classic-black and chrome four-poster-bed

When I was younger, I always imagined myself one day having a princess-like four poster bed in my room – right out of a fairy tale! As I got older, and my tasted changed, I was still drawn to the elegance of a four-poster canopy bed, but was far more interested in finding one that appealed to my contemporary style sensibilities.

If you’re going to make a four poster bed the central element in your bedroom (and it WILL be the central point) then you should ensure that you have the space for it. These beds look big and glamorous, and in too small a space they will seem imposing and out of place, so a bedroom with ample square footage is an absolute must.

So check out the selections below, as you’re sure to find something here that will appeal to anyone who’s ever dreamed of having a luxurious four-poster canopy bed to call home at night.


We love the modern, simple elegance of this four-poster canopy bed by Mash Studios. Check it out here!

classic-black and chrome four-poster-bed


modern simple four poster bed


mirrored modern four poster bed

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Day Bed with Canopy

day bed with canopy

A beautiful example of Old world craftsmanship and innovative design come together to deliver the perfect balance of form and function in this Daybed with Canopy. A true statement of style, delicate details like tiny rosebuds outline this simple yet elegant classic trellis. What makes this Day Bed a true value? You can choose an optional pop-up trundle for underneath.

Rustic Cedar Canopy Bed

rustic cedar canopy bed

Ideal for your romantic log-cabin in the woods or for your very own rustic abode in the city. This Rustic Cedar Canopy Bed will add warmth and charm to your home or retreat with these cedar log beds. Each unrefined bed comes complete with headboard, footboard, and side rails.

Contour White Canopy Bed

contour white canopy bed

Looking for the ultimate romantic bedroom design idea? The Contour Canopy bed’s headboard and footboard grills feature a beautiful pattern of scrolls tied with detailed wraps. The all-welded grills arch upwards in graceful swirls and curves, and the distinctive shape on the center spindle casting draws your eye to the heart of the bed. The Contour white canopy bed has a simple linear canopy which is the perfect place to drape billowing fabric to soften the look of this gorgeous bed.

Miraval King Size Canopy Bed

miraval canopy bed

The Miraval king size canopy bed has a classic traditional style that will make your bedroom incredibly regal. The lavish canopy bed’s designs are reminiscent of traditional French antiques. While maintaining a relaxing and comfortable look for the modern lifestyle, the Miraval king size canopy bed recreates the charming bedroom beauty of the renaissance.

Camelot Queen Canopy Bed

camelot canopy bed

This wonderfully elegant canopy bed by Hillsdale House is a beautiful addition to your traditional bedroom. The queen size headboard, footboard, and the canopy feature roped wire drapes. The fully-welded construction features heavy gauge tubing with solid bar wire for the ultimate in sturdy stability. The textured black finish features weathered gold castings and rope elements, for a wonderful overall look to this Camelot queen sized canopy bed.

Dover Queen Canopy Bed

dover canopy bed

The Dover Queen Size Canopy Bed features a wonderful looking traditional scroll design theme in the headboard and footboard. It’s textured black powder coat finish in gritty flat black bring a sophisticated touch to this classic canopy bed. The fully-welded construction of this queen canopy bed features heavy gauge tubing so you can rest assured that this bed will last you for years.