Wall Clock

wall clock

I have a thing for old looking clocks and I love grandfather clocks. While this isn’t quite a grandfather clock, I’d say it’s a distant cousin. This beautiful wall clock features an arched bonnet and lower door moulding. It’s gold tones accent the door glass and a stunning polished brass pendulum keeps time in style. The wall clock is also finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers and it plays Westminster or Ave Maria chimes. Total volume control and automatic nighttime chime shutoff mode will keep everyone happy and have you adoring this gorgeous clock for years to come.

Modern Wall Clock with Weather Station

modern wall clock with weather station

This stylish modern wall clock tells time and also accurately measures the temperature and humidity. It even has a barometer to track atmospheric pressure. Bold hour and minute hands and a vivid orange second hand makes telling time a breeze, and its solid stainless steel construction and protective glass lens mean this wall clock is sure to last!

Art Deco Flight Clock

art deco flight clock

Recently I came across The Time and Weather Collection, a collection of unique weather and time instruments. Nautical themes highlight functionality and beauty in this collection. This clock is an exact reproduction of a 1930’s art deco flight clock, finished in a polished hand cast aluminum. This piece is both nostalgic and chic. The perfect gift for the lover of everything aero, the Art Deco flight clock would look stunning on any desk.

Wood Propeller Clock

wood propeller clock

Continue the tradition with a wood propeller clock in your own home. Used wood airplane propellers nostalgic of WWI era, were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel. Mechanics, pilots and flight crew wore propeller tiepins and badges and transformed propellers into memorabilia. Crafted antique brass clock made from hard wood from birch plantation in Kamchatka.

Cool Flip Desktop Clock

cool flip desktop clock

This very cool desktop clock automatically flips by the minute. With a rocket-shaped stand that stands with legs and without, this flip desktop clock will surely be a conversation starter.

Natural Wood Cuckoo Clock

natural wood cuckoo clock

Who doesn’t love a Cuckoo Clock? This beautifully hand-crafted, chalet style Natural Wood Cuckoo Clock is truly one of a kind. At the top of every hour this cuckoo clock comes to life as the intricately carved woodchopper works alongside his trusted dog. Made from natural wood, this clock is sure to complement every home and evoke genuine German excellence. The cuckoo operates on 1-day movement and must be wound daily. This clock is equipped with a manual night time shut-off feature as well. Makes a great gift!

projection alarm clock with atomic time and forecast

Seeing as I’m habitually late, maybe this is the Alarm clock for me. Atomic Time is set to atomic time standard National Institute of Standards and Technology. So buying an atomic clock just makes sense. You’ll never have to set your clock again just by selecting your time zone. The Projection Alarm Clock with Atomic Time and Forecast projects time and/or outdoor temperature (alternating) on wall or ceiling in easy to read numbers. Your time piece always be on the right time so that you’ll always be right on time!

Large Brass Sunburst Wall Clock

large brass sunburst wall clock

You’ll enjoy the modern twist on this classic wall clock by San Francisco designer, Kenneth Wingard. With its sunburst style, this wall clock serves as an elegant, yet subtle time piece for any room. Each sunburst is crafted with a rich, gold wood finish and complimented by a brass face.

Contemporary Black Metal Wall Clock

contemporary black metal wall clock

A perfect fir for any home or office setting, you will be able to give your room a sophisticated feel with this black and metal wall clock. The simple design and large metal numbers of the Contemporary Black Metal Wall Clock make it both stylish and practical.

Black Hands Aluminum Glass Wall Clock


Minimalist and cool, this wall clock is ideal for those who love simplicity in design. A new take on keeping time and totally eliminating the need for a face on a clock, the clock almost appears to be somewhat invisible. Modern, minimal and functional, this is one of the most simply elegant and contemporary clocks available. Pictured here in black, the Black Hands Aluminum Glass Wall Clock is also available in silver.