Awesome IKEA DIY Kids Loft Bed Hack

dad ikea bed hack diy

dad ikea bed hack diy

To help his son transition from a crib to a big boy bed, this father went the extra mile and then some! Eric Strong spent a few hundred dollars and a couple of afternoons to create this amazing loft bed/secret clubhouse/bookshelf/slide for his young son. He even made a super handy video that explains exactly what you’ll need to replicate this for your own child!!

To start, you’ll need to head over to IKEA and buy:
2 Kura bed
Trofast storage system
Besta shelving unit

Here’s the video. Don’t be intimidated to try this out! According to Strong, “”You don’t need any special expertise. Just lots of patience. And it’s worth it.”

dad ikea hack blueprints diy

Reclaimed Railyard Ping Pong Table


We saw this piece recently while searching for innovative pieces created using old railroad ties, and had to share it with you. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous in the most industrial way, it’s using reclaimed wood and materials, which we love over here.


How about some history? The company that produces these table is called Railyard Studios, and they are committed to functional, beautiful design using, you guessed it, railyard materials. For this amazing table tennis set, they have used side rails which came from the Tennessee Coal & Iron Company, and were produced in 1904.

The hefty base of the ping pong table is made from gorgeous oak and hickory timbers, which came from the very same plant that those rails came from. The table has received a very cool finishing touch with an actual railroad date nail from 1921. Naturally, your ping pong table will come with all the ping pong trimmings, including net, paddles and ping pong balls.


campaign furniture couch love seat chair in white

Brad Sewell got his start as an engineer at Apple, making iPods and iPhones, and this week he’s officially launching his answer to IKEA, simply called Campaign. Campaign is a line of furniture that claims to be even easier to ship and assemble than anything on offer at the Swedish furniture behemoths. Sewell and company say that their sofas and chairs that can be put together, without any tools, in just a few minutes. Better yet, they aren’t being shipped across oceans to get to you, as they are all designed and manufactured in the United States. Want another reason to be interested? Campaign does offers free shipping and returns on all products.

campaign furniture couch

Sewell says that the idea Campaign customer is a design lover who has the taste (but not the budget) of consumers who might shop at higher end furniture design shops. “IKEA leaves much to be desired in terms of an assembly experience. If you do the cost analysis, the shipping and your time would make that piece way more than it’s going for,” he says.

“Whether it’s your favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn or a hotel lobby in San Francisco, or a bar in downtown Los Angeles or a startup’s lobby, we really want to curate list of great places to showcase a few pieces. So your buying experience would be visiting the website, seeing all the features, and then seeing a list of locations where you can try them out,” he says.

white campaign furniture couch

In keeping with what we like to feature here at Furniture Home Design, Campaign’s very eco-friendly furniture is made of recyclable laser-cut steel tubing and organic cotton. As of this moment, there are just three furniture pieces available: an armchair for $495, a two-seater loveseat for $745 and a three-seater sofa for $995. Sewell has big plans for Campaign, though, and plans to soon add dining furniture next, with more and more pieces to come.

Check out their website here.