Rustic Modern: A Great Look For The Bedroom

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Rustic Modern is one of the most popular design aesthetics in today’s home decorating. With the increasing popularity of the idea of using reclaimed, repurposed and recycled materials in furniture and objects, its only natural that the combination of rustic flair with a modern touch would start invading the homes of the design-conscious.

The bedroom is often a great place to start if you’re redesigning your home. It’s the place most of us find solace and peace in, and so many people want that space to be as warm as inviting as possible, while maintaining a certain level of cool style and modern sophistication.

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When I decided to re-do my bedroom in a rustic modern style, I wanted to incorporate my favorite elements of that style: textured wood, soft and warm lighting, and rustic style bed linens to complete the look. I started by looking for the perfect bed frame, and found several that fit into my vision, including bed frames made with barn doors, or a more simple looking barnwood bed frame. Then it was time to choose bed linens, and I found hundreds to choose from that incorporated trees, plants, animal life, or just simple colors that you’d find in nature.

When re-designing the bedroom, starting with your bed is a great idea, because you can use it as the focus object in the room, and theme the rest of your space around that centerpiece of the bedroom. Here are a bunch of images that I collected to help inspire my new rustic modern bedroom design.

Rustic Bedrooms Decoist (15) -

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