Unique Ideas for Your Loft’s Floor

a-new-york-loft-with-eclectic-steel floors

Vintage loft floor accents are made from just about any materials imaginable. Some of the favorite types of flooring trim installed in one-bedroom apartments or upper floors involve the integration of multiple materials and textures.

For instance, you could create the smooth finished marble look or you can try for a rougher stone style. You can try solid color or print. Whatever you prefer, it can be fun to include trimmings and fixtures like the ones made during the Classic, Victorian, Modern, or Renaissance Eras to accentuate the room where the new floor will be placed. Lofts look great with wood floors, and you can use laminate if you’re on a budget, or get beautiful reclaimed plank flooring for a vintage look. Tiling is another direction you can take, and you can choose from tons of materials, including ceramic and marble. Some designers are even using glass flooring, and finished concrete is increasingly popular as well.

Additionally, you can mix and match different area rug patterns and coordinate them just right to create about any kind of interior display you want. Your room decor can be all antique or it can all be modern or it can be a little of both. The choice is yours when planning all your interior design schemes, including what kinds of floor accents you will install.

When you incorporate many different materials in into your loft design, you present a unique look to the world. This is your form of self-expression and it tells the world that this is your living space and this is who you are. You can never run out of ideas when planning a design for a new room or even when remodeling an entire home.





Contemporary-loft-apartment-interior-design-with-wooden floors


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We Want Ruckstahl’s Legno-Legno Wooden Rug

legno_legno-wooden rug 1

What a great idea! These wooden rugs are made from the best quality\ of 90% Wood and 10% Polyurethane. Called the Legno-Legno, this innovative wooden rug comes in a number of colors and can be rolled up, which is very handy, and opens up a whole new realm of design possibilities. I am imagining several of those possibilities now! What a great idea this would be if you have finished concrete or tile flooring and you want the look of hardwood, but just in one are, like the living room.

This is a great flooring solution from the fine folks at Ruckstahl, and would look amazing in so many spaces. Keeping it clean would be a breeze, and when you want to clean your floors, you can just roll it up in about two seconds. It also comes in 6 different colors, all natural and beautiful looking, so you’re bound to find the right one for your space.

legno_legno-wooden rug 2

legno_legno-wooden rug 3

legno_legno-wooden rug 4

Colorful and Unique Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas


If you want to update and liven up your bathroom, using modern bathroom floor tiles is one way to start. You may be tired of the drab floor that you already have and are ready for something different and unique.

The classic colors to use in the bathroom are white and grey, and you can actually really get creative with these colors. Of course, you can also mix it up with some black tiles, which can look fantastic in the right bathroom. If you want to brighten up the bathroom, using a light color like yellow for the floor tile is one way to do that. You can use either dark or light shades of yellow that can contrast with your walls and curtains.

If yellow isn’t your idea of the perfect color, you can do the same thing with green, blue, or even purple. Try putting colors together that will catch the attention of anyone using your bathroom when they come to visit. A nautical look would be nice combing different shades of blues and greens.

There are also tiles with a pebble effect to give your modern bathroom floor a different type of accent. Whichever you choose, be sure to pick something that will be easy to clean and to keep clean. I have gathered together a collection of images of really interesting and cool uses of bathroom floor tiles that I think you’ll find inspiring!


bathroom-ceramic-blue tile





brown grey bathroom floor tiles


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Modern Kitchen Flooring – Ideas and Trends

Granite Floor Tile

More than ever, people are staying in their homes for a longer period of time. As a result, they are taking the time to add that special unique touch that will last a life time. One of the most made over rooms in the house is the kitchen. Typically, when a person makes changes to their kitchen, they change out everything. If a person is making major renovations to their kitchen, and kitchen floors, then they should consider some of the modern kitchen flooring trends and accents that are available.

Some of the most popular kitchen floor trends right now include:

  • Terrazzo flooring, which is made through a mix of marble chips and resins. Not only is it super resilient, it also looks amazing.
  • Cork Flooring, which is better for your feet, and with cork’s natural wax, it becomes water resistant once laid down as kitchen flooring.
  • Stone flooring, using natural stones like granite, travertine and slates.
  • Bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular as well because of it’s eco-friendliness, and lower cost.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

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Rustic Flooring Ideas For Your Home


Decorating a home in the rustic style is difficult, especially if the rest of your home is more modern. However, it certainly can be done, even when you want something as simple as rustic flooring. The best place to start would be with proper hardwood – the more old and weathered looking, the better. Some homeowners even decide to DIY this kind of look, which can be fairly easily done, although the process might be energy and time consuming. “Rusticifying” your hardwood floors involves using scrapers and other tools to make the wood look distressed.

A carpet or an area rug in a beautiful shade like red, orange or brown really brings those natural vibes into the living space. Of course, you want to match with the rest of the room, so perhaps you’ll wind up changing the color of the walls and the furniture as well to really feel like you’re in nature. You can even go for a faux fur rug, if that’s how rustic you wanna get! Check out the huge selection of rustic style rugs in our store.

Blend Rustic Flooring Rustic Country Flooring

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Some Rustic Modern Kitchen Floor Ideas

Rustic Modern Kitchen

If you are one of those people that watch lots of shows about remodeling your home, you may be familiar with rustic modern kitchen flooring. This is a concept where the floors have a wooden style with a country side type of feel.

Lots of people may argue that this is not modern. It is not in a futuristic sense, but it is definitely a recycled style that is coming back into the spotlight. A lot of people prefer this rustic look throughout the house, but the kitchen area is new. There was a time when people would consider things like hardwood floors for hallways and marble or granite for kitchens.

Rustic Modern Kitchen

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Rustic Modern Flooring Ideas

Rustic Floors

If you’ve been looking for a fresh new flooring design for your loft, rustic-modern may be the way to go. This breathtaking contemporary style with a natural, outdoorsy feel is all the rage with some of the hottest interior decorators, and you’ll see examples of this kind of floor in all the most hip stores and restaurants.

Rustic-modern style is achieved by combining the sleek, straight lines of contemporary furnishings with the rough-around-the-edges look of antique camp pieces, lanterns, unfinished and aged wood, and other log-cabin friendly elements.

Blend – Rustic Flooring

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Ideas for Sustainable Flooring in the Home

sustainable concrete flooring

When it comes to decorating your home and finding a sustainable floor accent, you have to keep in mind that texture is one of the most important aspects. Finding a floor accent that can handle a lot of wear and heavy traffic can be simple if you look in the right places.

handmade wool rug

Is Slate Flooring Worth the Money?

slate floors

Slate is becoming a popular flooring choice for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and patios. It’s a natural substance that won’t bring any manmade chemicals into your home, and it’s an incredibly durable material. Since it’s available in a range of colors, it’s possible for you to match your choice of slate with other decorative items.

Slate may be more expensive than other types of flooring. However, it is also generally cheaper than marble and granite. While slate can cost more than vinyl and other affordable materials, it more than makes up for its cost in the value it provides. A quality slate floor can easily last for the lifetime of a house. That means that once you install a slate floor, you may never have to purchase a new floor for that room ever again. Isn’t knowing that you won’t have to replace your floor in just a few years worth a bit more upfront expense?

Slate is also remarkably easy to care for. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a mild detergent are typically all that is required to keep a slate floor looking as good as new. High quality slate is not particularly porous, which means that it stands up to spills and stains well. Nonetheless, if a spill is left for a prolonged period of time, it can still seep into the stone and leave a permanent mark, so cleaning up spills is important. Some slate tiles may require the application of a sealant. This is typically only necessary on lower quality slate that is more porous. If you spend just a bit more money on your slate tile, you’ll have very little maintenance to do on your floor.

Slate is a remarkable material for floors because it simply doesn’t show wear and tear. Where vinyl, wood and other materials can show wear patterns, slate simply looks the same year after year. For this reason, it’s an excellent choice for high traffic areas. Despite its durability, slate can be chipped or cracked, so it’s a good idea to avoid dropping heavy objects on the floor.

Because of its beauty and durability, slate is a great flooring choice. It’s also an all natural building material that you can feel good about having in your home. Choosing slate means making an investment in the value of your home.

wood vs laminate flooring

The look of wood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. When choosing flooring, the consumer may feel overwhelmed at the options available. With some planning and forethought, it will be easy to choose the best flooring for installation. Here are some points to consider when making a flooring purchase. Determine the needed durability, investment budget, and time needed for routine maintenance.

Hardwood flooring was installed with the intentions of lasting a lifetime. Hardwood flooring is made of hardwood trees. An eco-friendly alternative would be bamboo flooring. Bamboo is natural flooring and replenishes itself quickly. A positive aspect of wood flooring is that it is long lasting. A con to using wood flooring is that it can be easily dented and the finish can be scratched. A pro to wood flooring is that it can be repaired or refinished if damaged. Laminated flooring is more durable to wear and tear. Laminate does not dent as easily as wood flooring. Laminate can be damaged though. Once laminate is damaged, the laminate boards will need to be replaced. A positive aspect to using laminate flooring is that the flooring gives the illusion of wood flooring and does not require the number of trees that the manufacturing of wood flooring does. The laminate flooring can withstand average wear and tear, but can be unforgiving to exposure of water.

Wood flooring has a higher installation cost than laminate flooring. This is especially true if professional installation is used. Even when homeowners install the flooring themselves, homeowners will have the added cost of renting or purchasing saws and nail guns to install the flooring. Laminated can be cut with a circular saw and installs quickly with a mallet and tapping block. The cost of laminate flooring varies depending on the quality of the flooring. The cost of laminate flooring is generally lower than that of wood flooring. Wood flooring may be a better investment for the home. Wood flooring will add to the resale value of the home more than laminate flooring.

Both flooring options can easily be swept daily with a dust mop. Floor cleaners for the weekly cleaning of either floor type can easily be purchased at a local retail store. The major difference in the maintenance of the flooring is that a daily and weekly cleaning of the laminate flooring will be the only upkeep needed. Wood flooring may require a periodic waxing or reapplication of the polyurethane applied to the finish. Depending on the wear to the flooring, wood flooring may even require the finish to be stripped, the floor sanded, and another finish to be applied.

Both flooring options have pros and cons, but either flooring is sure to give a homeowner a beautiful floor for years to come.