amazing bathtub design infinity 13

Are you ready to covet some out-of-this-world bathtub designs that are more than just a figment of a designer’s imagination…they are real, and in some very lucky people’s homes. Whether you want a bathtub with an infinity edge, or one that makes you feel like you’re bathing in a rocky grotto, we’ve found some of the most uniquely amazing bathtubs in the world.

There’s a bathtub that looks a lot like yours, but the outer wall is made of crystal clear glass. We’ve found round bathtubs made of granite, marble and stone that look like they’ve been carved out of a quarry and placed in your bathroom directly. How about sunken bathtubs that will make you feel like you’re at a nordic spa?

Take a look at some of these tubs, and you’ll never be quite happy with your plain old bathtub again! Check out the Furniture Home Design store for more modern bathroom ideas.