Ipod Touch Leather Sleeve

ipod touch leather sleeve

You want something that looks stylish and something that protects. This ipod Touch Leather Sleeve is fashion inspired, and slim leather case provides easy access to navigation. Also, the unique one seam design hugs your iPod and protects it from everyday scratches and scuffs.

bamboo keyboard

Aside from the keys, the keyboard structure and casing is completely made out of eco-friendly bamboo! The elegant and high-quality wood grain bamboo finish makes this combo set a must-have for the environmentally conscious techie computer geek! This actually would make a great gift for your computer savvy friend who has it all. And lets not forget that 800 DPI high-resolution bamboo mouse, complete with optical technology and a scrolling wheel.

recycled eco speakers

Made primarily of at least 70 percent post-consumer recycled material, Fashionation’s Eco-Speakers come in a range of colors, from red to green to a mix of patterns and hues. The Eco-Speakers are small measuring just 3.25 inches square , and they can fold down to a minimal 6-inch package for easy breezy transport. You won’t need a power cord or batteries, either.

thermal leak detector

The gadget makers over at Black and Decker have just released a very cool new machine called a Thermal Leak Detector, which uses infrared sensors to pinpoint the source of cold spots in the house. It works by shining a light onto the wall around doors and windows. As you move the light, the device will sense the temperature of the surface it’s pointed at. As soon as it hits a cold spot, the light turns from red to blue, indicating where you might have to do some insulation repair.
Black and Decker says this handy device will help your family save 20% of your heating or cooling energy costs, which is pretty important these days, with families becoming more cost conscious and more energy efficient!


The average computers down time represents from 69 to 97% of its total annual energy use, regardless of whether power management software is being used. That’s a whole lot of wasted energy, and additional costs for your family on your energy bill. The Energy Saving Smart Strip Power Strip will help to solve your wasted power problem. You just need to plug your computer into the blue ‘Control’ outlet and your printer, monitor, speakers, etc., into the white ‘Automatically Switched’ outlets. When you turn the computer on, the Smart Strip turns on the ‘Automatically Switched’ outlets and when you turn the computer off, the Smart Strip completely cuts power to the ‘Automatically Switched’ outlets. This is a great device that will help your home become greener and more efficient.

Motorola’s Carbon Neutral Cellphone

renew w233

Many of the largest companies are starting to embrace sustainable design. Motorola is doing their part to beat the problem of consumer e-waste with the release of the world’s first carbon neutral cellphone. The Renew W233 is the first certified carbon free cell phone on the market and features a 100% recyclable housing made from recycled water bottles. What a great idea!

Earthdrive Recyclable USB Drive

eco flash drive

You can store up to 8 gigabytes on this recyclable USB drive. It’s called the EarthDrive, and its made of biodegradable materials like corn. Also, in partnership with American Forests, a portion of sales also go to the planting of trees. Other features of the USB drive include it being fully waterproof, totally shock proof, and dust proof.

Bamboo Flash Drive

woody bamboo flashdrive

This is about as eco-friendly as a flash drive could possibly get. The Woody Bamboo flash drive is available  starting at 128MB and going up to 8 GB. The color the drive will depend on the bamboo wood it was carved from, ao each one is an individual (like you!). In addition to the wooden drive case, an optional carved bamboo gift box with a sliding lid is an option. A hemp string is included to allow the drive to be carried around the neck.

Electricity Usage Monitor

electricity usage monitor

Connect your appliances into this Electricity Usage Monitor/electricity measuring device, and assess how efficient they are. A large LCD display counts consumption by the Kilowatt-hour just like utility companies. You can figure out your electrical expenses by the hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Monitor the quality of your power by displaying Voltage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor. A great tool to help you ensure your home is running efficiently.

ipod clock radio1

The perfectl compact AM/FM sound system for iPod comes with the a rounded rich sound like all products from Vers. The 1.5R is ideal as a bedside alarm, in the kitchen, den or office. It looks and sounds great with a 15W full range speaker. Handcrafted from sustainably harvested bamboo and walnut, each eco-friendly iPod clock radio takes over a week to make.