Christopher Duffy’s Abyss Table

Abyss-Dining-Table 1

This gorgeous and beautifully conceived dining table is from the mind of designer Christopher Duffy and is one of the most unique tables we’ve ever seen at Furniture Home Design. Is it eco-friendly? Yes. The table is created from high grade wood from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources. The Abyss table represents abstracted geological sections of the ocean and the land in topography form.

Is it expensive? You’d better believe it. The cost of the Abyss Dining Table will set you back around $40,000 USD.

Designer Christopher Duffy said this about his incredible table: “I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the sea does as it deepens. I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed. Like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth’s crust to use as his personal ornament.”

There’s a limited edition of 25 available through the designer’s website, so if you have some (a lot) spare cash lying around and want the most conversation-starting dining room experience ever, make your move as soon as possible.

Abyss-Dining-Table 1