country style loft bedroom

In the past when most of us thought about country design, we thought quilts, roosters and big-rimmed hats. There is so much more to the idea of country art, and it is making its way into loft spaces. To understand country loft style simply think of reusing, restoring or reinventing. We’re talking anything from barn doors to old glass windows which may be considered country chic.

If you were to look into a country loft style kitchen you might find pots and pans hanging over an island or eating area. Country tables, including those made of pine, are still popular.

loft with country accents

What type of art would you expect to see in such a home? The first type that comes to mind is country like the arrows you would find on a windmill or pictures of horses and even hand-stitched items.

Watercolor paintings of old doors, candles or bells are now considered in the country art category. Wall art has expanded to include antiques that are in keeping with the country theme.

Country loft wall art has taken a leap into the future. Whatever makes a homeowner feel peaceful and uplifted in his or her home is perfect!

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