French Country Bathroom

The bathroom is an area that gives a homeowner the chance to combine good design, efficiency and functionality into a pleasing space. Bathrooms are sometimes hastily designed to be purely functional resulting in a room that is unpleasant to occupy. There are a few basic tips that can be followed when revamping a bathroom that will create an enjoyable and relaxing space:

Design The Bathroom Like A Room

During the design stage the same considerations that are given to a living room, kitchen or home office should be applied to the bathroom. This means doing more than just arranging a toilet, sink and tub in any way that will fit.

Furniture like vanities for bathrooms and wall shelves should be considered in the design. The bathroom should have defined areas that are dedicated to a specific purpose. Each area should be spaced logically in relation to the others to create a well thought-out room in the home.

Use Low-Flow Toilets And Faucet Aerators

Part of revamping a bathroom involves updating fixtures and making the room more efficient. One way to do this is to use toilets that have a low-flow mechanism. This will reduce water usage while still allowing the toilet to function as expected.

Another simple way to make a bathroom more efficient is to install aerators in the faucets on the sink and shower. Aerators reduce water usage by a large amount without reducing pressure. This also saves on water heating costs.

Choose Quality Fixtures

New fixtures can help to define the decor in a bathroom. It is important to choose quality fixtures that match the surrounding design scheme. Fixtures like faucets for a sink can be made from many different types of materials. Spending a little extra to purchase fixtures that will not corrode quickly can mean a more cost-effective bathroom over time. Quality fixtures will also have fewer problems, will be easier to clean and will work more efficiently.

Make The Bathroom Accessible

Part of revamping a bathroom means ensuring that it is safe for everyone who will use it. People with limited mobility will benefit from a shower that has a low threshold so that it is easy to enter and leave the area. Vanities for bathrooms should be the correct height for use so that excessive bending or reaching is not necessary.

Additionally, each element of the a bathroom from the toilet to the cabinets on the walls should be placed so that there is enough space to move comfortably inside of the room without straining and contorting.

Revamping the bathroom can really help to change the dynamic of the adjoining rooms. It will establish a functional space that blends in well with the rest of the home. Making choices based on safety, water efficiency and good design principles will ensure that the bathroom will be a valued addition to the home for years to come.

The 5 Best Low Flow Showerheads


Save money and help the environment with water saving showerheads – which are the perfect bathroom fixtures for water efficiency. A new water saving showerhead will save money on your gas and water bill. The best benefit is you will be saving water, a precious resource.

• Alsons Fluidics Water Shaving Showerhead – This chrome shower head gives a full body spray, but uses less water. The thermal technology keeps water warm longer. Their patented spray gives you the feel of a full, luxurious shower.

• American Standard Flowise 3-Spray Water-Saving Showerhead – This low flow head features three settings. It also has an automatic setting that will return the flow rate back to 1.5 GPM’s to conserve water. The adjustable arm is convenient for family members of all sizes.

• Delta 3-Spray Water-Efficient Showerhead – This water sense certified fixture is water sense certified. It comes with three different settings to pick the type of spray you want. Extremely well priced, you will love the generous spray. It easily rinses shampoo out of thick hair without wasting water.

• Ultra Oxygenics Lo-Flow Showerhead – If you have a problem with low water pressure choose this bathroom fixture. It is self-pressurizing, no mater if you water flow fluctuates it gives you a steady stream of water. It is silver, makes a cool sound and looks futuristic. Save water in style.

• Niagra Earth Massage Low-Flow Showerhead – Last on the list of the 5 best low flow showerheads is one of the most well-known. Rated #1 by leading conservation groups, this head can save up to 40% more water than a standard one. The nine jet turbo massage is heavenly. Have a relaxing spray, or invigorating shower from just one water saving nozzle.

flatscreen tv wall mounts

You just bought a flat screen TV and now you are deciding if you are going to use the stand it came with or if you are going to go with the ultimate space saver, a wall mount. If you are going to go with a wall mount there are a few options that you will have.

Going with a trusted brand is a must when looking for the right wall mount. You want to protect you investment, and yes when a flat screen TV costs as much as they do they are investments. You may also want the wall mount to have functionality. Wall mounts can move in many directions. They can swivel, tilt or they could not move at all. If you are looking to have multiple viewing angles than it is wise to go with a swivel. They come with a higher price tag, but the convenience is worth it.

Cheetah wall mounts are widely regarded as the leader in secure wall mounts. They offer a variety of styles and are very affordable. And because they are made up of very few moving parts, the wall mounts are a cinch to put together right out of the box.

Another leader in flat screen TV wall mounts is VideoSecu. They offer the same amount of options as Cheetah does and their prices are almost the same. A third and well made brand of TV wall mounts is MountIt! They offer almost double the amount of choices as the other two brands, however they come with a higher price tag.

When looking for a wall mount be sure to go with one that is going to last and fit your needs. Protect your investment and enjoy your flat screen television.


This is a cool idea if you want to give your bathroom a modern futuristic feel. The specially designed high quality LED faucet with three beautiful colors works in that the water flow automatically changes the color with the temperature changed. The light only works while the faucet is open and when the water is 0~30℃ – it glows blue; when it is 30~40℃ it glows green; and when the water is hotter, at around 41~50℃, it glows red.
Durable ceramic valves on this LED faucet ensure a service life of more than 600,000 times that of a regular faucet.

Panda Rain Eco-Friendly Showerhead


Give your shower a modern green update with this amazing showerhead which features a great-looking chrome finish. It has the all the wonderful soothing benefits of a rain showerhead with a more compact form making it the ultimate combination of wide body coverage with a strong jet spray. Additional features include maximum flow rate, an offset ball for maximum extension from shower arm, a powerful rain spray pattern, solid brass fittings and anti-clog nozzles. This eco-friendly, water-saving rain shower head automatically resets after each shower.

tigre tempered glass vessel sink with matching faucet

Doubling as an art sculpture and a sink, this Tigre Tempered Glass Vessel Sink with Matching Faucet is in a whole new league of bathroom fixtures. The Tigre Tempered Glass Vessel Sink with Matching Faucet features a tempered glass construction and the faucet comes in a polished chrome finish. This beautiful sink will easily provide a bold centerpiece to your bathroom’s interior.

green circles tempered glass vessel sink

This hand-made Green Circles Tempered Glass Vessel Sink is a not your average sink. Constructed of solid tempered glass and featuring textured exterior surfaces, this stunning sink almost looks like a piece of art. The Green Circles Tempered Glass Vessel Sink has a concave design which allows for complete drainage. If you’re in the market for a sink that stands out or one that will accent your bathroom nicely, this glass vessel sink could be for you.

Vessel sink
Green finish
Top mount
Solid tempered glass construction
Smooth interior and textured exterior surfaces
Standard 1.75″ Drain opening
Concaved design allows for complete drainage
Hand made, slight variations in color and pattern to be expected
Does not include pop up drain

Tall Vessel Bathroom Sink

tall vessel bathroom sink

You’ll usually find above counter sinks in design magazines or fancy restaurants. And for good reason, these sinks scream sophistication and style. They add so more to a bathroom than a conventional sink. The Tall Vessel Bathroom Sink is a stunning example of an above counter sink. Made of high quality ceramic, the Tall Vessel Bathroom Sink comes in a white finish.

planet floor mounted bathroom sink

This Planet Floor Mounted Bathroom Sink is a unique and attractive design that would look great in commercial spaces, or in a ultra modern home decor. The Planet Floor Mounted Bathroom Sink has clean lines and ergonomic contours which create an elegant bathroom fixture. The Planet Floor Mounted Bathroom Sink is superbly constructed and is made of ceramic.

Electronic Bathroom Faucet

electronic bathroom faucet

Perfect for those lazy types or for Germ-a-Phobes, the ultra-convenient Electronic Bathroom Faucet relieves you of the task of actually having to turn on the water. Simply put your hands in front of the infrared sensors and presto, you have running water! Washing up has never been so easy. The electronic bathroom faucet has a modern, sleek look and comes in a chrome plated finish. Take your bathroom experience to a whole new level with this snazzy new faucet.