Proper Cleaning of Bamboo Cutting Boards

bamboo cutting board

As with any wooden cutting board, you have to be careful not to soak the bamboo cutting board in water for too long, otherwise it will swell. The hardness of bamboo means that it will wear well while at the same time being soft enough not to damage or blunt your knife, unlike glass and some polymer boards.

While bamboo doesn’t clean up as easily as a plastic board (which can be thrown in the dishwasher) they do look much better. Also, bamboo is far better than plastics in terms of how well it wears. Because plastic is so soft, it is easy to scratch it with a knife. These scratches can hold food, bacteria and germs.

Bamboo’s porosity means that they hold very little moisture. Caring for your bamboo cutting boards is easy. Mineral oil can be used on bamboo to help retain waterproofing, luster, and the natural good looks of the bamboo. While on the cleaning side of things, bamboo is as easy to take care of as hardwood.