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Are you ready to covet some out-of-this-world bathtub designs that are more than just a figment of a designer’s imagination…they are real, and in some very lucky people’s homes. Whether you want a bathtub with an infinity edge, or one that makes you feel like you’re bathing in a rocky grotto, we’ve found some of the most uniquely amazing bathtubs in the world.

There’s a bathtub that looks a lot like yours, but the outer wall is made of crystal clear glass. We’ve found round bathtubs made of granite, marble and stone that look like they’ve been carved out of a quarry and placed in your bathroom directly. How about sunken bathtubs that will make you feel like you’re at a nordic spa?

Take a look at some of these tubs, and you’ll never be quite happy with your plain old bathtub again! Check out the Furniture Home Design store for more modern bathroom ideas.

Modern and Elegant Walk-In Shower Designs

Bathroom-Design-walk in shower

Walk-in showers are becoming more popular in modern home design, because they have a very simple yet beautiful aesthetic that instantly make a bathroom more streamlined and sophisticated looking. It’s not easy to install a walk-in shower into a bathroom that hasn’t been built with one in mind, because the floor and plumbing all have to be specially designed to accommodate this kind of shower set up.

Walk-in showers have a very open, airy feel to them, and look fantastic in bathrooms that get plenty of natural light. Glass is the most common material used when designing these kinds of showers, since it adds to the openness of the design. Because of that element of their design, they can make bathrooms seem much bigger and more open.

Here’s a collection of images showcasing some of the most amazingly beautiful walk-in showers we could find, so hopefully you find some great inspiration for your bathroom design!


grey-modern-shower-walk in


modern cool walk in shower wooden floor

Modern-Bathroom-Shower-Tile-walk in

modern-shower-with-wood-wall-walk in







super-contemporary-shower-walk in

walk in shower-with-wood-slat-floor



20 Gorgeous Rustic Copper Bathtubs

amazing copper bathtub in bathroom

I love the look of these copper bathtubs. As you look through the selection of images, you’ll notice that the copper tubs actually work with a number of different approaches to design, from modern to rustic and everything in between. Copper has such a classic, rustic look, but with the right shape tub, it would look perfect in the most modern of bathrooms.

Copper also makes a great material for bathtubs because it holds heat so well. There’s a reason its been a very commonly used material, especially in the days before porcelain took over for the go-to material for bathroom fixtures.

Take a look at our copper bathtub gallery and see if it inspires you to take this design plunge in your own bathroom renovation!



big_copper bathtub


cool copper bathtub

20 Rustic Modern Bathroom Design Ideas


If you are a reader of this site, you know we are HUGE fans of the rustic modern aesthetic. We love the combination of sleek contemporary design, complimented by beautiful, well-worn pieces of decor or furniture. Rustic elements can warm up an otherwise cool modern design approach in any room, including the bathroom.

Here, we’ve created a gallery of bathrooms that perfectly marry these two wildly different, yet perfectly complimentary approaches to design. Clean white walls, gorgeous antique fixtures, reclaimed wood elements, and amazing lighting ideas that will turn your bathroom into a modern rustic haven.

Have a look at these images, and notice how perfectly just a small rustic touch can bring the most personal feel to the space. I hope you’ll find them as inspiring as I do!

beautiful rustic modern bathroom



gorgeous rustic modern sink in bathroom


25 Amazingly Cool Outdoor Bathtubs and Showers


If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, where the potential to take a shower outside year-round exists, then I don’t know why you aren’t out there right now, basking in the sun and in the warm water of your amazing shower. I have experienced these kinds showers only at a few beautiful tropical resorts, and it was one of the most luxurious feelings in the world. Because I live in a climate that would laugh in the face of an outside shower, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my own personal outdoor bathtub or shower experience will have to exist only in my dream home.

I’ve collected a whole bunch of images of some incredible outdoor bath and shower designs that will transport you away from your desk and make you wish you were soaking in a claw-foot tub with the sounds of nature all around you. Enjoy!


awesome outdoor shower idea

cool outdoor shower




22 Modern and Rustic Wooden Bathtubs


When I say wooden bathtub, is the first image that comes to your mind that of an ol’ prospector in covered-wagon times scrubbing at himself in a tiny wooden tub? Well, if it is, get ready to have your perception of wooden bathtubs completely challenged and then dismantled.

Wooden bathtubs are becoming more prevalent in rustic modern bathroom design. They are absolutely gorgeous, and give the bathroom (and the bather) a feeling of enveloping warmth and comfort. Also, wood holds heat longer than other materials like porcelain, so you’ll stay toastier longer in your bath.

Cedar and bamboo are two very popular choices for wood in this kind of bathtub, but other wood can be used to suit your design needs, the wood just needs to be waterproofed and treated in order to maintain it’s quality over years of use. These kinds of tubs aren’t exactly cheap, but as they get more popular and different kinds of wood are used, I am definitely seeing wooden tubs on the market for relatively reasonable prices.

Check out this gallery of gorgeous wooden tubs that you’ll want to be the centerpiece of your bathroom!



beautiful wooden bathtubs


cedar wood bath tub


Bright & Beautiful Blue Bathrooms


I love the color blue. It’s one of the colors that can always brighten my day, even the darker shades like navy. I love the idea of making blue the theme color in the bathroom. The color reminds people of outdoors, since two of the most abundant things in nature are blue: the oceans, rivers and lakes and the sky of course!

There are lots of ways to bring blue into your bathroom. You can go all out and paint the walls blue, or use lots of blue tiling on the floor, the walls or inside the bath or shower. Or, you can be more subtle and introduce bright blue elements into the space. Blue towels, with a blue bathmat can bring a splash of vibrancy to a white bathroom.

You can also find cute things like vintage blue containers to hold things like toothbrushes and cotton swabs. Blue glass jars look great against the white porcelain of sinks. I’ve hunted down some great images of bathrooms that celebrate this gorgeous, fresh color, so take a look and get inspired!





brown and blue bathroom, bathroom, colourful design

blue bathroom-ship-tiles-blue-bathtub



Cool And Beautiful Bathroom Tiles You’ll Love


Who says you can’t have a cool bathroom? People spend a heck of a lot of time in their bathrooms, so why not make the most of it and create a bathroom that’s as warm as inviting as the other rooms in your house. The first place you’ll want to start is choosing some colors, and a design theme, such as modern contemporary or ornate Victorian.

Once you’ve decided on a design aesthetic, then you can start the fun part! Picking out the right fixtures and lighting, and of course – the bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiling has become very trendy in the last few decades, with all kinds of tiles being created, from marble to glass. There are an abundance of colors and motifs you can choose from, and more people are choosing moody dark colors to compliment white fixtures, which is a great look. Or you can brighten things up with splashes of color or wild patterns in your tiles.

I’ve perused the world wide web in order to find bathroom tile ideas that I found unique, gorgeous, and flat-out cool, so take a look and see if you find anything here that you could imagine working for you in your bathroom space!






Beautiful-black-wall-tiles bathroom

Take A Seat! Shower Seating Design Ideas


Many designers are building shower cubicles in new modern bathrooms that are just as big as a bathtub, because many new homeowners are satisfied with just having a shower in their bathroom instead of a bathtub. Bathtubs take up a lot of space, and use up A LOT of water, especially if you’re taking a bath every day, and if you have an entire family using that much water it can really add up.

But why take the relaxing aspect of the bathtub experience and incorporate it into your shower ritual? I visited a hotel recently that had a wonderful seat built right into the shower tiles. It looked amazing and I found it very handy for when I wanted to give my feet a good scrub.

There are plenty of ideas out there for you if you’re considering building a seat into your shower, and I’ve collected a whole bunch of them here to get you feeling inspired! Take a look!


built in seat shower



great idea for shower seats


Beautiful and Unique Bathroom Flooring Ideas

bathroom flooring ideas

Remodeling a bathroom is a daunting task, but if you want to create a great look modern in your bathroom without making too many changes, one of the most impactful changes you can make is to change the flooring. There are tons of options available these days that can give your washroom a fabulous new look without breaking the banks.

As far as materials go, you have lots to choose from in terms of what will work in the bathroom. Of course, like in the kitchen, certain considerations have to be made considering the humidity that occurs in the room, and so the flooring has to be more durable. The most obvious choice is tile, and there are so many choices if you want to go in that direction.

There’s also laminate flooring which is durable enough to handle bathroom use, and is an inexpensive alternative to some of the more expensive tile options. Laminate wood grain is becoming a more popular option in modern bathroom design.

Naturally, one of the most versatile and simple of all flooring choices is vinyl. Vinyl flooring is great at resisting damage and extremely well suited for high moisture areas.

bathroom flooring ideas


black shiny tile bathroom floor