amazing missile bar case liquor cabinet

From the incredible design innovators at Fallen Furniture comes this unbelievable bar cabinet. Lovingly called “The Bomb” by the designers, this massive piece isn’t exactly in the “affordable” category, as it will run you about $75,000 to have one of these in your bar. In Fallen’s own words:

“The Aircraft part: R.A.F. MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb stands more than eight feet tall and weighs 600 pounds, the mirror-polished Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet is a truly unique piece of furniture. Behind the gleaming 1970s missile fuselage, three glass shelves revolve around a gold-plated spindle; while in the base, a sliding platform built from lacquered American walnut conceals an armoury of custom-made cocktail utensils. With its potent fusion of industrial heritage and high-end craftsmanship, this breathtaking cabinet is without equal.”

The Bomb cabinet took the company over six months to make. Check out the detailed images of the coolest bar cabinet we’ve seen all week.

bomb_closed-missile bar

bomb_detail missile bar cabinet

bomb_detail missile liquor cabinet

cool missile bar cabinet

missile bar case from top


When the time comes to furnish or remodel your home office space, you want to design a space that is both efficient and comfortable, that you’ll actually feel excited about working in all day. Psychologically speaking, a well-designed home office allows you to stay organized and focused on your tasks.

Modern computer desks offer the user space for the computer and shelves for extras, like clocks or books/manuals. To create a stylish, but functional conversation pit, arrange contemporary chairs in a circular pattern, using lamps for a more intimate lighting.

Your home office will look absolutely wonderful in a fresh contemporary style where you add your own splashes of color throughout the space. For instance, painting one wall in each office a bright green or creating a throw rug motif on your hardwood or tiled floors. Contemporary paintings and other decorations add a splash of color to the entire office design, so use your fun style and creative talents when designing your own home office space.



cool modern home office







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Rustic Country Living Room Design Tips

Living Photos Country

Having a stunning country space is quite simple when you follow these living room design tips. The first step is to choose rustic furniture. You might opt for couches that have their bases made out of logs. If that’s not possible, choose colors in the neutral palate or that are on the warmer side as these tend to channel feelings of the country and nature. Try to paint the room in similar tones; it will truly make everyone feel cozy.

Country Living Room

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Rustic Dresser

The word rustic carries with it several connotations. It may evoke thoughts of rich log cabins or a shabby chic country home. Whatever the case, it can be agreed that rustic apartment furniture are pieces with character, items that can almost tell a story all on their own. They’re a great way to add a level of depth and warmth to a living space that can be difficult to achieve with cold, modern tables and chairs.

Rustic Salvaged Wood

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How To Give Wood Furniture An Antique Look

distressed furniture

Antique furniture can be described in many ways – beautiful, nostalgic and EXPENSIVE. But fear not, you can give your non-antique piece an antique look with a few simple steps. Just set aside a can of elbow grease and a free afternoon and get ready to get distressed!

First off, take all the hardware and glass off the furniture. I’m talking about handles, mirrors, glass table tops etc. Think of it this way, if you don’t want to get stain on it, take it off!

After you’ve removed the pieces and parts, start taking off any finish. Stripping the varnish or paint or what have you is crucial – so spend the time and energy and do a thorough job. Ask your local hardware store which stripping agent to use depending on what you are stripping.
Once the furniture has been stripped, take a rubber mallet and give the piece a few whacks. Don’t break it, obviously, we just want to give the piece a look that says “I’m a hundred years old and I’ve seen my share of wear and tear!” A few well-placed scratches with a screwdriver might suit your furniture piece also.

Once you’ve taken all your aggression out, sand down any rough spots, then just lightly sand the rest of the piece to give your stain the perfect surface to sink into.

Staining furniture is fun, and you don’t need to be a talented artist to get a great result. With one old cloth, apply the stain in small sections and then gently wipe off with a dry cloth. When you lightly wipe off stain just after you apply it, more stain will build up in the distressed areas which creates a great antique look. Keep up the Mr Miyagi style wipe on wipe off until the entire piece is covered. Let that dry, then repeat – until your furniture is the color you want. I’ve stained pieces 6 times before!

When your piece looks like you want it, get some polyurethane and apply a light coat over the whole thing. Give it at least 36 hours to dry completely before you start using it, I like to let my stained wooded furniture pieces dry in the sun.

Artist Bench in Black Empire Finish

artist bench in black empire finish

A bench is a lovely item that can decorate the house, provide extra seating, and it can be moved around and used anywhere in the house. This Artist Bench in Black Empire Finish is no exception and will add a boost of elegance and be the perfect accent piece for the hallway, under a window or even in the bedroom. This unique hand-painted bench features a black empire finish on solid woods. The Artist Bench in Black Empire Finish was built for long-lasting comfort and style. Exquisitely designed, this stunning and functional bench would make a perfect addition to any home’s decor.

Roma Contemporary Bench

roma contemporary bench

This Roma Contemporary Bench can spice up a variety of different areas. Perfect at the foot of a bed, beneath a window in the living room, in the foyer of a gallery, or beside the fireplace, this modern bench is a chic solution to additional seating. The Roma Contemporary Bench is stylishly upholstered and designed with an avant-garde approach. With many metal finishes and lots of upholsteries to choose from, it’s easy to match any décor! Made in the USA, you can be certain this bench will provide years of lasting quality and aesthetic appeal.

Walnut Bench with Storage

walnut bench with storage

This great little storage bench will perfectly accent an entry way, and provide you with a convenient way to store some extra things. Perfect for storing shoe polish or dog walking items, this Walnut Bench with Storage has two large doors that open to reveal a large storage space. The Walnut Bench with Storage is a tightly designed piece that won’t take up a lot of room, but will help organize your entry way. Finished in Walnut, this piece will fit easily in traditional or contemporary decors.

Home Styles Swing Open Bar

home styles swing open bar

This Home Styles Swing Open Bar is fun on wheels. Stunning solid hardwood construction, two flip top side extensions, a brass foot rail, storage for glasses, and a locking liquor cabinet. A great gift for the man of the house; he’ll be telling his friends about it for years!

Modern Coat Rack

modern coat rack

This Modern Coat Rack is an outstanding organization tool for refined spaces. Mobile resin clothes hooks line the top of the steel structure, while an aluminum ring on the pole provides a convenient umbrella stand. The Hanger well serves stylish entrance areas, living rooms and bedrooms. Plus, most Kartell products are easily recycled and the pieces can be separated into elements made of a single material to simplify the recycling process.