Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms


Small bathrooms are difficult spaces to make work with conventional storage racks. It is even more difficult when the preferred materials are eco-friendly. There are a few tips that can help choose more efficient storage for your small bathroom.

Organizing the Shower

There are a number of crafters that make storage caddies for showers out of repurposed plastic. The majority of the plastic used in this process are from plastic shopping bags. The great thing about repurposed plastic shower caddies is that they are easy to keep clean and they’re very sturdy — much sturdier than the bags they’re made from!

Techniques include crochet, knitting and weaving. Some crafters also make plastic bath mats that catch hair and water that can be quickly hosed off when it’s time to clean them. However, if a plastic-free environment is preferred, there are bamboo mats and caddies available that keep shampoo, soaps and washcloths out of the way.

When the Towel Rack is Insufficient

Towel racks are great if only one or two people are living in a space. Two or three towels can be hung up to dry without much issue. However, many apartments and houses that have really small bathrooms also have hardly any storage space outside of the bathroom. This leads to a problem with figuring out where to store towels and washcloths.

There are two solutions for towel storage in a tiny bathroom. The first is to get a rack that straddles the toilet tank. These usually come with one to 4 shelves, and they sometimes have a small cabinet at the top for things like toothpaste and hair products.

There is a potential problem with storing towels above the toilet though: If a person doesn’t close the toilet lid when flushing, certain bacteria can get into anything above the toilet. If concerned about this potential issue, get shelving units that are made out of bamboo, repurposed plastic or recycled metal for storage on any free wall.

When a Pedestal Sink Is Involved

One of the worst things a person can do in a small bathroom is having a pedestal sink installed. Well, unless they have tons of storage solutions on the outside of the bathroom. A cabinet sink will provide built-in storage for things like toilet paper, hair products, and hair dryers. If dealing with a pedestal sink, an over the toilet storage rack may be the only thing that will help.

As with towels, these racks give toilet paper and other bathroom goods a storage space that will be out of the way and convenient. However, as with towels, be sure to keep the toilet lid down when flushing to avoid any potential problems with that.