Cool and Colorful LOLLY Chairs Are Adorable


Recently saw these cute chairs on one of my favorite design sites and had to write about the. This is one of the first times I’ve seen polyurethane used in such a way and its actually such a great idea because it makes this chair so much more durable if you wanted to use it outside. According to the designers, Roberto Foschia and Mara Picco, their tub chair LOLLY is as “soft and cozy as a nest.” They created the chair for Area Declic and were inspired by the the carefree world of children.


LOLLY is also comfortable because of that special material used to make it, called PolyPlus, which is the first soft and colorful polyurethane made for outdoor use.

The colors are the best part! There are several great colors to choose from including broom yellow, light grey, smoke grey, purple red, chocolate brown , taupe and petrol blue.

Area-Declic_Lolly_chairs colors

Take a look at these wonderful chairs and picture them out on your deck, in your child’s room or anywhere that you want something bright and playful to jazz up your space!

blue lolly chair cute

Lolly_chair blue and white


The Panton Chair by Verner Panton

Modern Classics: Verner Panton Chairs

The Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton, one of Denmark’s most influential interior designers, in the 1960s.

Since the chair’s creation, its iconic design has made it a 20th-century landmark. Built fluidly to accommodate the human body form, the Panton chair incorporates features made for both style and comfort. The cantilever base and overall shape was designed with flexible materials. The sleek design makes it suitable for singular and group settings, as well as outdoors.

File:ngv Design, Verner Panton

The solid plastic chair was originally made in one mold, however, the process was subsequently adjusted for manufacturing until later. Produced using injection molding, the plastic material consists of reinforced polypropylene fiberglass that is thoroughly dyed. At approximately 5.5 kg, its sturdy construction includes weather proofing and UV safeguards, with fade prevention additives. In addition, the Panton chair has passed all standard flammability tests based upon the butane and cigarette flame tests.

The Panton chair is considered a classic of futuristic furniture design. The Vitra firm developed a version for production in 1967. Since the first plastic chair was made from one section, it has seen some adjustments after the market launch. Recently, it was produced in alignment with designer Panton’s original vision, from strong, dyed plastic with a matt finish. Also known as the stacking or S chair, it has become Panton’s most mass-produced and famous design.

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Fjord Relax Swivel chair

When it comes to Patricia Urquiola’s Fjord Relax Swivel Armchair (named for the inlet shape in the back), one would find it difficult to find a more unique yet relaxing chair to lounge in. The swivel base is coated in powder-coat epoxy finish and the chair itself is made of molded polyurethane foam over steel frame, perfect for those that like a plush feel to their furniture. One also has their pick of two different styles. For those favoring a warm and rich tone, go for the Divina red wool upholstery with white top stitch on red base. If searching for more of a classic feel, one can choose the black leather upholstery with white top stitch on black base.

While the chair is certainly unique, it doesn’t mean that it looks like it belongs in Star Trek. No, the chair blends clean, simple lines with small details like the stitching on top. If one doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for a modern style, one can’t go wrong with this chair. Not only is this chair ridiculously comfortable but it also comes with an ottoman, called the Fjord Stone.

Another benefit of this quirky chair is that it is bound to be a great conversation starter. For instance, if you invite guests over to your place, they will immediately want to sit in the chair and marvel over the shape. A crowd will no doubt congregate about the chair and demand to know where you bought it so that they can run out and buy it for their own houses. Friends will begin to ask you for advice on decorating. If that’s not a incentive, I don’t know what is!

Afraid that you won’t have enough space in your living room to buy the chair? No worries. The Fjord chair won’t take up that much space at all. It’s ideal for small rooms and can be tucked neatly away into a corner.

The only possible deterrent to buying the chair is cost. However, if you have the budget for it, I say go ahead and buy it. After all, how often do you come across pieces of furniture that is modern, sleek and comfortable?

A Look at the Moooi Smoke Armchair by Maarten Baas

Moooi Smoke Armchair

The Moooi Smoke Armchair by Maarten Baas is a perfectly executed exercise in classic design elegance. Every square inch of this visually captivating armchair will hold those who see it enthralled. This chair will hold a commanding presence in any room its place in and will easily overwhelm the sight of lackluster furniture. To integrate this chair into a full rooms design you will need to pair it with other strong furniture choices. Luckily, the Moooi line has more pieces for you to add to your home. This chair is perfectly detailed with no area spared a full treatment of attention.

Designed by Maarten Baas, a German designer who created the Smoke collection for Dutch label MOOOI. His pieces have been bought by museums and collectors such as Lidewij Edelkoort and Philippe Starck. In 2009, Maarten was named Designer of the Year by Design Miami.

It has all the classic details you would expect from a design by Baas. Furniture tacks line the striking black leathers seams and the back is gathered for a cushion effect. The wood trim is as exquisitely carved as you would expect but here lies this chairs unique feature. The wood trim is actually a burned finished. Not just a paint job to make it look burned, this is genuinely torched for a finish like no other.

The burned finish adds a uniqueness to the Moooi that takes it to a whole new level of quality. The rich black leather combines with the black burnt wood for a piece that gives the user a sensation that cannot be had anywhere else. Its the seamless combination of destruction and creation that places this piece on a pedestal far above your average arm chair. The fact that this was made with every thought turned toward quality takes what could have come off as a gimmick and turns it into a statement. A statement that you would be sure to be proud of having displayed in your own home.

The Benefits of the Aeron Office Chair

aeron chair

Both a stylish addition to the office and a solution to posture problems, the Aeron is a highly adjustable ergonomic chair that has gained popularity especially with those suffering from back or upper leg pain. Its unconventional but fashionable look has even rewarded the chair with a permanent space in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Many people who need to spend hours every day sitting at a desk soon begin to notice deterioration in their posture as a result of using cheap and poorly designed chairs. A chair that encourages good posture, like the Aeron Office Chair, not only makes the user feel more comfortable immediately, it also aids in the proper functioning of internal organs.

Physicians are more frequently recommending ergonomic furniture. Standard chairs, not built for comfort, can result in unnatural sitting positions, constricting blood vessels and breaking up circulation. Many users have reported being able to work for many more hours without experiencing discomfort when switching to the Aeron Office Chair.

Comfort also helps productivity due increased concentration levels caused by the calmness of mind gained by lack of pain. The Aeron Office Chair is one of the most comfortable ergonomic designs available with features including PostureFit control, allowing users to adjust the chair back for variations on the standard lumbar support.

The Aeron is available in either the basic version or the highly adjustable model that comes with additional features. There is also a stool version that includes a foot ring for those working at higher than average work surfaces.

While the price of the chair is high, most users agree that it is a worthy investment, and one of the better models of modern office chair. Good posture does not only provide physical benefits, it gives the appearance of someone who is working hard and interested in their job.

Why Should You Choose a Green Bar Stool?

Eco Friendly Green Bar Stools

Most homeowners today are well aware of the importance of environmental issues in their home. You may already be recycling and using green cleaning products and reusable shopping bags, but there are ways to take your commitment to the environment one step further. One area that you might not have thought much about is in your choice of home furnishings. Furniture Home Design would like to show you how important it is to think about environmental factors even when choosing furniture like bar stools for your home.

Green Bar Stools: Health and Safety

Most modern furniture today has some issues with off-gassing. Off-gassing occurs when VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from an object are released into the air. This phenomenon is usually the worst when the item is still brand new. Formaldehyde is one VOC that is commonly used in furniture manufacturing, but it has also been linked to skin and eye irritation and breathing issues in some individuals. Choose a bar stool that has been finished with low VOC finishes and adhesives to ensure a safe environment for you and your family. Another way to avoid off-gassing is to select an unfinished bar stool to refinish yourself. This is one fool proof way to make sure your furniture is eco-friendly!

Manufacturing Sustainable Bar Stools

There are a number of ways a bar stool can be manufactured that make it green. First, the materials used to make it can be from recycled or recyclable materials, such as aluminum. Or the materials used can be from a renewable resource, such as bamboo. You can also check to see if a wood bar stool carries the FSC logo. This is a globally recognized symbol that means that the wood used in the product comes from a healthy forest. Finding products that are manufactured in North America also helps to cut down on emissions caused by transportation.

Green furniture is becoming much more in demand, due to consumer knowledge. Making green choices when you select furniture is a great way to do your part for the environment.

Office Depot Recalls Desk Chairs

office depot chair recall

Office Depot has recalled about 34,000 desk chairs sold in the U.S. and Canada after a customer contacted the company when he injured himself after catching his finger in the chair’s tilting mechanism.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada disclosed the recall this week. A spokesman for Office Depot wasn’t immediately available for comment.

The Realspace PRO 3000 series desk chairs were made in China by Huichang Furniture Co. between March 2009 and May 2011, the safety commission said. Office Depot sold the chairs at stores and online from May 2009 through June 2011 for about $170 each.

Eco-Friendly Patio Adirondack Chair

Eco-Friendly Patio Adirondack Chair

This curved back Adirondack chair will be perfect on your patio or deck with it classic design. The chair looks like wood but its made from all recycled materials. Featuring a comfortable curved back and a deep seat for total comfort. All weather, resistant to all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, salt water, sun and ice. Contains UV-inhibited pigment systems that reduces fading. This Adirondack style chair does not absorb moisture and will not crack.

Organic Hemp Big Bean Beanbag Chair


Looking to give your space a fun and retro look? Look no further than a bean bag chair! The Big Bean chair is made of Hemp and Cotton and it is removable and washable. The unbleached cotton inside liner filled with recycled shredded new scrap foam previously destined for the garbage dump. This makes for an incredibly comfortable and durable casual chair with back support, so sitting is super comfy! This hemp beanbag chair is one of the only environmentally friendly bean bag style chairs out there.

circuit board furniture

Theo Kamecke has taken the common circuit board to great new heights with this stunning collection of furniture pieces. He’s made a series of incredible boxes and chests made from reclaimed circuit boards, and they have already sold to people like Aliens-creator HR Giger and Avatar director James Cameron.

“Either you get it or you don’t, either you like it or you don’t,” Kamecke explains. “I like to think that I am trying to make something comfortable and beautiful,” explains Kamecke, who uses vintage boards from the 60s. “You don’t need to understand much about computers to appreciate this.”