For years people have been playing DIY with IKEA furniture and then releasing the specs on how to make modifications to their classic designs to better suit your needs. Never a company to shy away from trends, the Swedish furniture champs are getting into the hack game themselves.

IKEA’s first foray into this world comes in the form of a modifiable, flat pack sofa that will change with the times and be adaptable as possible. They are calling it the Delaktig sofa (meaning “participating”), tand it is a collaboration with British designer Tom Dixon and students from London’s Royal College of Art. The sofa is expected to hit stores as early as nest year and is being priced at between USD $399 and $899.

Made out of light, recycled extruded aluminum, it will come ready with bolt holes to be used for a number of options from third party designers like side tables, lamps, charging stations and even baby gear like sleepers.

The goal is to push the company in a new direction for a new era and a new kind of shopper. They want to be seen as way more of a tech company than a furniture company. Their creative director Marcus Engman said the following recently when discussing the future of IKEA:

“Open-source thinking is one of the things that I believe will affect a lot of the way we do things. When we look at mass production and what’s ‘good,’ the measurements of quality are set by engineers. It’s very much that everything should be exactly the same. But what if that’s not the goal? Is [an experiment] ‘wrong’ but in the right way? That’s how the software industry works and how they develop.”

Awesome IKEA DIY Kids Loft Bed Hack

dad ikea bed hack diy

dad ikea bed hack diy

To help his son transition from a crib to a big boy bed, this father went the extra mile and then some! Eric Strong spent a few hundred dollars and a couple of afternoons to create this amazing loft bed/secret clubhouse/bookshelf/slide for his young son. He even made a super handy video that explains exactly what you’ll need to replicate this for your own child!!

To start, you’ll need to head over to IKEA and buy:
2 Kura bed
Trofast storage system
Besta shelving unit

Here’s the video. Don’t be intimidated to try this out! According to Strong, “”You don’t need any special expertise. Just lots of patience. And it’s worth it.”

dad ikea hack blueprints diy


IKEA, the great Swedish furniture makers and innovators, have once again answered the call for the needs of their customer base, and have created a beautifully minimalist line of furniture that you can charge your wireless devices with. The line, which consists of:

VARV – a simple table lamp
VARV – a floor lamp
RIGGAD – a work desk lamp
NORDLI – an elegant bedside table
SELJE – another simple but beautiful bedside or end table

How does it work? According to IKEA’s press release, the lamps and tables “use transmitter and receiver coils to generate a magnetic field which induces a voltage in the receiver coil. The voltage can then power a smartphone or recharge its battery simply by resting a phone on the Qi pad. Once placed on the pad, a notification pops up to alert the user the device is charging.”

ikea-wireless lamp collection

In addition, they’ve designed some simple charging pads that you can put anywhere in the house, and we love them because they have a beautiful, elegant design and would be extremely handy to have placed in different rooms in your home.

NORDMÄRKE is a single pad with wireless charger
NORDMÄRKE is also available as a triple pad with wireless charger
ROMMA is IKEA’s cable management box

The wireless charging furniture, lamps and pads will be available on IKEA’s website starting in mid-April, and will cost around $20-$70 depending on the piece.


ikea wireless device charging furniture


ikea-wireless desk lamp


ikea-wireless small lamp



IKEA Recalls FÖRSTÅ Coffee/Tea Maker

Ikea Forsta coffee pot

IKEA has asked customers who have a FÖRSTÅ Coffee/Tea Maker to immediately stop using the product and bring it back to any IKEA store for a full refund. Pressure from the metal holder on the glass pot can cause it to break unexpectedly when the operator adds hot water or operates the press, which could result in burns or cuts.

IKEA has received one report in the U.S. of the glass pot breaking. No injury was reported. IKEA has received nineteen additional reports outside of the U.S. of the glass pot breaking. In those instances, twelve burn injuries from spilt coffee/tea were reported and one report of laceration injury.
FÖRSTÅ Coffee/Tea Maker were sold in two sizes, 0.4l and 1l, at IKEA stores worldwide between January 2010 and December 2010.

For more information, please contact IKEA toll-free (888) 966-4532.

IKEA Recall Of Glass Mugs

ikea glass mug recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and IKEA recently announced the voluntary recall of RUND clear glass mugs. Due to variations in glass thickness, the mug may break when in use. IKEA received one report of a laceration injury caused by the mug that required medical attention. An additional 11 reports have been received outside of the U.S.

IKEA asks customers who have the mug to immediately stop using it and bring it back to any IKEA store for a full refund.

Article and supplier numbers included in the recall are:
Mug: 4cl; article number: 301-551-37; supplier number: 16790
Mug: 21cl; article number: 301-496-79; supplier number: 16790
Mug: 40cl; article number: 501-496-78; supplier number: 16790

IKEA Recalls SULTAN HEIDAL Spring Mattress


June 2010 – December 2010
For violation of the federal mattress flammability standard.
If you have a SULTAN HEIDAL spring mattress purchased between June 2007 and April 2010 from supplier # 20520, you should immediately stop using the mattress and contact your local IKEA store to return it for a replacement mattress or a full refund.

Due to a production error a number of SULTAN HEIDAL spring mattresses do not meet the mandatory federal open flame standard for mattresses. The affected mattresses have date stamps 0725 through 1014 (YYWW) and were produced by IKEA supplier #20520. The date stamp and supplier number is located on a label attached to the mattress. No other SULTAN products are affected.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information, call IKEA toll-free at: (888) 966-4532.

MJÖNÄS Ikea Lantern Candle

mjonas ikea lantern candle

These colourful and festive Ikea lantern candles are great for this holiday season. Place them around your house instead of tea lights for a dramatic effect. The MJONAS Lantern Candle comes in a series of red shades, as well as blue. They are mouth blown and each lantern has been shaped by a skilled craftsman.

SJÖVIK Ikea Buffet

sjovik ikea buffet

We love this new SJOVIK Ikea Buffet! We love it because it’s a polished, wintery white material with eye-catching red shelves, and a neat swirl design on the front. All of the shelves are adjustable to suit your storage needs. You can coordinate this piece with other pieces in the SJOVIK collection. Very festive!

Ikea Heavy Duty Storage System

ikea heavy duty storage system

The BRODER storage system from IKEA is a customizable home storage system with adjustable and slanted shelves, brackets, clothes rails and holders. It’s flexible enough to suit any room and need. Works great on uneven floors and tight corners (think attics and under stairs). The look is raw and industrial and there is freedom in movement. There are even holders for the smallest accessories and tools, so everything has a place.

Ikea PS Series

ikea ps series

One of Ikea’s new collections, the IKEA PS collection, is made up of fun and conventional solutions and unexpected ideas for your home. Unanticipated shapes like the IKEA PS Bunke Serving Bowl and modern storage options such as the IKEA PS Sinka Cabinet with Drawers (a personal fave). Also a favourite is the IKEA PS Maskros Pendant Lamp (shown above), which gives off a soft mood light. All of these shapes, textures and styles work well together and will be able to pull a look together with ease.