Perfect for a weekend getaway with just enough room for all of the essentials. Constructed of canvas with leather trim, this bag also features a cross-body strap with padding.

Eco- Friendly Expandable Luggage

eco friendly expandable luggage

Loads of eco friendly features to compliment this Luggage Set. Made of a 100% natural hemp canvas material, this Eco- Friendly Expandable Luggage has environmentally friendly PVC free foam for extra durability, biodegradable cotton webbing and biodegradable cotton interior lining. Included is a rolling expandable suitcase and carry-on bag. It’s everyone’s concern to help out the environment, and this is a great way to start.

Kuvert Clip Bag

kuvert clip bag

The spacious Kuvert Clip Bag is waterproof and sits solidly on any surface due to its trapezoidal shape. The metal clip closure has a touch of genius – it opens easily when slight pressure is applied to the side edge. With just one more click – the Kuvert Clip Bag is securely closed. An all purpose bag for anything from crafts, groceries or toiletries, this bag is a must have!

Double Toiletry Bag

double toiletry bag

I don’t know about you but I never have enough room in my toiletry bag. However, this Double Toiletry Bag is the solution. The In Case Double Toiletry Bag fulfills two different functions – with its saddle-like construction, it can be laid flat inside luggage to save space or it can be folded out into two bags. The bags are simply strapped together by velcro on the inside and can used as a normal toiletry bag. The pockets of the bags are nylon lined and are divided into smaller pockets with side zips!

Travel Back Pack

travel back pack

This Travel Back Pack is a no-brainer. Waterproof, lightweight and sturdy, the Kuvert Travel Back Pack comes in a plethora of bright colors. These bags retain their contents without even a single stitch! This accounts for the flat, envelope shape with the characteristic red corners.

Folding Luggage Bag

folding luggage bag

Recently I discovered the very hip luggage line, Authentics. Their Travel Collection is full of must-have and essential bags for busy travelers. The Kuvert Folding Luggage Bag is ideal for people on the go. This bag folds out into three seperate zippered compartments and can hold a range of travel accessories. Since the Folding Luggage Bag is relatively flat, the packed items are held closely and therefore, safely stowed. The punched hole can be used to hang this folding bag or to easily carry it to the bathroom, dangling from a single finger.

In Case Shirt Bag

in case shirt bag

Genius! This is a business travelers absolute must. The In Case Shirt Bag holds up to four folded shirts and makes sure shirts are crease free in your suitcase. Equipped with a zipper and stud fastener, this shirt bag is a must-have item when traveling.