Giving Your Bathroom an Eco Makeover


The bathroom is an area that gives a homeowner the chance to combine good design, efficiency and functionality into a pleasing space. Bathrooms are sometimes hastily designed to be purely functional resulting in a room that is unpleasant to occupy. There are a few basic tips that can be followed when revamping a bathroom that will create an enjoyable and relaxing space:

Design The Bathroom Like A Room

During the design stage the same considerations that are given to a living room, kitchen or home office should be applied to the bathroom. This means doing more than just arranging a toilet, sink and tub in any way that will fit.
Furniture like vanities for bathrooms and wall cabinets should be considered in the design. The bathroom should have defined areas that are dedicated to a specific purpose. Each area should be spaced logically in relation to the others to create a well thought-out room in the home.

Use Low-Flow Toilets And Faucet Aerators

Part of revamping a bathroom involves updating fixtures and making the room more efficient. One way to do this is to use toilets that have a low-flow mechanism. This will reduce water usage while still allowing the toilet to function as expected.
Another simple way to make a bathroom more efficient is to install aerators in the faucets on the sink and shower. Aerators reduce water usage by a large amount without reducing pressure. This also saves on water heating costs.

Choose Quality Fixtures

New fixtures can help to define the decor in a bathroom. It is important to choose quality fixtures that match the surrounding design scheme. Fixtures like faucets for a sink can be made from many different types of materials. Spending a little extra to purchase fixtures that will not corrode quickly can mean a more cost-effective bathroom over time. Quality fixtures will also have fewer problems, will be easier to clean and will work more efficiently.

Make The Bathroom Accessible

Part of revamping a bathroom means ensuring that it is safe for everyone who will use it. People with limited mobility will benefit from a shower that has a low threshold so that it is easy to enter and leave the area. Vanities for bathrooms should be the correct height for use so that excessive bending or reaching is not necessary.

Additionally, each element of the a bathroom from the toilet to the cabinets on the walls should be placed so that there is enough space to move comfortably inside of the room without straining and contorting.

Revamping the bathroom can really help to change the dynamic of the adjoining rooms. It will establish a functional space that blends in well with the rest of the home. Making choices based on safety, water efficiency and good design principles will ensure that the bathroom will be a valued addition to the home for years to come.