The-Living-Cube 3

“I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation.”

— Till Könneker

This is how the Living Cube‘s designer describes how he came up with the idea for this brilliant piece of furniture, that is really so, SO much more than just furniture. From the site, the Living Cube is described as a unit in which the user can “combine eight to twelve different pieces of furniture into one very small footprint: an entertainment unit that can fit a 42″/107 cm flat panel screen, shelves suitable for books, records and/or clothing, work space, wardrobe, closet, shoe rack, drawers, bike & skateboard storage, minibar, a queen-size bed-ready loft, and interior ‘New Room’ for additional storage or workspace utility.”

It’s completely customizable, and is sold as a Mini Cube, an Urban Cube, a Living Wall or your own configuration. We love it’s minimalist simplicity, and we can imagine a unit like this changing the way small apartments are designed.

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Gorgeously Textured Rugs from Stepevi

Cameo-texture rug by-Stepevi

Is there anything more inviting and luxurious than a wonderfully textured rug? Especially a dramatically textured rug that also boasts an array of incredible, vibrant colors? The designers at Stepevi have answered the call for anyone looking for more than just a rug, but a rug that can take over as the central design element in whatever room you choose to put it in.

Demure-texture rug by-Stepevi

Stepevi has an entire series of rugs in a number of different collections. Regardless of what color, pattern or texture you might be looking for, I spent over an hour on their website and found several that I immediately coveted, not just for my living room, but for my bedroom as well.

The company was founded in Istanbul and has boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Dubai and many other design capitals of the world.

Mercer-Vedia-Lines-textured rug by-Stepevi

Mercer-Vedia-texture rug Cage-by-Stepevi

Parquet-textured rug-Stepevi

Terra-Crystal-textured rug by-Stepevi

Terra-texture rug by-Stepevi