The Relaxing Zen Backyard


In this fast paced, noisy world, A place of quite solitude; peace and calm, with easy upkeep is an absolute necessity.

Zen design started around the fourteenth Century in ancient Japan. Buddhist Priests designed places with very simple landscaping. The feeling of water was created by raking sand into ripple shapes, plants and rocks used sparingly all came together with the end result a peaceful place where one could meditate and commune with nature.

Backyard Zen Contemporary

Modern relaxing and Zen backyards are at the core very peaceful and calm. Start with a plan. Decide how much space will be dedicated to the Zen feel. Next, make a sketch of the area remember simplicity is the key. When choosing plants, visit an Oriental Garden, search pictures. See what exudes calm and serenity.

A relaxed Zen backyard can and should be enjoyed year around. In the Spring Cherry Blossoms abound, in the fall Japanese Maple trees add color; the rest of the year not many flowers, just clean sand raked in a calm design. Evergreens, a water feature; all add to the serenity of a Zen Garden.

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