Katedra: The Modern Desk That Charges Your Phone


Design studio Desnahemisfera, which is based in the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia, has created this absolutely stunning desk which combines modern minimalist beauty with high tech function. Named Katedra, and designed for Donar d.o.o., this functional desk item provides ample work space, gorgeously appointed wooden drawers, all while charging your phone in the most simple and elegant way. Just place your phone on the top of the desk, which boasts a built-in wireless phone charger and while you work you can see it turn from white to red to green as the phone gets charged up!

From the designer’s own site “Katedra office desk is a triumph of contrast; a large white surface leans onto a solid wood block that mimics stacked beams. The block has three push-to-open drawers and the desk itself is made out of Kerrock, which is fully recyclable.”

We love the look and super functionality of this amazing desk, so take a look at the images, and share if you covet it as much as we do!





Looking to Buy a New Standing Desk?

Multitasking: Standing Or Even

More and more ergonomic experts agree: sitting all day isn’t great for your mind OR body. It’s not just hurting your back, neck and eyes – many scientists agree that sitting for hours at a time may do long term damage to your insides, too.  One study suggests that sitting all day increases your risk of heart disease by up to 65%.  Check out this infographic to see just how many issues arise from sitting at your desk, day in and day out.

Can't Stand To Sit Too Long?

For this reason, designers developed standing desks, or stand up desks, which are built so that you can stand and work at your computer, with the desk set at a height that is ideal for your posture.  There are a number of different types – from free standing desks built specifically for standing, as well as conversion desks that easily switch between standing and sitting. You can even get a desk attachment that turns your current desk into a standing one, whenever you want! Have a look here to see a wide selection of standing desks that will meet your needs.

All Rise Or A Standing Ovation

These kind of desks will help you avoid hosts of medical issues if you have a desk job, but its also good to keep in mind that you should try and stand up and move around if you are sitting all day. Set a timer to help remind you to do this, and you’ll save yourself from a lifetime of medical problems.

Top Five Home Office Desks for Multiple Monitors

dual-monitors-best desks

Computer monitors take up a lot of desktop surface space. Finding the best desk for your individual needs is crucial in maintaining a productive work flow. Below are the top 5 home office desks for multiple monitors.

1. Single Surface Desks
The most common form of desktops in the home office are single surface desks. Although single surface desks aren’t the largest of desks, they are the perfect match for simple dual-monitor setups. This is also the perfect desk for the budget conscious.

2. Extended Single Surface
Just like the single surface desk, the extended single surface desk is very popular for multiple monitor setups. This is the type of desk which is great for those who have not only a multiple monitor setup but also many peripherals such as musical keyboards and sound control boards.

3. Dual Surface Desks
With a dual surface desk there is literally double the surface space of a single surface desk. However, dual surface desks should be very carefully chosen. Often times dual surface desks can have limited space, if not chosen with great caution.

4. Height Adjustable Desks
The benefits of having a height adjustable desk don’t end with the ability to adjust in height. Most adjustable desks are also built much wider than normal single surface desks. Height adjustable desks aren’t very expensive, either!

5. Custom Built Desks
Although the option of hiring a private constructor may be more expensive than buying a prefabricated desk, it is a great option for individuals with in-home studios, or those who just have a larger than average monitor setup. Another benefit to having a custom built monitor desk is that you as the buyer will be in total control of the entire project. Everything from materials used to the total dimensions of the desk will be in your hands.

Navigators Writing Desk

navigators writing desk

This Navigators Writing Desk has alot of character. Multi-functional, supportive and detail-oriented. The desktop, complete with drawers and brass bound, could act to stop musket bullets when under fire. Leather top, hand rubbed French finish, somewhat beat-up, proof of its many voyages and colorful history.

Modern Wave Desk

modern wave desk

Stunning design features, plus added components to improve functionality, equals this modern Wave Desk. A focal point for any room, the brushed nickel accents add just the right amount of sophistication. The desk offers a receptacle placed beneath the monitor stand and the locking drawer for items that need a little extra security.

Captains Desk

captains desk

Captains made good use of infamously cramped quarters in the ship’s stern section. The captain’s desk was specially made to offer maximum comfort and space in a minimal floor area. So many rugged, full of character details like drawers to store the crew’s papers, sealed sailing instructions, logbooks, charts, instruments and a pair of flintlock pistols. Classic brass corners to protect from damage when being moved around. Sturdy construction to withstand often violent ship’s movements. This may not be a real Captains Desk, but it sure feels and looks like one. A well-traveled desk.

Leather Writing Desk

leather writing desk

With chromed steel drawer pulls and base, this sturdy leather writing desk would bring sleek elegance to any office. The leather top is available in an elegant brown leather top. To contrast, the base is designed in chrome finish with chromed steel handle on drawer fronts. This masculine style desk is suitable for commercial use as well.

French Writing Desk

french writing desk

This antique-looking French Writing Desk is made from solid wood construction. This desk reveals so much character, through the hand-painted landscape which adorns the lid. The French Writing Desk features a drop down lid. This desk calls out for sitting down and writing a romantic love letter or pretty poem.

Zacara Savoy Writing Desk

zacara savoy writing desk

If you’re looking to modernize your home office and do it in style, then the Zacara Savoy Writing Desk is calling your name. Its contemporary style and unique dark-finished veneers give it a chic and current look. The Zacara Savoy Writing Desk doesn’t only look great, it is also solidly built and constructed with walnut hardwood and zebrano veneers. This beautiful looking desk will provide years of great function and its four drawers and extension drawer will keep you organized and more productive.

Home and Office Computer Desk

home and office computer desk

This home and office computer desk is a great execution of simple contemporary style. The aluminum computer desk is made with thick tempered glass and it’s multiple tiers provide ample storage for all your computer’s accessories. Versatile and attractive, this sturdy desk is made with polished aluminum columns and is very easy to assemble. This computer desk’s sleek and modern style will be a great addition to your home or office.