Ideas for Reclaimed Dining Room Tables


If you’re lucky enough to have an actual dining room in your home that can accommodate a large dining table, you should consider getting one that’s made from reclaimed, recycled or sustainably harvested wood. These kind of tables have a rustic modern charm, and fit well into a number of different decor styles, from a country style home, to a modern, minimalist living space. Take a look at some of the different styles of rustic dining room tables that are available these days!

There are plenty of options when it comes to the kind of woods you can use to make these tables yourself, or for having one custom made for your dining space. One of the most popular reclaimed material is barn wood, and another really cool one is old rail ties that have been repurposed and refinished to be used in furniture. Older wood has a ton of character and the age of the wood bestows it with incredible and unique patterns and color.

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3 rustic reclaimed dining room table

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Warm and Rustic Dining Room Ideas

beautiful rustic modern dining room

The dining room is the heart of the home, where your friends and family gather to share meals and spend quality time together. For people who want to create the most inviting kind of dining room, one of the most warm design styles is rustic, or rustic modern if you want the best of both worlds.

For the ultimate in rustic dining room design, you want to bring in a lot of rich wood and colors and textures that remind you of nature. Beautifully constructed tables made out of reclaimed wood, barn wood and other sustainably harvested materials are the perfect materials for dining sets like this, and will make you feel like you’re having your dinner at a gorgeous mountain retreat or in a rustic lakeside cabin.

If you associate the word rustic with old fashioned, the good news is that rustic modern and rustic furniture is becoming a very popular design choice even in the most modern of homes. People love to have specific rooms like the dining room feel very inspired by nature and the outdoors.

I’ve scoured furniture makers and designer’s collections to bring together this collection of images of some of the most amazing rustic and rustic modern dining room furniture available, so take a look at these pictures and find your inspiration!

beautiful rustic modern dining room


country cottage rustic-dining-room

rustic cottage cabin dining room wooden table and chairs

Beautiful Sustainable Table

There is a surge in green technology and eco-friendly products. Many facets of home design and product replacement will focus on modern furniture styles. The latest home design books and television shows will focus on these things.

Lots of the tables and chairs can be made from recycled wood. This is the new modern look that many homeowners are going for and believe me, lots of people spend considerable amounts of time in the kitchen, which, lets face it – is meant for more than cooking, a lot of the time this is the area where all of the entertainment also takes place.

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3 Cool Dining Sets Under $200


In attempting to find dining sets below two hundred dollars I discovered it was quite a task! I relied mainly on the World Wide Web and search engines to help with this endeavor. Making sure these sets are eco-friendly was uppermost in my mind. I found three dining sets that meet the specifications.

The first dining table set was discovered at the Ikea website. It consists of a table and 4 chairs made of solid pine going by the name of Ingo/Ivar. The cost of this fine table was set at one hundred sixty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. This was a victory in discovering a nice set that is eco-friendly and priced right! The table and chairs must be assembled by the purchaser. The site suggests that the screws be re-tightened after about two weeks of use. The table dimensions are: length 47 1/4 inch; width 29 1/2 inch; and height 28 3/4 inch. The chair dimensions are: width 16 1/8 inch; depth 19 5/8 inch; height 37 3/8 inch. The dimensions of the seat of the chair are: width 15 3/8 inch; depth 15 3/4 inch; height 17 3/4 inch.

The next dining set I found that fit the bill was at Find it here: at this site.
This Country Cottage drop-leaf dining set looks lovely and is certainly affordable at one hundred eighty-eighty dollars and sixty-six cents. I determined that it is eco-friendly due to being made of natural, sustainable rubber wood. The two chairs that come with it are made of the same material. The table measures 29 inches high x 30 inches wide x 30 inches long. This interesting table transforms from a 30-inch square to a 43.75-inch half-oval when the 13.75-inch drop leaf is raised. Each sturdy chair measures 35.5 inches high x 19.75 inches wide x 17.5 inches deep. Be assured that some assembly is required upon receipt of the product.

The last dining set was discovered on Craigslist. Now in purchasing items from this site be reminded that it is not quite as reliable as Ikea and, but it certainly accommodates the thrifty shopper. If you do decide to buy used furniture from Craigslist, make sure you don’t buy anything sight unseen! Most people post pictures of what they are selling, but pictures don’t always capture whether or not the furniture is moments away from falling apart, or if it has unsightly stains, scratches or markings.

MASHstudios Square Walnut Dining Table

Living in a tiny apartment myself, I can’t help but love this beautiful small walnut dining room table from MASHstudios. It’s inspired by the small living quarters of the average New Yorker with a philosophy of green living. This small eco-friendly dining table is design with quality craftsmanship, made with solid English walnut and white powder coated aluminum brackets. The dimensions are only 36″ X 36″ X 29″ so this table can fit into virtually any dining room space but still provides enough table top to entertain friends and family just the same.

reclaimed dining room table

When you start to make the move towards an eco-friendly house, you want to choose products that are built with our planet’s well-being in mind. This means you want to choose furniture and decorative items that are recycled, reclaimed, or made from sustainable materials that have been responsibly harvested. Luckily for you, there are now more companies than ever than strive to design and build these kinds of pieces for your home.

The dining room is a great place to start when going eco-friendly in design choices. Take for example this incredible Drop dining table from Structured Green. It’s called the Drop table, because the wood that is used to make it comes from the extra discarded wood pieces that are “dropped” on the floor of the shop! Gorgeous wood like mahogany, cypress and bamboo, are all used together to create this eye-catching table.

Roost is another company that makes amazing furniture from older wood, like this reclaimed wood dining room table, which is made from railroad ties from India. They’ve added some simple steel legs, and created a simple, amazing, and eco-friendly solution for your dining room.

Lachlan Dining Table


This eco-friendly dining table is made from solid certified plantation timber and is finished in a natural low sheen clear that really highlights the beautiful wood grain. Every single piece is hand crafted and its solid walnut construction combines elegance with durability. There are handy drawers under the table and bench seats are total space savers. The table is made from an American walnut timber, a wood which boasts a versatile smoky brown which will fit into almost any dining room decor.

Bamboo Hazel Dining Table

bamboo dining table

This wonderfully sustainable dining table is fresh looking and modern, boasting clean and simple lines, and creating an elegant look in any contemporary dining room setting. This bamboo table provides plenty of room for all of your entertaining needs, while keeping in line with your eco design needs. The Hazel Dining Table is made of bamboo, which as we well know, is an eco-friendly product that provides hardness, durability and stability. Bamboo is a wonderful renewable natural resource, and an ideal choice for any eco-friendly dining environment.

Modloft Buffet

modloft buffet

Ultra-modern with a dash of urban sophistication, the Modloft Buffet cabinet will be right at home in your minimalistic modern habitat. Sleek chrome handles align with the legs, providing a stylish flair. Use the modern sideboard top to display home decor accessories. Whether you call them Buffets, Sideboards or plain old Cabinets, they undoubtedly pull together dining room looks in an instant.

Blu Dot Nick Table

blu dot nick table

In true Blu Dot modern fashion, the subtle shape of the Blu Dot Nick Table can easily stand alone. A sturdy plywood top with exposed edges brings something more to this modern dining set. The wood grain is showcased nicely on the table top. If you’re looking for the perfect matching modern chair, the Chair Chair has good proportions, nice materials, and a great price. The whole set is very unassuming yet elegant.