Is a Loft Bed Right For Your Bedroom Space?

loft bed

When designing that perfect, eco-friendly bedroom space, it can be hard to decide how you’ll arrange your room to save space and money. However, one of the easiest methods that money savers are finding to save in the bedroom is through the use of loft beds. Loft beds are much like bunk beds, except the “bottom bunk” is nonexistent, and instead, there is a desk or another similar, useful amenity. Loft beds are definitely an interesting idea, but is it a good idea for you to invest in one?

Most loft beds come with small desks underneath them which can easily make them apply to college students. Many college students are often interested in finding eco-friendly ways to arrange their small living quarters, and loft beds are perfect additions to these small spaces. They can act as their primary sleeping arrangement, while also serving as a place for their desktop computer, books, and other possessions. Of course, the space beneath a loft bed can also serve well as a spot for doing homework and other types of work.

Loft beds are also especially useful in small rooms in general. If you find that you don’t have much space to work with in a bedroom, a loft bed can really cut down on the amount of space that your belongings need to take up. A loft might not be of much use in a large bedroom, but they may add to the positive aesthetic appearance, if anything.

Parents also find that loft beds are great components to children’s rooms. Children’s rooms tend to be smaller than their parents’ rooms or the other master bedroom in the home. Because of this, it’s more logical to save space in these smaller bedrooms.

For the eco-friendly, ultimate space savers, loft beds are definitely the way to go. Even if you don’t plan to use the bottom half of the loft bed for activities, they can still serve as great places to store items that you would have trouble storing if you didn’t have the extra space. Don’t neglect to check one of these beds out to see if it’s a good buy for you!


Available in Brandy, Nutmeg, Chestnut, White or Maple, the Sierra Twin Over Full Loft Bed with Chest and Stairs features modern, modern styling, flexible designs, and tons of storage space. This bed is extremely practical with large drawers and shelves to hide away or display all your kid’s stuff. Choose from an array of color coordinated knobs, and easy add-on options to blend with any decor. The Sierra Collection Twin over Full with Chest & Stairs is the perfect bed for your child’s or teen’s room!

newton bunk bed

The Newton Bunk Bedroom Suite is great-looking, family-friendly furniture made of laminated engineered wood, which gives it strength and durability. They use wood panels entirely made from recovered and recycled material. This bunk bed set is well constructed and functional and comes standard with two storage units and a loft bed with ladder in an attractive Natural Maple finish. A great choice if you are looking for a loft bed with storage options.