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A-Frame houses burst into popularity during a very interesting time in architecture and home design. Between the late 1950’s and the early 70s, it wasn’t unusual to see this kind of home on many suburban streets throughout North America. The A-Frame became popular in a post-war economy because they were relatively cheaper to build since they structure required less materials. At one point, you could even find pre-fabricated A-Frame house kits for sale at Macy’s!

A-frame homes remind many people of summer houses that you might find in cottage country or on the shores of a rural lake. The shape of the home means that inside you’ll find a large, airy open space – which creates a vast, connected space with lots of windows, which brings in tons of light, and brings the homeowner closer to nature, another reason this style of house is so popular for summer homes.

Designers today have re-imagined the A-Frame from it’s Mad Men-era beginnings and the contemporary, modern A-Frame has seen something of a resurgence for people who want something a little more unique and bright for their primary home, or for their part time summer vacation spot. Check out this collection of A-Frame homes that you’ll be inspired by!

The Drake Devonshire

A frame house 15

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Modern Architecture: The Dorsey Residence

Modern Architecture 4

On Bainbridge Island in Washington State you will find the Dorsey Residence, an amazing piece of modern architectural art. Designed by Coates Design Architects, the home sits on waterfront property and has unobstructed views of the Olympic Mountains. Not to be deceived by the concrete curb appeal, this home boasts a wall of windows on the back waterfront side.

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Amazing Mountain Homes, Living on a Cliff

Barn Mountain House

All my adult life I’ve dreamed of living high in the mountains off nothing but the land. That dream has never changed, though, I admit, the architectural landscape has a bit (ya, I can rhyme). In high school I used to only envision an old rustic cabin built from salvaged resources among the mountain top, but since moving to the city to attend university I have been immersed by examples of amazing architecture; beautifully crafted high rises, intricately woven pieces of steel that make up a museum, massive solid timber frame buildings or best of all, what comes when rustic meets modern day engineering.

Below are just a few of my favorite inspirational mountain and cliff side homes.

World Cup Stadium a Green Design?


The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban was finished last year. The design called for a “state-of-the-art landmark sports facility with excellent amenities and a sustainable recreational and multi-disciplinary sporting venue.”

The stadiums most notable feature is a large 150-meter arch rising high above the stadium center.The builders of the Durban stadium minimized construction and demolition impact by utilizing recycled materials from the old stadium. More than 30,000 cubic meters of concrete demolition material from the old stadium was used for construction of the new stadium.

The PTFE-coated roof membrane allows 50 percent of sunlight to filter through while protecting the stadium from glare and rain. The stadium also features a rainwater collection system, water-saving installations, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and natural ventilation design.

lego architecture series frank lloyd wright

The Lego Architecture Series by Frank Lloyd Wright has taken Lego to a whole new dimension. Lego is universally known for it’s wide appeal that spans all ages, and this new series is sure to excite people the world over. Perfect for the aspiring architect, die-hard fans of the Lego brand, or for professional architects themselves, the Lego Architecture Series is the perfect piece to showoff your talents while being a great focal point to any room of your house. The set includes a booklet full of details about the building’s design and history plus facts about the tower.

LEGO Architecture Series

lego architecture series

This replica of Seattle’s well-known landmark The Space Needle, celebrates the wonder of awe-inspiring design. Made by Lego, the new Architecture Series is sure to blow people away with its attention to detail and remarkable resemblance to the real life version. Perfect for aspiring architects, or die-hard Lego fans, the Lego Architecture Series is the perfect centerpiece for that special room of your home. The set also comes with a booklet giving you information about the Space Needle’s history and design.


Texas Company Reclaimed Space is showing how to reuse old wood from dilapidated barns and houses to create new, rustic eco-friendly homes that are as sustainable as they are beautiful.

“While the devotees of prefabricated building are growing in number, the Texans are the first that I have found who are incorporating passive solar and the efficiency of using reclaimed building materials,” said Christine Brun, ASID, author of Big Ideas for Small Spaces. “Our current economic crisis will make it necessary for people to think in terms of smaller spaces. Given that, we must praise and reward young entrepreneurs who work out new affordable models.”

Check out Reclaimed Space and all the cool things they are doing to make our world more sustainable here.

The New Tate Modern – Eco-tastic!

tate modern

Herzog & de Meuron new design for the Tate Modern Extension (due to be completed in 2012) incorporates a modern, glass heavy aesthetic that totally contrasts the museum building’s origins as a power station. Recently they unveiled images of the redesign which brings a pyramid shaped brick structure to this anchor point of the museum. The new design not only fits the museum’s needs much more effectively, it will surely set the new standard for sustainability in the United Kingdom.