Cool and Industrial Metal Pipe Frame Beds


I love the look of a really industrial looking bed frame with some simple modern bedding. A bed like this would be right at home in an urban loft bedroom, or in a minimalist designed bedroom space. Using metal pipe as the source material for a bed frame makes a very bold statement in furniture design. The look is decidedly masculine, but with the right bedding, you can make this work in a rustic modern design style.

There are some major retailers that sell metal pipe frame beds, such as Restoration Hardware and CB2, but you can also have one custom made with the kind of pipe that most appeals to you, whether it be stainless steel, copper or any other commonly used metal used for pipeworks. If you’re handy, you could even consider doing a DIY pipe bed!

Take a look at some of these pipe metal bed frames and see if this kind of design would be the right fit in your own bedroom space!


cool pipe frame bed

metal pipe bed frame sideview

pipe bed frame







Cool Modern Rustic DIY Bed Headboards


I love the idea of making your own headboard so that it becomes a perfect design compliment to your bedroom decor. I am also a huge fan of the rustic modern design aesthetic, so as I started researching this post, I made sure to keep my eyes open for headboards that were inexpensive to make while also fitting in perfectly with the modern rustic look that I absolutely love in a bedroom.

A lot of these materials that you’ll see being used for do-it-yourself headboards in the image gallery are easily found, from barnwood, to simple wooden planking or scrap hardwood, to hand-covered picture frames. These are solutions that not only look great, but are relatively cheap and easy to do!









There’s just something so cool and cinematic about Murphy beds. Of course, besides being cool, they are real spacesavers if you happen to live in a tiny apartment or if you want a great solution for extra sleeping space for guests. Gone are the days of the busted old double bed being wrenched down from the side of the wall. Murphy beds have become innovative and gorgeous and cool as heck.

Take a look at this collection of Murphy bed designs that will make you wish you lived in a tiny Manhattan apartment and that the only possible place to sleep in your 300 square foot space was in a gloriously cool Murphy bed. Dreams.



cool modern murphy bed desk

cool murphy bed 1

cool murphy bed 2


The Milano Panel Bed by Modus

modus milano panel bed

As a part of the famous Milano Collection, the Modus Milano Panel bed offers a rich chocolate finish over walnut wood accents. The hardwood used is indigenous to Indonesia and easily resembles the American Cherry wood. One of the many distinctive features of the Milano Panel Bed is that it has rich leather panels, which demonstrates the linear patterns and simple lines of the transitional design. Its sleek architecture gives off beauty, elegance and a hint of masculinity, satisfying both male and female buyers. Other features include bicast leather padded upholstery, and a conveniently placed hook on bed rail with fittings for long term stability.

The contemporary style comes complete with a headboard, foot board, wood rails, and slats. The bed is also constructed with a flame retardant polyurethane foam for safety. It also includes features such as a sturdy metal to metal fitting which gives the bed stability and durability. The Milano Panel bed has a unique design and style that will fit any modern home’s decorative scheme. An easy piece to assemble, the Milano Panel bed can be put together in under ten minutes and ready to enjoy.

Modus Furniture International or MFI is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of modern bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture. Modus furniture is sure to carefully choose all materials used in each piece of furniture they design, which ensures a premium finish, and high quality products. The high standards set by Modus along with their balanced furniture program enable them to create an amazing furniture line that will invite new styles to your living area for a lifetime. At Modus, Eco-friendly products are designed for modern living and offer top quality value.

DIY Bedroom – Build Your Own Log Bed

rustic log bed

Feeling handy? Want the ultimate in rustic bedroom design? How about a log bed? But, you ask, how are log beds made?

A log bed is a type of bed frame built totally from logs, which are cut and shaped to tie jointly with no any nails or screws. In the early periods log beds were produced from cross rails and a mattress used to top them. Contemporary log beds embrace a box spring in addition to a mattress, and thus there is no need for cross rails. Below are the steps required to make a log bed. Don’t feel like building one and you are happy to buy someone else’s handywork? Check out this great selection of log beds for sale!

Select which logs you will make use of!
The most excellent selection is a log that taken from a fire-killed standing lifeless tree. A wildfire sets on fire trees that are diseased to the ground; however, lets healthy trees lifeless but still standing. Hence, your probabilities of having good logs are greatest from these trees. In addition, fire-killed wood drops its bark, so that it will help save your time when you begin building.

Cut the logs to the dimensions you require for bed.
Saw 90 cm (2 3-feet) posts and 1.2 m (2 4-feet) posts to make the ends and the legs of the footboard and headboard. The posts ought to be cut from big, strong logs. Saw four rails to divide the posts. Cut spindles to put b/n the rails of the footboard and headboard. Arrange four bed rails to join the foot post to the head post on each side.

Take away the bark and give shape for the logs with drawknives.
Drawknives are blades with two handles, which you set in opposition to the wood and drag toward you. A bent drawknife eliminates bark and a straight one helps to shape the log.

Make tenons in the spindles and rails.
You are able to accomplish this using a drawknife, nevertheless, it is simpler to perform with a tenon maker that fastens to a drill and operates similar to a huge pencil sharpener.

Carve out mortises with forstner bits and a drill
Frostner bits are useful to drill holes that are flat-bottomed and big enough to embrace tenons.
o Mortises for the headboard ought to be sliced at 23 cm (9 inches) and 1.1 m (44 inches) from the floor. In the case of the footboard, the mortises are sliced at 23 cm (9 inches) and 80 cm (32 inches).
o Spindle mortises are sliced therefore the spindles will be uniformly spaced.
o Mortises in the case of the bottom bed rail are pierced at 13 cm (5 inches) above the floor in every four posts. The mortises in the case of the top bed rail are pierced at 33 cm (13 inches) from the floor.

Having finished the preparation of all the parts of the bed the next step would be assembling of the bed.

Assemble the bed!

• Put together a metal eye hook to every post at 30 cm (12 inches) above the floor.
• Attach cables diagonally b/n the bedposts by means of the eye hooks.
• Notch every of the top bed rails close to the foot and head therefore the box spring shall fit strongly on them with no slipping.
• Tarnish the bed to guard the wood.
• Top this log bed using the mattress and box spring.

The Right Bed For The Modern Bedroom


Modern design requires a very specific aesthetic. The look must be somewhat stark, yet retain some warmth and hominess, after all – this is where you live! You want your modern home to be inviting, and you want it to have the contemporary look that became so popular in the 1960’s.

Modern Design in the Bedroom

Creating an atmosphere is incredibly important in the bedroom. This is the room that we retreat to at the end of the day, so we need it to have a calming effect, and be warm and approachable. You can achieve a lot of this with the colors you choose when painting the bedroom walls, and when selecting rugs, carpeting, and of course bed linens and window treatments.

When choosing beds contemporary or classic, keep in mind that your bed frame can be the central design element in your bedroom, so choose a frame that is made of hardwood, or brushed steel for example. Monotone bedding can add to the look of your space, and choosing complimentary colors for the pillows and for the window treatments will tie everything together nearly. You don’t need to match everything! This is a common mistake made when people are buying bedding! The colors should be complimentary of course, but get creative – greys and whites with a splash of orange can make a very bold statement.

When painting the walls of your bedroom, remember that this is the room you wake up in, and the room you fall asleep in. Choose something understated for this room, as colors that are too bold can be overwhelming in the bedroom.

Natural Hand Peeled Log Beds

rustic log bed room

Here at Eco-Friendly Furniture Design Ideas, we love the look and feel of a cabin by the lake, or cozy little lodge nestled on a tree-covered mountainside. Getting closer to nature is what we’re all about, but, we live in the city. So our design work is really cut out for us when we want to create that same feeling we get at the lakehouse, in our urban townhouse. Fortunately, “rustic” isn’t just a place – its a style. A style we can bring into our home, regardless of where we live.

Our favorite place to capture that warm comfort of cabin living is in the bedroom, and the best way to do that is by focusing on the centerpiece of any bedroom – the bed itself. We have found that you can buy rustic log beds built from artfully hand-peeled cedar and aspen logs. They are absolutely beautiful, and so very country-feeling.

Dress them up with either more modern bedding (for that popular rustic-modern combo – choose earthy- and natural tones and colors) or, keep within the traditional decor of the backwoods with some truly rustic bedding options. With this, you will have made yourself the perfect night time getaway.

Platform Bed

The stylish look of a platform bed has a simple elegance appreciated by all ages. For a child, a teen, or an adult, the look is often sought-after, regardless of the theme or other style influences. But what about contemporary eco-friendly standards?

Now that we’re using words like “renewable” and “sustainable” along with scarier terms such as “off-gassing”, the question of a bed’s green-ness can be just as important to many designers and homeowners as the aesthetic quality itself.

Fortunately, going green with your style choices just got a bit easier. Look for GreenGuard certification on a growing selection of bedroom and household furniture, all strictly scrutinized, starting with the wood, finishing with the stains and veneers.

For example, the 2nd Nature collection from Stanley Furniture’s Young America line is stylish, affordable, and GreenGuard certified. Parents of infants or toddlers will be pleased to know that the 2nd Nature collection includes cribs as well as platform beds.

Add an organic mattress and organic linens to your GreenGuard certified bed for a complete eco-friendly sleeping experience. This can be a great choice for earth advocates and allergy sufferers alike.

Berg Twin Bunk Bed with Desk

If you’re concerned about ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint when decorating your child’s room, there are things you can do that will lessen impact on our planet.

Being Green when Decorating

It doesn’t have to be complicated: it can be as simple as choosing a water-soluble paint for the walls; using unbleached, natural fabrics for window treatments and bedding; or selecting eco-friendly furniture from a sustainable furniture manufacturer or one that uses recycled materials. Berg Furniture designs kids furniture with everyone in mind, including the earth.

Berg Furniture Bunk Beds

When it comes to picking a type of bed for a child’s bedroom, one of the most popular choices, particularly if the space has to be shared, is the bunk bed. Bunk beds efficiently utilize floor space in a room; they also add something extra to the room that is especially appealing to children. The materials used to make a Berg Furniture bunk bed meet the industry’s rigorous standards, because it makes sense to protect the environment when creating furniture for children.

Not Just a Place to Sleep

Bunk beds by Berg aren’t just beds. Because their furniture is intended for children, it is designed with a holistic attitude. While eliminating the traditional bunk bed ladder, Berg replaced it with their signature staircase, of which each step is actually a drawer. Not only does it make using a bunk bed safer, it provides plenty of extra storage space for all of those special treasures. Which just goes to prove that kids bedroom furniture can be good for children, and the environment too.

Back Bay Collection Platform Bed


The Back Bay Collection Platform Bed is made of laminated engineered wood, which gives it great strength and durability. They use wood panels entirely made from recovered and recycled material. The manufacturers do much to preserve the environment by conserving forests, without compromising quality and durability. This sleekly designed and modern bed has a great-looking dark chocolate finish and a durable particleboard construction. Perfect in almost any bedroom decor, this bed will be a welcome addition to your home.