bamboo floor cleaning

Bamboo flooring requires some special care. Start by using a cleaner that will not leave a residue that will inhibit bonding and re-coating. While bamboo is more resistant to moisture than most woods, never use a wet mop or sponge to clean the floor. When using any wood flooring cleaner that requires mixing with water, follow the mixing directions precisely.

A cloth that you wet with with water and then squeeze dry can be used to wipe up simple spills, provided the area is buffed dry immediately. Never rub and scrub the accident or you will be massaging it into the wood pores which can result in staining of the floor. Once all of the mess is wiped and lifted off of the wood, dry the area with a paper towel. Heel or scuff marks and stubborn stains may be removed by lightly rubbing with a cloth and a wood floor cleaner.

It is pretty important that you try to dust mop or use a soft bristled floor vacuum on the bamboo flooring daily if you can. You never want to allow dirt, dust, pet hairs or other grit that is tracked into the home building up on your bamboo flooring.