How Is Hemp Fabric Made?

hemp fabric

Hemp is being used a lot more often by clothing designers these days because of its excellent quality and undeniable eco-friendliness. Hemp fabric is made from the stems of the plant. The stems are processed to dissolve the gum or pectin and separate the fibers which are then processed again and woven into yarns and fabric. The finest hemp for fabric is produced in Italy. Hemp fabric is like linen in both hand and appearance. Hemp fabric withstands water better than any other textile product. It wrinkles easily and should not be creased excessively to avoid wear and breakage of the fibers.

Organic Linen Collection

organic linen collection

Crafted of hemp and blended with organic cotton, this collection of organic fabrics has been made into table linens, napkins and place mats. The River Table Collection will make a beautiful starting point for your dinner. Textural hemp will earn its keep while timeless prints bring an understated elegance to any meal. Mix and match the Organic Linen Collection with various table linens to create your signature look. All prints are done by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks on premium fabrics made from hemp and blended with organic cotton.

Hemp and Organic Tote

hemp and organic tote

Hemp products have come a long way. This cute Hemp and Organic Tote will replace your plastic bags, is trendy enough to take to brunch, carry out a purchase from your favorite retail store or take out for some errands. Roomy and comfortable with a large exterior pocket for storing cell phones or keys, this hemp and organic tote is very versatile. Printed by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks on a premium fabric made from hemp and blended with organic cotton, this tote will soon become a favorite of yours!

Hemp Dog Leash

hemp dog leash

Most dog leash’s unravel and need to be replaced every 6 months or so. If you’re looking for a healthy, natural and strong alternative, try Hemp. This Hemp Dog Leash is made of a cork overlay and hemp fabric, decorated with a fun blue flower motif and accented with blue stitching. Adding a nice touch is the accented antique brass hardware. Optional Hemp Dog Collar to choose from as well.

Hemp Dog Collar

hemp dog collar

Lovingly constructed of a cork overlay and hemp fabric, this Hemp Dog Collar is decorated with a fun blue flower motif and is accented with blue stitching. Highlighted with antique brass hardware, with the option to include a matching leash!

Hemp Yoga Strap

hemp yoga strap

A yoga strap can help you deepen your yoga poses or achieve otherwise unattainable binds. This Yoga Strap is woven of environmentally friendly and biodegradable natural hemp and provides excellent durability and comfort. The Hemp Yoga Strap is durable and comfortable.

Hemp Yoga Bolster

hemp yoga bolster

Many standard yoga bolsters are made from cotton which damages our ecosystems when grown and dyed. Environmentally friendly, using the finest quality hemp and recycled cotton batting, everything contained in this Hemp Yoga Bolster is biodegradable. Comfortable and durable, this Natural Fitness Hemp Yoga Bolster is designed with a flat surface to provide firm support over an extended area. It is designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga poses.

Hemp Yoga Mat Bag

hemp yoga mat bag

Made from environmentally friendly hemp, this Hemp Yoga Mat Bag is for yoga enthusiasts who demand style and sustainability. Hemp is a very strong and durable material, and repeated use will only soften this bag.

Dream Designs Hemp Sheets

dream design hemp sheets

Hemp’s natural resistance to bacteria and fungus,as well as its strength and durability, makes it the perfect material for bed sheets. That’s where Vancouver, British Columbia based Dream Designs excel. These hemp and ramie linens are made from the stock of the cannabis sativa plant blended with ramie, a member of the nettle family and one of the oldest textile fibers known to humankind. Processed without the use of chlorine bleach, dyes, formaldehyde, or chemical softeners.

Eco-Friendly Organic Hemp Pet Bed

eco friendly organic hemp pet bed

This exceptionally durable pet bed is made of eco-friendly 100% organic hemp fabric! The cover to the Eco-Friendly Organic Hemp Pet Bed has been pre-washed, pre-shrunk and is machine washable. All dyes used are natural and azo-free, and the inserts are made from 100% recycled plastics. This extremely comfortable pet bed is available in 2 shapes and 3 sizes. Choose one of 4 classic colors to best suit your pet.