The Right Bed For The Modern Bedroom


Modern design requires a very specific aesthetic. The look must be somewhat stark, yet retain some warmth and hominess, after all – this is where you live! You want your modern home to be inviting, and you want it to have the contemporary look that became so popular in the 1960’s.

Modern Design in the Bedroom

Creating an atmosphere is incredibly important in the bedroom. This is the room that we retreat to at the end of the day, so we need it to have a calming effect, and be warm and approachable. You can achieve a lot of this with the colors you choose when painting the bedroom walls, and when selecting rugs, carpeting, and of course bed linens and window treatments.

When choosing beds contemporary or classic, keep in mind that your bed frame can be the central design element in your bedroom, so choose a frame that is made of hardwood, or brushed steel for example. Monotone bedding can add to the look of your space, and choosing complimentary colors for the pillows and for the window treatments will tie everything together nearly. You don’t need to match everything! This is a common mistake made when people are buying bedding! The colors should be complimentary of course, but get creative – greys and whites with a splash of orange can make a very bold statement.

When painting the walls of your bedroom, remember that this is the room you wake up in, and the room you fall asleep in. Choose something understated for this room, as colors that are too bold can be overwhelming in the bedroom.