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A gorgeous garden evokes a sense of calm and intrigue. The mystery of the space draws you in while intriguing plants and decorations make you want to linger. Romantic gardens need not be expensive or difficult. With a little time, creativity, and these amazing backyard design ideas, it is possible to create your own vintage garden that is a joy to the senses.

10 Beautiful Backyard Designs

Begin by picking one plant that will catch your eye the minute you enter the garden. Create a sense of mystery by placing little statues or figurines in unexpected locations. Then add visual drama with old ladders, or furniture, overflowing with quick-growing annual vines.

If you close your eyes, can you still enjoy your garden? Think of the sounds you want to hear, the rustling of tall grasses, the trickle of a small fountain, perhaps the singing of birds. Re-purposed vintage finds often make beautiful fountains, birdbaths, or birdhouses. What smell will draw you in every morning? Is it lavender, or lilacs? Consider plants you long to touch and plant them near a seating area. Be sure that hidden among the beautiful and fragrant additions to your garden, there are plants that can be savored such as mint or berries.

The key to a beautiful backyard design is to take things you love and mix them in ways that make you happy. Take a look at HGTV’s collection for even more amazing backyard design ideas.

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