I am a BIG collector of books. Not only do I love to read, but I love the aesthetic of books on a shelf. Some people find it too disorganized looking, especially people who love design minimalism, but personally, I think a packed shelf full of well-worn hardcovers and paperbacks gives a home a loved and lived-in feel. There was a time when my apartment was filled with Ikea bookshelves, which for a college student, offer a great solution to storage needs of all kinds.

But as my tastes matured, I found myself wanting to display my 20 years of book collecting in a way that fit my house perfectly, so I spent months searching online, in stores and at estate sales to find the perfect bookcase.

That search was the inspiration for this post! I wanted to scope out a bunch of great book storage solutions that covered all the bases in terms of space, size and number of books, so please take a look at the collection of bookshelf ideas I’ve found! Also, check out the cool and modern bookshelves in the Furniture Home Design store!




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classic-black and chrome four-poster-bed

When I was younger, I always imagined myself one day having a princess-like four poster bed in my room – right out of a fairy tale! As I got older, and my tasted changed, I was still drawn to the elegance of a four-poster canopy bed, but was far more interested in finding one that appealed to my contemporary style sensibilities.

If you’re going to make a four poster bed the central element in your bedroom (and it WILL be the central point) then you should ensure that you have the space for it. These beds look big and glamorous, and in too small a space they will seem imposing and out of place, so a bedroom with ample square footage is an absolute must.

So check out the selections below, as you’re sure to find something here that will appeal to anyone who’s ever dreamed of having a luxurious four-poster canopy bed to call home at night.


We love the modern, simple elegance of this four-poster canopy bed by Mash Studios. Check it out here!

classic-black and chrome four-poster-bed


modern simple four poster bed


mirrored modern four poster bed

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pangea nolan sectional sofa

Do you live in an apartment or a house with a smaller living room, so you didn’t think you’d ever find a sectional sofa that would fit your slightly smaller space? Well, I’ve got excellent news for you. I’ve been in the same situation, more than once, so I know exactly what kind of sectional will work for you! And best of all, I’ve scoured the web to find some gorgeous examples of smaller-sized sectional couches!

Here’s a hot tip for when you’re looking for sectionals:

Dimensions of Small Sectional Sofas
A sofa that’s 70″ to 79″ wide is considered the smallest.
One that is 80″ to 100″ wide is averagely small.
And if the sofa dimensions are 100″ to 120″ wide – you can be assured that that couch is still perhaps size-appropriate for your place. Larger sectionals are much, much bigger than the dimensions I’ve listed here.

The Pangea Home Nolan Sofa and Sectional

pangea nolan sectional sofa

Poundex Bobkona Sectional Sofa/Ottoman


Hokku Designs Small Sofa