Making Your Own Crafty Picture Frames

homemade Photo frames

Displaying family snapshots and beautiful photographs is a great way to liven up any home, adding a personal touch that can help soften and define any space. While commercial picture frames look attractive, they are often quite expensive. Many frames are also made from unsustainable materials, giving them an undesirable environmental impact. Instead of purchasing such frames, why not create your own at home? Not only can unique picture frames be made for mere pennies on the dollar, but these one of a kind products will make certain your precious photos are displayed in a beautiful way.

Salvaged Wood Frames
If you have any unused wood around the house, you can certainly use it as raw building materials for a new picture frame. You can either choose to finish pieces that are mismatched so that they look identical, or instead leave the wood as is to create a whimsical frame. Depending on the size of the frame, you may find nails, hot glue, or nontoxic adhesives to be the most useful tools in constructing your frame.

Cereal Box Frames
Cereal boxes and other small cardboard containers can be used to create three dimensional frames that display photos in a totally unexpected way. Simply cut away a portion of the box where the photo can be placed, and decorate the remainder of the container with paints, glitter, and other embellishments. These frames can then be displayed individually, or instead stacked together to create a truly dynamic collection of photographs.

Surplus Paper and Cardboard Products
Almost any paper or cardboard product can be transformed into an attractive frame. Cardboard can be layered together to create a thick frame, or a single sheet can be used as a mounting board for a memorable photo. Paper products like gift wrap and wall paper can be used to create interesting design pieces too. Photos can either be mounted against these papers, creating a unique backdrop, or the paper can instead be used to wrap around a cardboard frame.

Creating a charming picture frame is a great way to spice up any room, and can serve as a great family craft project. Homemade picture frames are also a great gift for family and friends, and won’t break the bank. If giving a frame to someone else, consider including a snapshot that they will be certain to enjoy to add an extra special touch to your gift.