how to hang art

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Artwork can be a great way to enhance the aesthetics of a home. While artwork can add to the appearance of many rooms, it’s important to understand how location can impact the look of art. A poorly placed piece of artwork can detract from the appearance of some homes.

Artwork should be centered around the height of a person. The middle of a piece of artwork should be visible at eye level. This will help ensure a comfortable and pleasant viewing angle for many people.

Some types of artwork may look better when grouped. Great looking modern wall art by the same artist can be placed in a vertical column. When creating a column of artwork, it’s important to ensure that all the artwork is centered about five feet from the ground. This helps ensure a beautiful and even appearance.

Some artwork may have an odd shape. It can be challenging to install artwork that is over-sized or misshapen. For these pieces, it’s important to ensure that they blend well with other art on a wall. This can be accomplished by matching the density of other artwork on a wall. A large piece of artwork can be offset by several smaller pieces of art.

It’s important to avoid placing artwork above eye level. This can create an awkward or poor appearance in many homes. Many homeowners will place artwork on stairs significantly above eye level. While this may seem convenient, it will ruin the overall appearance of a home.

Some artwork can be incorporated at lower levels where people will be sitting. While it may not look good to have a piece of artwork at a sitting height, it’s possible to incorporate a longer piece of art at a mid-height. This will ensure good viewing angles when standing and sitting.

Always install artwork in a way that enhances the appearance of a home.