contemporary nightstand or coffee table

Innovation’s Toolbox Collection is designed to rock your living space with trendy, avant-garde designs and modular functionality. Created in Denmark, this Cross Table will fit perfectly into your loft or bedroom, adding a finishing touch of simplicity and style. The surface of this contemporary Nightstand or Coffee Table is constructed of thick aluminum with high gloss metallic paint.

Herman Miller Eames Coffee Table

herman miller eames coffee table

The Herman Miller Eames Coffee Table is designed with a single segmented base and constructed of modular units that can support tops of different lengths and widths. The versatility and strength of this simple base design allows you to produce tables in a wide range of sizes. With seventeen finishes to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss for picking the perfect counterpart for your home decor. The Herman Miller Eames Coffee Table is another great example of the superior design Eames’ tables have a reputation for, and this modular table appeals to a broad range of tastes and styles. Quality workmanship and ingenious design come together to create an irresistible product that you’re sure to love.

Blu Dot Son of a Bench

blu dot son of a bench

Definitely having one of the more original product names out there, the Blu Dot Son of a Bench is not you’re typical bench. The Blu Dot Son of a Bench can be used as a bench, a coffee table or even a decorative sculpture. Interlocking loops of hot-rolled steel create a fascinating form of mass and negative space. If you’re looking for a bench that is anything but ordinary, than this son of a Bench is for you! This sleek and modern bench is available in glossy black.

Milan Coffee Table

milan coffee table

Simple, smart, elegant, durable. These are just a few of the words that describe the Milan coffee table. If you’re looking for a durable, functional and great looking coffee table, than look no further. Constructed of solid hardwood and mocha veneer, the Milan Coffee table wins big points for it’s stylish and uncomplicated design.

Bamboo Coffee Table

The use of bamboo in furniture is the ideal material because of its quick growth. Each bamboo coffee table has been handcrafted using bamboo and wood materials that act in accordance to the principles of sustainability. This line of furniture has added simple, attractive design elements to bamboo furniture. All stains are water based and any glue used in the product are certified as non-toxic.

LAX Series Coffee Table

lax series coffee table

I’m looking around my apartment and this coffee table would fit in perfectly. From the very popular LAX Series by MASH Studios, the LAX Series Coffee Table combines sleek, minimal elegance with practical space-saving solutions built into the designs. The pieces feature simple lines and a clean palette, helping you create a contemporary environment that is clean and free of clutter. The coffee table features an aluminum top which slides out to allow for easy storage of remote controls, magazines, games and other living room essentials. Featured in Blueprint magazine.

High Gloss Modern Table

high gloss modern table

This beautiful, high-drama Table from Bontempi Casa is going to look great in your home. Maybe you’re undecided about going modern in your decor because you want something more traditional? With this high gloss, modern table you’ve got the best of both worlds. Pair with glass objects, a vase of flowers and metal accents.

Blu Dot Strut Coffee Table Set

blu dot strut coffee table set

First you notice the design of the Strut Collection, then you notice the structure. With such solid construction, perhaps the Strut tables are proud of its staying power. Cool colours such as bold dark olive or watermelon; ivory or robin’s egg blue for a subtler impact. Whatever you choose, the Bu Dot Strut Coffee Table Set provides a perfect centerpiece for your modern living space.

Blu Dot Barbarella Coffee Table

blu dot barbarella coffee table

The Barbarella collection from Blu Dot is ultra-hip and modern, and it makes you look and think twice. The open, exposed design of the Barbarella Collection showcases the straight-forward beauty of the materials and design. Coolest thing about the products in this collection? The Barbarella Square Coffee Table ships flat and folds easily into shape!

Modern Transparent Glass Coffee Table

modern transparent glass coffee table

This coffee table is made from tempered glass, which is a glass that is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it breaks. Giving it a uniquely handsome contemporary appearance, the Modern Transparent Glass Coffee Table will definitely be the focus of much attention in your dining area. Crafted with a sturdy reinforced glass, this table is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.