Maria S.C. Test Tube Chandelier

test tube chandelier flowers

This super cool recycled test tube chandelier is one of the coolest lighting fixtures we’ve seen in a long time so we wanted to feature it for you to see!

Obviously, the main feature of the of this light fixture are the 60 test tubes that you can get creative with, as in the main picture, where the users have filled the tubes with water dyed with different colors of food coloring. You can imagine the wide range of options you could come up with to suit your decor.

Another idea which you can see below is to fill the test tubes with flowers, which creates a gorgeously organic looking lit centerpiece for your room.

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The tubes are set in two plywood bands, making for a classic chandelier shape that is similar to some Art Deco lighting styles from the 1950s. The lamp designers were inspired by the Polish scientist, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The test tubes are easily taken off and rearranged or cleaned, which opens up a plethora of design options for the discerning homeowner.

test tube chandelier flowers

test tube chandelier

Reshtki Reclaimed Furniture

reshtki bench and table

Based in Poland and started by Sara Podwysocka and Maria Ostrowska, Reshtki is a design studio that prides itself on creating beautifully designed, eco-friendly furniture from discarded materials . Using things like old traction poles, wood fragments, and used PCV pipe, the designers created innovative tables and seating solutions.

According to their website, they “are particularly interested in working in public spaces – interfering it, reading it needs and changing. In 2013 we have built first in Poland recycled playground „O-O Pony” – all made of tyres and euro-pallets.”

Check out these pieces that were created for a neighbourhood park in Gdańsk.

reshtki bench and table

reshtki recycled bench

reshtki table