Are Bamboo Rugs the Healthier Choice?

cocoa chocolate brown bamboo shag rug

What is on your floor is more important than you may realize. Many common rugs, carpets and floor-covering materials are harmful to your health and the planet. Many synthetic fiber carpets and rugs contain harmful chemicals and consume massive amounts of non-renewable resources in their manufacture.

Increased awareness of these issues is causing homeowners to take a closer look at bamboo rugs and other natural floor covering materials as a safer and healthier alternative. Sustainable floor covering materials offer the same eye appeal and wear without damaging the environment or your health.

Bamboo is one of nature’s fastest growing plants. Rugs and floor mats made from bamboo are less damaging to the ecosystem because bamboo is a renewable resource. Synthetic fiber rugs derive from petroleum based products, a rapidly depleting resource.

Synthetic carpeting poses a danger your family’s health. The facts are clear when you realize that the majority of American homes contain synthetic fiber carpeting and have for many years. Babies and small children play on it, you often sit on it and everyone in your home comes in contact with the volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxic dyes and other contaminants it holds. Bamboo rugs and other natural fiber floor coverings are attractive, durable and easily cleaned. They do not contain the volatile organic compounds (VOC) or toxic dyes used in petroleum based fibers rugs.

Natural bamboo rugs, like this coffee-colored bamboo shag rug also help reduce indoor air pollution because they do not trap dust and other particulate toxins like synthetic carpets do. EPA estimates indicate that indoor air is up to 10 times dirtier than the outside air. Carpeting traps and holds dust, toxins and particulate matter and every step releases it back into the air your family breathes. This can lead to serious respiratory problems for children and adults with asthma.

Manufacturing bamboo rugs doesn’t produce a lot of toxic waste like synthetic carpeting does. The manufacturing process is much simpler and less harmful to the environment. After harvest, the bamboo is cut into strips, sanded and steamed to make it pliable. The strips are sewn together, cut to size and a natural fiber border and backing is attached. The only byproduct is sawdust, which is recycled into fuel for the steaming machinery.

Take a closer look at bamboo rugs for your home or office. You’ll enjoy the long lasting beauty and improved health gained by using natural flooring. Be healthier and help preserve your world with bamboo rugs; you’ll be glad you did.