Huxley’s Ladder Wooden Bookshelves


As a collector of all things readable, I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to show off my favorite books. One of the issues I have (I guess its not really a bad issue, but it makes getting the perfect bookcases a chore!) is that I have very high ceilings in my office, which is where I keep a lot of my book collection. So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to come across these new wooden shelves from Huxley’s. The true genius of this bookshelf? YOU CAN CLIMB IT. I’m in love.

The Huxley’s Ladder is the ideal combination of modern design and perfectly realized functionality that makes grabbing your favorite books off the shelf not just easy, but fun as well! They make for six amply sized sections where you can put your knick knacks, your plants and get this, your books. I’ve even had people sitting on them like seating when I have parties.

You can just get one and have it as a standalone, or you can get a few, depending on how much space you have, and combo them all together to make one big library slash climbing gym. Just kidding. You probably don’t want to let the kids play on these like an actual climbing wall because this ladder is mostly fun for grownups. They are lovingly made of quarter-sawn white oak finished off with a goes-with-anything satin white lacquer.

Unsurprisingly, this ladder bookshelf won the 2015/2016 A’Design Award in Furniture Category. So cool.





I am a BIG collector of books. Not only do I love to read, but I love the aesthetic of books on a shelf. Some people find it too disorganized looking, especially people who love design minimalism, but personally, I think a packed shelf full of well-worn hardcovers and paperbacks gives a home a loved and lived-in feel. There was a time when my apartment was filled with Ikea bookshelves, which for a college student, offer a great solution to storage needs of all kinds.

But as my tastes matured, I found myself wanting to display my 20 years of book collecting in a way that fit my house perfectly, so I spent months searching online, in stores and at estate sales to find the perfect bookcase.

That search was the inspiration for this post! I wanted to scope out a bunch of great book storage solutions that covered all the bases in terms of space, size and number of books, so please take a look at the collection of bookshelf ideas I’ve found! Also, check out the cool and modern bookshelves in the Furniture Home Design store!




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Legare Sustainable Bamboo Bookcase

Legare Sustainable Bamboo Bookcase

Looking for a sustainable storage solution for your home library? The Legare bamboo bookcase has a warm looking carbonized amber finish and boasts these cool additional features. The bookcase has super simple two minute tool-free assembly and comes with four adjustable shelves and can accommodate up to eight shelves. The well designed adjustable shelving and concealed cable management makes it a great looking addition to your living room, bedroom or library. It also comes apart quickly and easily for convenient flat-pack storage or transportation.

Eco Modern Storage Tribeca Bookcase

eco modern storage tribeca bookcase

These eco friendly shelves have a streamlined look that’s at home with many different styles. Use them to display a collection of teddy bears in a kids room or to display and store your book collection. The bookcase can also act as a space divider in any room. The divider boards are aligned in the middle and can be adhered in place or simply positioned anywhere for a variety of custom designs! Best of all, the Eco Modern Storage Tribeca Bookcase is made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Eco-Friendly Bookcase with Sliding Doors

eco friendly bookcase with sliding doors

This Eco-Friendly Bookcase with Sliding Doors has a country inspired design and will look good in many different home decor. The Eco-Friendly Bookcase with Sliding Doors can be used to hold your book collection or can display anything you care to show. The glass in mullion frames and easy slide doors make displayed items easily accessible. The bookcase has a high gloss painted white finish and who doesn’t love that!

Quarter Round Bookcase

quarter round bookcase

Available in dramatic Cherry, Mahogany and Golden Cherry, this Quarter Round Bookcase and desk system offers a sophisticated, elegant appearance for business or home office. Feeling right at home in either a contemporary or traditional setting, offering refinement and quality typically found at two to three times the price.

Eco-Friendly Bookcase

eco friendly bookcase

The sleek contemporary styling of this bookcase will fit into an eco-conscious, modern decor. Featuring a dark wenge or natural bamboo finish and stainless steel construction. Added to the list of features are an eco-friendly water-based stain.

Argington Eiffel Bookcase

argington eiffel bookcase

Features a slim minimal design that offers a deceptively large storage capacity. The Argington Eiffel Bookcase can fit into the smallest of rooms and provide both storage for you and your young one. Put toys or other objects into the centre space. The surrounding closed storage space can be use for books, clothes, more toys, electronics, etc. One of the great features of the book case is that you may select the door color separately allowing you to customize the bookcase. We’ve said here that it can be used for either a toddlers space or your own living space.

Kartell Partner Shelf

kartell partner shelf

For superior organization and an appealing and multipurpose addition to any room, the Kartell Partner Shelf organizes books, decorations, bathroom accessories, kitchen supplies and more. Metal and plastic elements work in harmony to provide strong, reliable support while maintaining a light appearance. Suits a variety of settings, and truly merges meticulous design with the considerations of everyday life.

Kartell Bookworm Bookshelf

kartell bookworm bookshelf

Recommended by The New Yorker as THE stylish bookshelf to own, the Kartell Bookworm Bookshelf seamlessly merges the creativity of the designer and technological prowess of Kartell. Through the magic of technology, the Bookworm is able to assume any shape at all without a compromise in strength or functionality. Available in three lengths, each Bookworm comes with a set of flexible, durable bookends that move along the curves of the shelf to provide support for any shape. The Bookworm’s elastic nature allows it to fit into any environment both physically and aesthetically.