Greenify Your Backyard!

Recycled Plastic Lawn Furniture

Going green has been growing in popularity due to global warming, and other negative effects on our environment. What better place to start going green than in your own backyard? There are many green backyard décor tips you can take into consideration when designing your backyard.

Having a garden is the easiest way to have a beautifully decorated backyard while helping the environment. Consider growing your own fruits and vegetables in recycled planters. Keep the environment, and your family’s health in mind when growing food: always use compost, not chemicals, to ensure a healthy harvest.

Backyard Gardening Ideas

Consider letting nature do the decorating for you! Building homes for birds and ladybugs is one of the best eco-friendly décor you can have. Bird feeders help keep the birds nearby, while planting cilantro in your garden will encourage ladybugs to stick around. Housing birds and ladybugs in your backyard creates a home that they may have trouble finding in the growing city. Birds and ladybugs are pleasant to have around in general, and they help your garden by keeping your pest level to a minimum without using harmful chemicals. Birds eat mosquitoes and spiders, while ladybugs eat pesky aphids.

When decorating your yard with furniture, always recycle. Buying recycled lawn furniture will help the environment by slowing down production of these items. Consider a nice hammock from recycled material, or hemp, which a clean, renewable resource.

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